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Alex Him
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Alex Him

Originally Posted by steven clark View Post
Alex, I went to YouTube and was able to watch 'Agony.' I hadn't seen it in 33 years, and it was a lot of fun to watch and was as I remembered it.
I'm glad you got a little spinning on the waves of nostalgia

When it was shown in Boston, critics enjoyed the newsreels interspaced with the action, and was very new, as we in the West know absolutely nothing about WWI in Russia.

I'm sure some of the scenes might have been lifted from earlier movies, though.

It was also good to see a period film in Russia with Russians, and not a not of English actors. It was also liked for giving a humane portrait of Nicholas II, although he was a mess as Czar, and the film showed what kind of mental chaos the leadership of Russia was at that point. The Bolsheviks really didn't have much of an enemy in that respect.
Still, history should be learned not from movies and works of fiction, but from the works of historians and from original historical documents.

Also on Youtube I was browsing for a version of the German film Kolberg, and found one from the USSR made in 1943 about Kutusov. May look at that.
This movie is on YouTube but without English subtitles.

Or do you want me to watch it?

Watching the movie is only possible on the channel of Mosfilm.

Where should they dig the Very Deep Pit?
Piglet said that the best place would be somewhere where a Heffalump was, just before he fell into it, only about a foot farther on.
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