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Post Blacks and Whites Differ in Brain Size and Intelligence

by James Buchanan

Scientists have known for a long, long time that Blacks have smaller brains on average. If you can find a 1959 Encyclopedia Britannica, the section on races will mention that Whites have a larger average brain size than Blacks. The liberals and Jews apparently got this important racial information scrubbed out of most books published after 1959. About every ten years since 1960, some brave White academic will publish a book talking about these significant differences. Just off hand I remember the authors, Carleton Coon, Murray and Herrnstein and Arthur Jensen. The “Bell Curve” is perhaps the most famous of these racial reality books.

The latest data from J. Philippe Rushton states that Blacks have brains that are 80cc smaller on average. This data may be based on African-American Blacks, who tend to have about 25% White genes mixed in with IQs around 85. Their primitive all-Black cousins in west Africa have IQs down around 70 (with even smaller brains).

One source notes “The black-white gap is 15 points when measured on the Wechsler tests, 18 on the Stanford-Binet. Both tests are, of course, normed so as to produce an average of 100, but the white average is a bit higher. On the Wechsler metric, whites and blacks average 102 and 87, respectively. On both tests, the gap between the races is almost exactly 1 SD (standard deviation). The gap of 1 SD has been observed since the earliest days of intelligence testing.”

Liberals often respond with a flurry of hysterical gibberish and everything unscientific when confronted with solid scientific information about racial differences. Some liberals will even claim that there is no relationship between intelligence and brain size even though the history of evolution has been a steady march toward larger brain sizes and taller foreheads. The earliest hominids had brain sizes about the same as modern day apes.

According to J. Philippe Rushton, the White average brain size is about 1347cc’s and the Black average brain size is 1267cc’s. In contrast, the largest brain size recorded for an individual ape is 700cc’s. Anther important difference is the shape of the brain. The Neanderthal for example had a slightly larger brain size than modern humans, but almost no forehead. The frontal region of the brain is where creativity resides.

Liberals respond to racial facts with emotional rhetoric. According to them, all the races are equal in mental ability regardless of differing test scores, genes or brain sizes. Never mind the fact that White men were walking on the moon forty years ago, while most natives in Africa were still squatting in mud huts. One famous Jewish propagandist Ashley Montagu could be called the king of egalitarian propaganda. If it weren’t for Jewish and liberal connections, he would have likely been a village idiot gibbering away crazy things on a street corner. He has consistently denied that the races are different in intelligence despite test scores that date back over g

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Pamela Ross
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Pamela Ross


The Genetic Key to Human Intelligence May Lie in a Fragment Called DUF1220

DUF1220 copy number is linearly associated with increased cognitive function as measured by total IQ and mathematical aptitude scores.

Among primate lineages, there is a high correlation between DUF1220 copy number (the highest copy number, >270, was found in Homo sapiens [human and Neanderthal]) and increased brain size (R2 = 0.98; p = 1.8 × 10−6) (Figure S4A), as well as an increased number of cortical neurons


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