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The Final Solution
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Default Spermfront fag gives Mama KAS a facelift

Kevin Alfred Strom

White Nationalist Kevin Alfred Strom first became a member of Doctor Pierce’s National Alliance in March 1983. He is the editor of National Vanguard magazine and the founder and host of the National Alliance's American Dissident Voices radio program, as to date the most prominent broadcast of the White Nationalist movement. He is the archivist for the estate of Professor Revilo P. Oliver

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Joseph Morgan Forum Member

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Location: Stormfront, O.R.I.O.N. --- Aryan equals love -- first race to outlaw slavery, create institutions for the disabled, emancipate women, launch environmentalism, bring us into space. Next loving, Aryan task: preserve the earth's ancient races.
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The Final Solution
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"Properties" for this picture on spermfront actually links to the Elisha thing's own pathetic site. Seems she wants to fuck Linder. Must've been the time he called her "sweet pea" in the letters section. Refreshing, I guess, when all she hears from Mama KAS is rantings about COINTELPRO.

Originally I thought it was the fag Joseph Morgan who wanted to fuck Linder, who looks so elegant in a business suit, no "jewish" swastikas to be seen. But fudgepacker Morgan must already be busy with threesomes with girlfriends Lindbergh and Scipio, every waking moment he's not posting on spermfront as a full-time career.


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