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Default female infidelity aka. general untrustworthiness

In the past year I have been STOLEN from by two women who I had been very patient with in a business contract and who had basically breached the contract not upholding their part of the deal and absconding with money I had naively and foolishly given them. I have noticed this pattern of behavior in women as late:
1) they will only deal with you IF there is adequate money/benefit of some kind you can derive from them and
2) once they receive it they will only do their duty if additional money/benefit is given to them which is a complete violation of the principles of fundamental justice ( no extra/added consideration need be given for the parties to perform their obligations/duties to the contract)
3) if it is MOST beneficial to them they will ROB you if they can get away with it and have absolutely no sense of shame or guilt. These emotions are foreign to them as their natural primary inclination is SELF and only self.
I have seen this behavior in ALL cases of women the only exception being if they found you attractive or appealing on a personal level, then they will go out of their way to play up to you and assist you. Should they either feel spurned or not find you adequately appealing behaviorally/appearance wise they will stick a hat pin in your back out of vengeance. Thus can be derived the following lesson:
deal with women only when necessary and only to the extent it benefits YOU being always aware of their calculating and usurious nature.
The White man of today has become everybody's bitch and is treated accordingly. Time to fight against this trend and resist or die as the non-whites and females with their jewish masters will stick a hat pin in our eye if they are able.

female, feminism, mgtow


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