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Default Can't get a gun? Buy a compound bow.

Originally Posted by Thexder 3D
I bought two compound bows, a left hand and a right hand,
just so I can work on both arms. You can get quite a workout
with 60lb draw weight. You don't need a license for them either,
at least not yet where I live.
Yes you sure can get a workout!

You know you don't need a licence to by a gun from a private seller either.
Flea markets, bulliten boards and word of mouth... Just start asking
around and you'll find a bunch for sale. Folks always love to swap and
sell and get something new.

Didn't mean to get off-topic Sir... just to wanted to clear this up so
Folks would know for sure.

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Das Bruce
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Das Bruce

If those anti-gun, kosher folks could see what these compund bows could do,.. they would want to ban them too...
"Bling-Bling Is Very Easy To Spot 600 Yards Away Through A Rifle Scope"
Old December 8th, 2003 #3
Fredrik Haerne
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Sounds good! Thanks for the advice. And me being a natural with bows, and everything.

The only problem I have with them is that they are difficult to conceal when you are off to assassinate someone. Maybe the Japanese will make a smaller version someday.


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