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jewsign Love it.

I love this site. Whenever I get bored...... or.... perhaps think hey..... the world is getting smarter.... I come here and get my dose of reality.
The insane amount of idiots this site attracts is just amazing.
Thank you.... thank you so much... for my daily laughter... for my boredom erradication... thank you.
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Rob MacGregor
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Rob MacGregor

Originally Posted by Volker Schnoor View Post
Don't you realize that all White people are about to be involved in an armed struggle for their very survival? All this verbal battling over semantics and minutiae of political sub-divisions is meaningless. All White men of conscious must join into a single bloc right now, and leave these meaningless quarrels to the future, or we are doomed.
We are infiltrated. Some have entered our midst to take us down with distractions.. deal with them as you must, or you are doomed
We're surrounded. That simplifies our situation

[Formerly Son of the Mist at scamfront.. hail to my friends here, I've missed ya]
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Bread and Circuses
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Originally Posted by Steve Lillywhite View Post
There's a lot to be said for Brazil.

Is Brazil international jewry's enforcer?
Although they make up a tiny fraction of Brazil's population, Jews continue to be active in several aspects of Brazilian society.

According Professor Anita Novinsky, a specialist on the Jews at the University of Sao Paulo, "Brazil was made by the Jews."

Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.


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