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William Robert
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Default Will you die of "Mad Cow" disease?

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Time To Stop Eating Beef
My Reaction to the Mad Cow Killer's Letter

This is a powerful letter the Mad Cow Killer has written. And I love the way he starts it out: "Dave Louthan here. I'm the guy that killed that mad cow." Reading this letter of Dave's I felt a decision happening somewhere inside: no more beef for me. It's a no-brainer really, but it sure took me long enough to get here.

Trouble is, I love a good steak. Most of us who were raised on a meat diet do. And nothing dies harder than the habit of the diet you were raised on. It just goes very deep, all the way back to baby days. Worse yet, the last steak I had was the best steak I ever had. I and my elder brother were visiting mom and dad and my dad wanted to celebrate the visit so he went to some special store and bought the World's Most Expensive Meat - some exotic cut I never knew about at over $12.00/pound. Boy, was that juicy and tasty, thick, tender, melt in your mouth and....hold on, wait a minute, I thought I was writing about giving up beef. Let me get reoriented.

Yes, the disease, the prion disease. For those who didn't read the above post let me quote an important part of it.

"If you have had a hamburger in the last year you have probably got a belly full of prions. These prions are small and tough. They go through your stomach lining into your blood stream. From there they find nerve tissue in your spinal cord, brain stem, and brain. They live there for a few years eating and multiplying until a few prions turn into billions and then they get down to some serious brain consumption.

"You will be moody and unproductive at first. Then you will become very depressed. You will walk funny and be uncoordinated. Your family will think you're drunk or have a drug problem. A visit to the doctor will reveal a brain problem. It will be called genetic or spontaneous. The medicos and the government will be falling all over themselves to deny it's madcow. The doctors do not want to do an autopsy because they may be exposed to the disease and the government won't let them because it might spoil the beef business. You'll fall into a coma and you will die, but not before your family has been buried in hospital bills. Better start saving." - Dave Louthan

To protect the cattle and meat industry the government USDA has most probably condemned millions of Americans to death already. The number of cattle tested this past decade was a criminally small percentage, insanely small, clearly intended NOT to find mad cow rather than vice versa. This is what happens in a nation ruled by corporations. This is the end result of capitalism. Money matters, people do not. We are currently watching capitalism devour itself in many many ways.

I was vegetartian for a number of years in my youth, when I was first studying yoga at an ashram in New York state. I'm not sure when or why I slipped back into carnage. As I said, the meals we eat as children have a deep and profound effect. Try going to a strange foreign land for a year, as I did in India. First you will enjoy the exotic diet, but by the twelfth month you will be longing for the kind of food you ate as a child. You will be dreaming of it. I remember longing for lettuce and mayonaise. There is neither in India. They are too delicate for India's non-refrigerated punishing heat. I could make a tomato and cucumber sandwich there, but without lettuce and mayonaise it just wasn't the same. The childhood diet seems to get written on our very core.

But in the case of beef in 2004 I think everyone should consider that the time has come to perhaps make a life saving effort to change this particular eating habit because these prions are deadly and I'm sure, due to the criminal negligence of the capitalistic USDA - which is supposed to protect us but protects corporations instead - I'm sure that these prions are all over the place by now. How could they not be? You can't destroy them. They aren't even alive! They are molecules. They would make the perfect biowarfare device. Molecules! (If you have guessed I am writing this to convince myself - you are correct!)

Then again there is the killing-fields thing. Once I asked the Indian sage Vimala Thakar about eating meat. She said simply that if one lived in a place where meat was the only available thing to eat, then of course one would have to eat it. But if other food was available and it was possible to live without killing, then that was preferable. To live without killing was preferable.

We don't even kill in a holy and consciencious way anymore. In ancient times, and still in certain places in the world, people acknowledged their shame about taking life by always offering the animals to God first. The animals would be taken to the temple, offered unto God, and then killed while prayers and holy words were chanted. It was out of respect for the animal. This a great misunderstanding we have in the West when people talk about "animal sacrifice." They are not killing animals for worship, they are blessing their food. It is a much more dignified death that the chamber of horrors that is the modern slaughter-house where animals are killed without respect or any conscious acknowledgement of the preciousness of their lives. Rather than send our animals to the temple to be killed we send them to our own version of an animal Auschwitz.

There has been a wonderful series on the National Geographic Channel called "Worlds Apart" where typical middle class families are sent to various third world countries to live amongst the natives for 2 weeks or so. The rules are that they must live exactly as the native people do and share their lives and their work. In every episode I watched there is moment when the animals must be killed and often it is the American father who must accept the honor of killing the evening meal, a chicken or a sheep or a goat. The horror experienced by the whole American family is incredible to watch. They are so shocked, so filled with anger and sorrow, often breaking down in tears and turning their heads away. They feel it is too brutal, the cutting of the throat, the flow of blood, the dying of the living entity right before their eyes. But where do they think the meat they eat at home comes from? Most don't quite make the connection and see the irony, but one mother in one episode has the wisdom to explain to her weeping son that the nicely wrapped packages of meat in the supermarket at home comes from just such a dying animal, such a death incident. We have insulated ourselves so much from the killing that we don't even give it a second thought.

Maybe mother nature is telling us something through this new prion disease. Maybe it's time now, for our own good, to switch to a more vegetarian diet. It need not be absolute. Fish and fowl are still there. But beef and sheep, I fear, are getting just too dangerous.

Hindus don't eat beef, in particular, because they view the cow as a symbol of the bounty and grace of God. The cow gives us milk freely for the asking, always giving, and from the milk come butter and cheese. And when the cow dies of old age it gives again, giving us leather, and horns for carving. So they worship the "sacred" cow and consider eating it an insult to God. Adopting their view of the cow might also help us in giving up our beef habit. The Hindu attitude toward the cow is a gentle and loving and respectful one.

Can a whole nation give up an ingrained habit to save their lives? Some will not, for sure. I intend to try. I think what really set me thinking about this was not the Mad Cow Killer's story, but a dream I had about 10 days ago. This really happened. I was dreaming merrily away about something or other and suddenly my younger brother appeared out of nowhere. He seemed really concerned and had an urgent look on his face. I turned to him and he came up to me. He looked at me and simply said: "You have mad cow disease." He was very concerned about me. Not sure what happened next but I dreamed some more, other stuff happened. Then I saw my brother again. I realized he had been following me around all the while. He grabbed me and seemed irritated that I would not pay attention to him. "You already have mad cow disease!" he said again.

I woke up soon after and was haunted by the feeling of my brother telling me I already had Mad Cow. It really creeped me out all day long. Was it a communication from the "other world" that I had already gotten the prions? From a hamburger? Maybe from the most delicious steak I ever ate out of the kindness of my father? Or was it perhaps a warning to stop eating beef now. I latched onto that thought and kept it, because what could I do with the other thought? Yes, surely, it was a warning, not the knowledge of a death sentence already passed. Yes, a warning. Not a death sentence. A warning from the other world to give up eating beef NOW.

The Mad Cow Killer's Letter;read=49481

Mad Cow Archives at

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Xuxalina Rihhia
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The prions are contaminated with a Manganese compound...manganese in large quantities is lethal to nerve cells. The use of Organophosphate pesticides,(which penetrate the skins of cattle and go alll the way into the flesh) contain manganese, which is a super-oxidant. When you get mad cow disease, the prions, poisoned with the manganese basically have "burned" brain tissue until you basically fall apart mentally and physically.

Since Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-oxidant, it may be the very thing to combat the prions found in meats; by neutralizing the effect of the manganese poisoned prions, it may be possible to stop the disease before it begins!
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Originally Posted by Xuxa the White
The prions are contaminated with a Manganese compound...manganese in large quantities is lethal to nerve cells. The use of Organophosphate pesticides,(which penetrate the skins of cattle and go alll the way into the flesh) contain manganese, which is a super-oxidant. When you get mad cow disease, the prions, poisoned with the manganese basically have "burned" brain tissue until you basically fall apart mentally and physically.
Prions (short for proteinaceous infectious particle) are certainly a concern nowadays; never before has a protein caused such harm to a living organism. They are prevalent in a number of animals: mice, hamsters, birds, cats, sheep ---- virtually every species known to man! What makes them so dangerous is the fact that they're indestructible. It was originally thought that prions might be a virus, but that theory was proven wrong when an attempt was made to destroy their DNA. There was no DNA present so the possibility that prions were a virus was ruled out.

When it was discovered that people were susceptible to Mad Cow, a huge investigation ensued. Luckily due to some studies made during the 1950s on the Fore tribe in New Guinea, scientists reached a conclusion relatively quickly. The South Fore had been suffering from a strange malady, particularly women and children. The symptoms were very similar to Mad Cow (loss of coordination, etc.). The only way this disease can be passed from one body to another involves the consumption of a diseased organism. Cows are forced to eat the brains and body parts of other cows, poultry, etc. The brain is the most infected area of a diseased animal. Now.... lol.... what do you think these blackies were doing wrong? For years the Fore tribe practiced cannibalism. The men would eat the most desirable portions (muscles), while women and children were left with ---- yuck ---- the brains! Apparently the purpose of this ritual was to pay respect to those that passed on. When one of their tribal members would die of "Kuru" (in Fore it means "trembling") they would honor him / her by eating their remains. Supposedly the Fore no longer practice cannibalism, though judging by the progress made by their brothers and sisters in Africa (and the US), I am not convinced.
Old August 9th, 2004 #4
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The chances of getting killed by mad cow disease is remote and negligible compared to much more likely causes of death;

* such as getting struck by a Piano falling from an upstairs building as you just happen to walk past,

*or dying of evisceration caused by a passing trainee chainsaw operator

*and other improbable scenarios.

Mad cow disease?. Dont worry about it. Its unlikely to happen to any of us.

The real diseases of concern are penicillin-resistantTuberculosis (endemic in London and Leicester - for examples - having been brought in by the Asian asylum community) or the African ghetto viruses that have had 'rights' afforded to them by the red socialists. Even SARS from the Chinese community.

A more probable death threat than Spongiform Encepalopathy is the Bubonic Plague ('Black Death') which still occurs in India, Vietnam and other 'brown countries' which has 'rights' to be freely imported into the 'West' on NiggAsian carriers. The Race Relations Trade has made it verboten to stop carriers of those diseases heading into the UK - the worlds destination of choice for selfish dying Nigger 'Health tourists' to come and scam the WhiteMan's health services and at the same time pass on imported diseases to the White community whilst living as univited unwelcome parasites.

AIDS, TB and the other NiggAsian pandemics out there are the disease threats that civilised folk should be concerned about in terms of the likelihood of being infected. Forget Mad Cows - they're crazy .

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