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Old March 13th, 2017 #41
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Originally Posted by Olaf Menes View Post
I know it is hard for you to get the truth from your own "People" so I will post it again......

The statistics also show that this burden falls more heavily on black children. Some 56 percent of black children lived in single-parent families in 2004, with most of those families headed by mothers. That figure compared with 22 percent of white children and 31 percent of Hispanic children.

"Father absence in the African American communities, across America, has hit those communities with the force of 100 hurricane Katrinas," said Phillip Jackson, executive director of the Chicago-based Black Star Project, which helps children in mainly minority schools.

It seems to me if a typical Black Man who actually deals wit the issues of Negro Bastards, and claims Black Male Child Abandonment is worse than 100 Katrinas, I would say your shit out of luck with the validity of your laughable.....
"Or more So" graph of laughable sources!

I am sure this is pretty common.........

Mother Demands Someone Takes Care Of All Her 15 Kids

Maybe it is time for TXCTARD and She-Lice to do something with their lives besides grow enormously fat sitting on their couch size asses trolling VNN>...

Hey! Maybe they could start NSBA.........Negro Sheboon Blubber Anonymous!

"Hi, I am TXCTARD.....I am a fat fucking hippo cus all I be doin is sittin on da couch ettin lard pies, and drinkin 40's, and makin sur my gubment chek be on time".
Lol all you have to do is read your own source. It says 56% of black children live in single parent homes. A single parent home is not indicative of an absent father, all it means is a child LIVES with 1 parent.

By your logic, if a child is born in wedlock and the parents get divorced, despite the father being consistently involved in the child's life, the father is an absentee dad if the mother is the custodial parent.

Again, while black fathers are absent from the home at a higher rate, they are steadily involved in the lived of their children; more so than white fathers

And yes, I'm fat. I weigh 650 lbs. My husband's name is moon pie and my lover's name is cheeseburger
"What? They're black people in white society so they don't deserve credit? You're a white man in white society and you haven't done diddly squat. Jus' sayin"

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In the entire history of this globe, not once has things improved when niggers show up. Not once. Not a single fucking time.
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Old March 16th, 2017 #43
Olaf Menes
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Olaf Menes
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Originally Posted by txc View Post
and yes, i'm fat. I weigh 650 lbs.
Or more so! LMFAO
Old March 19th, 2017 #44
Shelise Williams
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Default Hey Beck'Em.

Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
Hello, nigger bitch. Don't apologize in that scheissfreundlich way with me, hon.

I am also self employed Loan Signing Agent/Paralegal/Mobile Notary, just started my own 'bidniess'. I used to make $1800/mo before I moved and did this-I work more infrequently but each job pays well, because I charge for the travel and for the 'wait' time for Bail Bond signings, etc. I almost got killed last night trying to drive in a white out on ice-we are still waiting to go home, and these White men stayed up all night helping myself and all kinds of stranded people get somewhere-some couldn't get out of their cars and were there all night, but they're running out of gas and heat.

So in an hour we can go, and everyone will stop when they see someone and check on them.

White men. Those bad, bad White men.

Deputy Sheriff almost got hit guiding me back to somewhere safe while I followed at 5mph. It was terrifying and he was not required to do it.

You are a dog trainer-you only make 600 a month? Not impressive, dear. You might want to edit that out.

If that's all you make, and cost of living is what it is-you are likely being subsidized by White men to exist.
Have a good day, SheSleaze.
Back from a glorious vacation with hubby and chirren in Jamaica. Wanted to get right back to correct MY ERROR (yup). My healthcare cost $600/month on the open healthcare (ie, corrupt corporate) plan. Obamacare cost me $180/mo and then went up last year. Do not think for a minute I would own a company and earn $1800/mo. or less. It's a great start for you though, I started at much less than that. Word of mouth (no shade) is the best, free advertising.

BTW, my husband who is a small business owner STILL offers health insurance to his employees. Obamacare is cheaper though. Imagine that.

Now, with Trumpcare, what will your red-state supporters do? Not Donnie, but the ones from "fly-over" country?


Last edited by Shelise Williams; March 19th, 2017 at 04:36 AM.
Old March 19th, 2017 #45
Shelise Williams
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Default Continued after vaca...

Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
I interacted with her some online. I've never met her, though, and don't even know her last name. She did nothing wrong to me, though.

I do know that she has a parent with Alzheimer's whom she has written online about caring for, how hard it is. None of the rest of that do I know to be true at all. What someone we mutually know-whom I do know in person-told me was quite different. 180 degrees different.

But I don't know. Funny you care.

You seem awful interested in me, sicko. Don't got no dawgs to walk today?
I give Wolfie a lot of credit for taking care of an elderly or sick parent. Don't most of you Whites put your folks in nursing homes?

Too bad Drumph will cut their meals, medicare, payments to caretakers, and heroin light (oxy) for themselves. It must really suck to be a poor bigot.
Old March 19th, 2017 #46
Shelise Williams
Join Date: Feb 2017
Posts: 86
Default There you go again.

Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
Yes, an old man named 'Kenny'. That 'guy' could even be you for all I know.

I turned that sexual threatening stuff in to IC3. An insane Jeeboo loving Klanner writing posts at 3am on my blog, all over my wall on SF and wouldn't stop til he got banned, etc.

I've been an Atheist since age 22 and was in a different State. Never been anywhere near any Klan.

What's real intersting about you mention that is:
He wrote how I should be only 'opening my mouth' to pleasure a man.

Oral sex stuff, just like you wrote in the Opposing Views thread.

He, you and SheSleaze--total nigger. Are you him? Are all three of you Stooges together?

All you write about are penises when you lose an argument-and you were losing 3 arguments. That is the Webster's Dictionary definition of 'skank', dear--if they wasted their time on such.

And funny, that was a Paul Vogel thing--when he lost arguments, 'skank!' I didn't know him either, dear.

You are tarded losers, and notice how you and Shesleaze didn't carry on with the Affordable Care Act discussion? Because too f'ing stupid.
So you devolve straight into your crotches, lie, and abuse with your baboon lips.

Dog "training"-prob Walking- is a profession too high for primates such as yourselves. I wouldn't leave my dog with a baboon, not even to take a dump in the local park.
Financial Analyst is one of those things people use to scam, often. You didn't mention having ever been to college or your GPA, and nobody would use a FA who had no degree and did a start-up without credentials.

So, two tarded Antifa harassing liars. And OMG--so 'rayciss'!!

I'm sure your next post, if at me, would be designed to anger as that one was. So even if mentioned and abused, I won't notice, and you'll get no mo attention from moi. I'll let the White men you lub to hate tell you that you're a perverted baboon tard. Carry on, nigger nutter.
Why do you keep bringing up that so called KKK dude Kenny? It's as if you enjoyed the "sex stuff"... And even bolded the "oral sex" stuff. See, this is why despite my efforts to give you a break, you continually prove yourself to be a Becky. Strom-Front gave you a quick poke in the eye, and you left in a huff. Now, you are here, full of tards - seeking attention. Know better, and do better.
Old March 19th, 2017 #47
Shelise Williams
Join Date: Feb 2017
Posts: 86
Default Get a clue Hugh

Originally Posted by Hugh View Post
Shelise, surprised to see you using the White alphabet, and not the black alphabet.
Why not write your posts in the black alphabet?
Which black country do you consider better than the US?
Or are you a black white supremacist, in other words a coconut, who pretends to be pro black outside to the public, but in your private life rejects black culture and lives as White as can be.
Probably don't even speak your own native black language, but only speak the White's language.
You and TXC try so desperately to be White, it's quite tragic.
"White" Alphabet? Talk to the fambiy about that. American Blacks speak English, not dumbya WV cracker. Get your folks educated. That is the best thing you could do for your Trump decided "uneducated"


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