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Default Axe handled walking stick.

The Mountain people of Oman and Poland both use a unique axe-handled walking stick.A coincidence that two separate mountain peoples, have developed the same type of unique weapon.

In Poland it is the Ciupaga, in Oman it is known as the Jerez.

As a weapon for defence it requires the art of axe handling, and the lighter skill of fencing. The Polish Ciupaga has a spear tip for impaling an attacker whereas the Jerez has an unsharpened ferrule - the Ciupaga spear best suited as a walking stick point for ice conditions in the Carpathian Winter , the blunter ferrule of the Jerez being better suited to the softer sand terrain of the Musandam .

The Gorale (Polish mountain folk) and the Shihuh/kumzari tribals of the Musandam (mountain region of Oman) are both renowned for their independent ways, and fighting skill. The Jerez / Ciupiaga being a tool used to hook a rider off an horse or crack open a skull with ease.

The Portuguese, Ottomans and British who all tried to colonise Oman, failed - the only arab state that has never been colonised . The Gorale in the Carpathian mountains of Poland have also been resistant to occupiers over the centuries.

Despite the lighter weight of the Jerez, I can confirm it is still a useful tool to have when hiking on foot in sandnegro country - for tapping scorpions and other unwelcome wildlife'.

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