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alex revision
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alex revision
Default Turn Off Your TV

Turn Off Your TV

Turn off your television set sleepyhead. It's killing you, day by day.
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Turn off your tv dummies. Find a decent radio station to get news and weather and listen to them. For those of you with a home computer, you have access to immediate information without watching tv.

I bought my home in 2003 and have never had cable hooked up here. For the first couple of years, I could get the local PBS station (for what that was worth) but when tv reception went from analog to digital in 2009, I lost all reception. The converter boxes never worked for me so I just went cold turkey off all tv.

Never regretted it. I just listen to the radio and watch movies for entertainment. I don't feel as if I'm addicted to media.

Do it folks. Disconnect all cable and other tv provider companies. TV sucks. What more is there to know?

Our lives are really so short folks. Make good use of the short time you have here on earth. This is not a dress rehearsal for the real life.
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.
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jewsign Turn Your TeLIEvision Off!

I came home from work one day to find that the kids had smashed the teLIEvision. I decided to just wait a few weeks till Black Friday to get another one.
That was 14 years ago last month. By the time Black Friday came I had started to get somewhat accustomed to its absence, plus I never liked the bullshit story they gave me for how it got smashed. So I decided to see how long I could go without it. It's one of the greatest, most fortunate things that has ever happened. ȣ
I never had a high opinion of it but like most people it had babysat me all my life, like some big fat nigger mammy. I'd never paid for cable, I was never sick enough to pay them to lie to me. I don't know what I was thinking letting my kids sit in front of that shit. What were my parents thinking letting me do it? My dad was a skin he knew what was up. Though it was a lot more difficult to find things to do when I was a kid. I have never missed the teLIEvision, never.

卐 White ⊕ Power 卐
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Thumbs up

It's one of the greatest, most fortunate things that has ever happened.

Yes. Always!

I bailed on the jew-tube almost 30 years ago. It gave me, by far, the most interesting and productive years of my life.

I can't "turn off [my] tv" because there's no cable/satellite service here. Just internet, which is bad enough.
No way out but through the jews.
Old 4 Weeks Ago #5
steven clark
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steven clark
Default Turn Off Your TV

I haven't gone as far as you. My TV is an oldie Samsung, using the Analog (mine works just fine), and I never used cable. I've had bouts of non-TV watching (the army, living in Boston for seven years, etc.), so I'm not drawn into it.

Probably all I watch is the news, maybe episodes of Castle when my Sundays are free (usually not; I go dancing Sundays), and old TV series or movies I recorded of DVDs.

I did watch a PBS documentary two weeks ago on recycling, and that's been it.

The only time I watch TV on a regular basis is when I work out at the gym, and the monitors can't be turned off. I can do without all the new series, the news programs, niggerball, the commercials which program interracial/white decline.
Also, seems like 25% of all commercials are for more TV...the bundle, set, etc., so you can get 300 channels...for what? Probably more ball games.

I wonder how many people watch TV. In my dance group, hardly anyone knows any TV series, and I sense a great many people have no interest in the medium.

Let's do a survey: how many hours of TV do the readers here watch?
I'd say five hours a week for me.


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