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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker
Default Patriotard Anthems by Charlie Daniels

The second one, which I recall from years ago, contains the lyric: "just go lay your hand on a Pittsburgh Steeler fan." Is this meant to be ironic? Why should a fat slob sitting on a couch in Pittsburgh be more formidable than a fat slob sitting on a couch in Dallas?

This video is made in tribute to a great band, The Charlie Daniels Band, and a great country. I think everyone should have pride in their country, and the symbols that represent that country. I think Terrorists and those who sponsor terrorism are simply cowards. I hope you enjoy my video tribute to the Flag of the United States of America. "United States"
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Pussy BŁnd "Commander"
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Thumbs up Back in the day...

...this was the CDB!
Worse than a million megaHitlers all smushed together.

charlie daniels, couch potatoes, muslim-baiting, patriotards


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