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Old October 1st, 2011 #1
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Default 700 Arrested as Jew Banksters are ordering their gorillas to terrorize protesters on Wall Street

This is getting out of hand the Jews will kill somebody sooner or later just like they did at the Bank of England protest in Central London in April of 2009. A man walking home, not even part of that huge demonstration was thrown head first on the pavement and died at the scene there. The cops were stating for days that he died of a heart attack until somebody posted the pictures showing him with a major head injury.
We need a few hundred thousand people there to educate the banksters on who owns this country. I want my money back from the Fed + interest and I am not kidding!

“Witnesses described a chaotic scene on the famous suspension bridge as a sea of police officers surrounded the protesters using orange mesh netting.”

“A police commander doused a handful of women with pepper spray in an incident captured on video and spread via the Internet, galvanizing the loosely organized protest movement.
The group has gained support among some union members. The United Federation of Teachers and the Transport Workers Union Local 100, which has 38,000 members, are among those pledging solidarity.
The unions could provide important organizational and financial support for the largely leaderless movement.
Similar protests are sprouting in other cities, including Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.”

700 Arrested After Protest on NY's Brooklyn Bridge

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500 arrested, protests, wall street


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