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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Jews Coopt Individuals, Parties, Movements, Governments

Jews coopt Sierra Club, buying its immigration policy.
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T.J. McAllister
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T.J. McAllister

Too true.

A rather conservative industry, arms, has had a notable Jewish hand in it in recent years. A Jewish-owned holding company now owns the following well-established arms makers: Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, Harrington & Richardson (bought by Marlin), DPMS, Advanced Armament Corp., and Cobb Mfg. (bought by Bushmaster). SIG Sauer USA is owned by a Jew now as well. The quality control for some of these brands has become notoriously bad lately.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Originally Posted by T.J. McAllister View Post
Too true.

A rather conservative industry, arms, has had a notable Jewish hand in it in recent years. A Jewish-owned holding company now owns the following well-established arms makers: Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, Harrington & Richardson, DPMS, Advanced Armament Corp., and Cobb Mfg.. SIG Sauer USA is owned by a Jew now as well. The quality control for some of these brands has become notoriously bad lately.
Interesting. Does that include ammo too? I don't know whether they're considered part of the same industry.
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T.J. McAllister
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T.J. McAllister

Remington Arms Co. is one of the biggest producers of ammunition in the USA in addition to being the oldest continuously operated arms maker here and the largest producer of rifles and shotguns. The two industries are certainly related. The group that acquired Remington, along with the other companies, is called
Cerberus_Capital_Management Cerberus_Capital_Management
, which apparently engages in corporate necromancy in various industries

The John M. Olin Foundation is a major neoconservative backer (the Olin family is apparently not Jewish). Irving Kristol said that it was the Olin Foundation, along with another, that made possible the recruitment gains of the neocon movement in the 1970s. This group is connected to the Olin Corporation, which has owned the Winchester ammunition brand since 1931. I think it's the biggest ammunition-maker in the United States.
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Look who's behind Herman Cain's run for president:

Many on the Hermanator list are Texans in the oil business, mostly because of Wayne Stoltenberg, a Dallas oil exec who heard Cain musing about a presidential run on his show.

“Whenever I can find someone who happens to be black but is a clear-thinking conservative, I send him money,” Stoltenberg said. He called Cain and left a message. Weeks later, a Cain aide called back. He asked Stoltenberg to donate $5,000 and get friends to kick in another $25,000 to $30,000. Stoltenberg did that and has become Cain’s guide when the candidate visits Texas.
From Stoltenberg's bios on the net:

An accomplished financial leader, Wayne Stoltenberg possesses 15 years of experience as an investment banker...

A dedicated philanthropist, Wayne Stoltenberg supports the Uganda Children’s Fund...

Wayne Stoltenberg attended Columbia University in New York, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Economics...
He's supposedly a church-going man, but since he's in Texas I suppose he figures when in Rome...

Oh, and as for saying he is an accomplished financial leader:

A US District Court has convicted Bear Stearns, a major stockbrokerage firm on Wall Street, of five separate offenses involving fraudulent and negligent representation regarding ClearData Communications in 2000. As a result of this jury verdict, Bear Stearns will pay approximately $10 million in damages to potential ClearData investors who forfeited shareholder rights to the internet company at the advice of Bear Stearns.

According to the lawsuit, a group of entrepreneurs had sold their Internet service provide companies to ClearData, in hopes of building a nationwide provider. These entrepreneurs were expecting a lucrative public offering. Bear Stearns brought in a special team of bankers to address the group. The Bear bankers convinced the group to forfeit special put rights to a $13 million payout if the stock offering was not completed. At a meeting, Bear banker Wayne Stoltenberg advised the business owners that surrendering these rights would help the company complete its financings.

Based on the convincing argument made by Bear Stearns representatives and the assurance that an IPO was in the works, the business owners gave up their "put" rights. ClearData filed for bankruptcy in December 2000.

According to attorney Tom Brown, who represented the aggrieved business owners, it was not difficult to prove that Bear Stearns committed fraud. "We got Bear executives to acknowledge under oath that they knew the private-equity raising was going badly and they there was no real plan to do an IPO," says Brown. During the meeting with the business owners, says Brown, Bear representatives knew there was no IPO deal in the works.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder


A fifth of all congressmen taking paid-for holidays to Israel this summer

A fifth of members of the House of Representatives will be taking their summer holidays in Israel this year with almost all the trips being paid for by one of America's most powerful lobby groups.

The American Israel Education Foundation is shelling out to take around eighty congressmen to Israel during the summer recess period.
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jewsign "A Conservative Provocateur, Using a Blowtorch as His Pen"

At 11:42 a.m. on Feb. 14, a conservative online magazine called The Washington Free Beacon
posted a dispatch about a speech Chuck Hagel gave in 2007 in which it said he called the State Department “an adjunct to the Israeli foreign minister’s office.”

The report was based on “contemporaneous” notes an attendee posted online. An hour later on the floor of the United States Senate, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina urgently cited that statement as another reason to delay Mr. Hagel’s nomination as defense secretary.

Mr. Hagel denied saying it, and no recording has surfaced. But after a successful filibuster against the nominee, a group called the Emergency Committee for Israel effectively declared partial victory and vowed to “redouble its efforts to bring to light Mr. Hagel’s complete record.”

All in all, it was a very bad day for Mr. Hagel, and a smashingly good one for the conservative political operative of the moment — Michael Goldfarb.

At 32, Mr. Goldfarb is a founder of The Free Beacon, which is gaining prominence as a conservative clarion; a onetime presidential campaign aide to Senator John McCain, who provided critical support for the filibuster; and the strategist for the Emergency Committee for Israel, an anonymously financed group that advertises against President Obama and Congressional Democrats as insufficiently supportive of Israel. On top of that, he is a partner at Orion Strategies, a consulting firm whose clients have included the national governments of Taiwan and Georgia.

An all-around anti-liberal provocateur, Mr. Goldfarb has blazed a trail in the new era of campaign finance, in which loosened restrictions have flooded the political world with cash for a whole new array of organizations that operate outside the traditional bounds of the parties.

Often working with money from major Republican donors, most of whom have preferred anonymity, Mr. Goldfarb has been in the middle of nearly every major partisan dispute of Mr. Obama’s presidency — over Iran, Israel, terrorism policy and now Mr. Hagel and guns. For a time, Mr. Goldfarb worked as a communications strategist to the leading bêtes noires of liberals, the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.

Mr. Goldfarb did not come up via state politics, Capitol Hill or the Republican National Committee, proving grounds that made the careers of top party operatives like Lee Atwater, Karl Rove and Matt Rhoades, the campaign manager for Mitt Romney.

His career was spawned, rather, in the conservative confines of The Weekly Standard and allied organizations, namely the Project for the New American Century, which is well known for promoting the war in Iraq. He has since gone on to thrive in the influential world of outside ideological groups. Mr. Goldfarb, known as a flamethrower on both sides of the aisle, has achieved unparalleled hybrid status in the process.

In his work at The Free Beacon, for groups like the Emergency Committee for Israel and at Orion, he has combined a relatively new form of weaponized journalism, politicking and public policy into a potent mix.

“He’s at the intersection of a lot of different worlds,” said William Kristol, the editor of The Weekly Standard, who has been a boss, mentor and colleague to Mr. Goldfarb. He said Mr. Goldfarb was representative of a new generation of conservatives whose emergence at a low ebb of their party’s power has made them “a little more entrepreneurial, more outspoken and risk-taking — not so worried about moving up a corporate ladder.”

A wisecracking native of suburban Philadelphia, Mr. Goldfarb has described himself as a cudgel. His signature political attack can best be described as gleeful evisceration, which at times has exposed him to charges of going too far and of getting too personal.

The liberal writer Lee Fang got a taste when he wrote an article for The Nation linking work that Orion has done for Taiwan to articles in The Free Beacon voicing criticism of the Obama administration for blocking a sale to Taiwan of F-16 jets.

Mr. Goldfarb denied any connection between his work at Orion and the articles, saying he did not personally handle Taiwan’s account or write the articles.

But The Free Beacon responded viscerally, with a report featuring pictures of Mr. Fang — who formerly wrote for the anonymously financed liberal blog ThinkProgress that frequently attacks the Kochs — shirtless and blowing a thick cloud of smoke. The headline read: “High Times at The Nation.”

In an interview, Mr. Fang, 26, said the photographs were from college and could have been found only in his password-protected account with Photobucket. He said he had filed a police report to get to the bottom of it. He said he felt doubly violated because the photograph was in a file that included revealing shots of his girlfriend.

“I think he’s just out to hurt people,” said Mr. Fang, who first tangled with Mr. Goldfarb when he was writing for ThinkProgress about the Kochs. “I don’t understand what his greater goal is; what would be the perfect solution to fix the most serious problems in America?”

Though Mr. Goldfarb would not share how The Free Beacon obtained the photographs, he said in a telephone interview that they were publicly available and were secured by legal means.

As he tells it, he is simply trying to have fun while practicing his admittedly combative brand of politics — the humor of which, he said, his liberal critics are too self-serious to get.

For instance, he said, a Free Beacon report that the retooled liberal magazine The New Republic had “dropped at least five prominent Jewish writers from its masthead” in what “may signal the publication’s continued drift away from a staunchly pro-Israel standpoint,” was tongue-in-cheek. (It drew angry rebuttals that The New Republic’s editor Franklin Foer is Jewish and roughly half of the writers dropped were not Jewish.)

“We’re true believers, but we’re also troublemakers, and if you look at the work we do, a lot of it has a sense of humor,” Mr. Goldfarb said. Though he said The Beacon had made a serious investment in its journalism, nonetheless, “We get up every day and say, how do we cause trouble?”

Mr. Goldfarb and his supporters say they find the attention he has received perplexing, especially from liberal groups that, in their view, basically do the same thing he does, which is attack the opposition.

Noting that ThinkProgress, which has frequently written about the donors he works with, does not disclose its own sources of financing, Mr. Goldfarb said, “They’re living in a glass house, so it’s very easy to throw the stone back at them.”

Mr. Goldfarb said he modeled The Free Beacon and its parent, the Center for American Freedom, on
ThinkProgress and its related organization, the Center for American Progress. That group was co-founded by John Podesta, a former Clinton administration official, and has a reputation as a major policy production house for the Obama administration.

Referring to headlines in The Free Beacon like “Bootylicious Beyoncé Solicits for Obama,” sent a statement from its editor, Judd Legum, that said: “They are not an imitation of ThinkProgress. They are a parody.”

Sometimes, Mr. Goldfarb said, that is the point.

His role as a hawkish magnet of liberal scorn would not have been foreshadowed by his background. His mother is a public school teacher in Philadelphia, and his father is a dean at the University of Pennsylvania medical school. His sister, Rachael Goldfarb, emerged from their household with opposite politics. She was an assistant to Mr. Podesta when he was a White House chief of staff, and she is now an official with the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a conservative whipping post.

Mr. Goldfarb, who declined to be interviewed in person, went to Princeton, where he studied war history. But even there, Mr. Goldfarb exhibited the same delight in raising the ire of his more liberal classmates, friends said. “He relished the fact that he had a viewpoint that wasn’t everybody else’s viewpoint — he was not above saying things solely for being provocative,” said a dorm mate and friend, Christopher Beha, a novelist and an associate editor at Harper’s Magazine.

After college, Mr. Goldfarb took a job as a receptionist at The Weekly Standard and worked his way up. He gained attention when he organized a campaign to discredit an anonymous author of a New Republic article criticizing the Iraq war and alleging misdeeds by troops. He rallied other bloggers to help him dig, and his campaign prompted a military investigation, eventually leading The New Republic to say it could not stand by the claims of the writer, later identified as Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp.

Mr. Goldfarb’s work caught the eye of strategists for Senator McCain, who hired him “to attack the press,” as Mr. Goldfarb put it in an interview in The Columbia Journalism Review. Though he said he disagreed with the tactic, he did it with trademark flair.

He left the campaign at loggerheads with some of his colleagues, who he thought were disloyal to Mr. McCain and Sarah Palin after the election. But he also gained vital contacts with donors, party leaders and, despite his role, reporters.

“There’s something to be said for stabbing people in the front in a town where everybody goes around all day stabbing each other in the back,” said Ben Smith, the editor in chief of
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[hadding on griffin talking about offers to fund his BNP so long as he stopped criticizing international banking and stuck to criticizing muslims ONLY - like EDL]

06 March 2013

How Patriotism is Co-Opted and Misdirected

Did you ever wonder why people that pretend to advocate for your interests spend so much time talking about things that are beside the point? Rush Limbaugh, for example, will say that there is propaganda for making White people feel guilty -- which is true -- but then he leaves race out of it. Instead, he says, they are trying to make us feel guilty about global warming. Huh? Global warming? This is supposed to be a greater focus of anti-White guilt-propaganda than the Holocaust? And so the Jewish problem and more generally the race problem is left as the elephant in the living room that everyone is so accustomed to stepping around and not discussing, that we almost forget that it's there. Another common diversion is to say that government as such is the problem, rather than specific things that the government does, like helping non-Whites at the expense of Whites. The rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh and other mass-media conservatives is full of this kind of substitution and omission of forbidden subject-matter.

Probably many public figures receive such suggestions about what they should and should not discuss, with incentives to cooperate and deterrents for refusing to do so. The absurd media-blackout on Ron Paul in the last U.S. presidential election, for example, surely did not occur spontaneously. I can name several media-figures supportive of Ron Paul (Pat Buchanan of MSNBC, Andrew Napolitano of Fox Business News, Rick Barber of KOA Denver) who all just happened to lose their shows in late 2011 and early 2012. For his part, Rush Limbaugh managed to discuss the controversy over crooked voice-votes and rule-changes at the Republican national convention for hours without saying the name Ron Paul once, even though it was really all about him.

This is an instructive clip from Nick Griffin's speech, The BNP Solution. Griffin invites former members of the British National Party who have joined other groups to return, explaining that some of those other ostensibly patriotic groups were formed specifically for the purpose of co-opting or weakening nationalism:

Out of all the groups, the most important one by a mile was the English Defense League/British Freedom Party. That was a serious, systematic, hugely funded effort by a section of the ruling elite, by the Zionist-Neocon clique, to dominate, to simply take over nationalism, and turn it into their tool, to encourage the White working class to go and fight their wars, and so that when the banking collapse comes people are looking in the wrong direction instead of [at] the real culprits.

This party, we were approached, I was approached, we were offered money from the United States, and all they wanted was two things.

They only wanted us to concentrate on Islam -- and I yield to no one in my criticism of Islam, and grooming; I put my neck on the line; many of you have put your neck on the line as well -- but, it's not the only problem. And they wanted us only to focus on that.

And it only came with one other thing: they wanted us to drop our criticism of the banking system. Those were the only two things: we had to concentrate on talking about Muslims, and we had to drop our criticism of the international banking system.

And I refused. And we refused. That was in about 2007. And all hell broke loose really from that time, when systematically they tried to take this party apart [by setting up well funded competing organizations].

So, if you witness a discussion where somebody insists that Muslims are the real problem about which we all ought to be most concerned (even in the United States where there are very few Muslims) you'll have an idea what the agenda behind that might be. I recall months and months of wailing and gnashing of teeth on conservatard radio over the fact that somebody supposedly wanted to build a mosque in the general vicinity of the former World Trade Center. What difference does it make? Non-issues like this are hyped into matters of importance in order -- as Nick Griffin says -- to keep us in an uproar against Muslims and positively disposed to fighting the Zionist Jews' wars.

While it is remarkable that Nick Griffin could speak for some minutes about Zionists, Neocons, wars for Israel, and international finance without ever saying the word Jew, it is at least to Griffin's credit that in the instance described he did not take the easier path. You can view Griffin's entire presentation on the BNP's Online Television Channel.

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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

How kosher is Jewish money?

Israelis have the most to lose from the destructive potential of donations from the likes of Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson. We should thank them for bringing this debate out into the open.

By Anshel Pfeffer | Nov. 14, 2014

It was like a scene out of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Two immensely wealthy Jews, key financiers of the main political parties of the world’s superpower, discussing how to wage war on the enemies of the Jews, and control the media and presidents. Only, instead of taking place at the dead of night in a Jewish cemetery in Prague, they were sitting on stage in a Washington, D.C. hotel conference room, in full view and making no attempt to hide their intentions.

If the Czarist secret police officers who published the original edition of “Protocols” at the start of the 20th century had been at the Hilton, or just reading the reported dialogue between Power Rangers impresario Haim Saban and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, they would have had little need for the embellishment, plagiarism and forgery they used to concoct their best seller.

If you haven’t yet read the musings of these two gentlemen on the best way to confront Iran (bombing “the daylight out of these sons of bitches” is an option), the shortcomings of Barack Obama’s presidency, the need (or lack of) for Israel to be a democracy, the best way to take over The New York Times, and how to ensure a sufficient supply of latkes at the White House Hanukkah party, then you really should. It would be no exaggeration to call it a historic event.

The joint appearance of the two billionaires at the Israeli American Council’s inaugural conference last weekend was the moment that Jewish benefactors, who have always preferred to use financial influence on behalf of their brethren as far behind-the-scenes as possible, chose to do so out in the open.

Not that they had anything to be ashamed of. Jewish financiers using their fortunes to protect and promote a small scattered nation, persecuted for much of its history by vastly superior forces, is an honorable tradition. Only, it was always a tradition considered to be much more effective when carried out discreetly. Why give the haters more ammunition to incite with?

In most countries where Jews live, discretion is still the norm. On the same day Adelson and Saban took to the stage in Washington, across the pond a British daily blazed the headline “Labour funding crisis: Jewish donors drop ‘toxic’ Ed Miliband” across its front page. The Independent on Sunday was referring to a shortfall in fund-raising for Britain’s main opposition party, due to concerns of Jewish donors that its embattled leader, Miliband (himself Jewish, of course), will, if elected prime minister next year, toughen his government’s policy toward Israel.

There are a number of troubling flaws to this story. Labour’s campaign machine relies, to a large degree, on funding from trade unions and is hardly beholden to private Jewish donors. Miliband is indeed in deep crisis, but that is due to his inability to project a credible image of being prime-minister-in-waiting and the constant sniping by his own senior party members, who fear he is leading them to five more years in the political wilderness.

The misgivings of the party’s Jewish donors over his foreign policy is really the least of his worries, and it is odd (or perhaps not) that The Independent on Sunday chose to make this relatively minor concern the main headline of its Remembrance Sunday issue. Especially as even the reporter admitted that it is not yet a problem – merely one that could emerge in the months leading to the election – and is dwarfed by the general reluctance of donors, not just Jewish ones, to contribute to Miliband’s campaign.

But by far the biggest flaw in the report, especially one that had been given such prominence, was that it did not include even one named source. None of Labour’s Jewish donors or fund-raisers had agreed to identify themselves by name, though some seem to have agreed to be quoted anonymously.

Difference between U.S. and British Jews

The interviewees’ reticence is not surprising. Whether or not they are satisfied with their party’s candidate, Jewish philanthropists do not voluntarily discuss in public their political donations.

This is probably all you need to know about the difference between American and British Jews. Both communities are phenomenally successful, and for the past few decades have enjoyed a disproportionate prominence in just about every walk of life – unparalleled since the Golden Age of the Jews in Middle-Ages Spain, perhaps even surpassing that. But while Jews in the United States routinely celebrate their extraordinary position of near-dominance in finance, the creative arts, media, and now also political influence, among British Jews there is still a prevailing anxiety, and even sense of shame, whenever the words “Jewish” and “money” are used in the same sentence. Whenever a politician or media commentator combines the two, there is an outcry of “anti-Semitism.”

There is ample historic justification for this defensiveness. “The Protocols” were not the first or last time the insidiousness of Jewish moneymen was a central plank of Judeophobia. And it’s still around. Even today, when you start typing “Jewish bankers” into the world’s most powerful search engine (founded by two Jews, of course), it automatically suggests “control the world.” But then, the Web is full of the most vile conspiracy theorists, and we can’t let them dominate our lives.

The influence and power of big money in capitalist democracies are a fact of life. You can try and legislate to close loopholes and create a more level playing field, but you can’t eliminate it. Unless, that is, you want to live in a country like Vladimir Putin’s Russia, where troublesome oligarchs are packed off to a penal colony in Siberia or forced to flee and live in permanent exile.

The best we can do is try and take the Internet – that wonderful tool our capitalist economies have created – away from the conspiracy theorists and use it to truthfully increase transparency, so we at least know who is using money to acquire influence.

And that is already happening. Every community, business sector, and lobby is using its financial clout to try and change policy, and safeguard its interests. Jews have no reason to be ashamed of having learned – out of bitter necessity – to play the game well, and they certainly have every right to lobby on behalf of the country where half of their people live. Accusing them of dual loyalties (and we all have multiple loyalties) is not only anti-Semitic, it is also a denial of their democratic rights to decide who and what they choose to support.

For all the vulgarity of the Saban-Adelson dialogue, we should commend them for holding it in the open. Especially since now we have heard Adelson publicly state that as far as he is concerned, “so what” if Israel is no longer a democracy, we know the ugly truth about the man who is our prime minister’s number one patron.

It doesn’t matter whether or not we supply the Israel-haters and Judeophobes with fodder. They will warp facts and invent lies, anyway. We will have to continue facing their poisonous propaganda, and we have never been in a better position to do so.

But we need to know whatever we can about how “pro-Israel” tycoons use their money and what they believe in, because they are now in a far more powerful position than any hostile newspaper or biased blogger to cause Israel untold harm.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Did We Vote for War?

By Patrick J. Buchanan
November 19, 2014

“How do you like the Journal’s war?”

So boasted the headline of William Randolph Hearst’s New York flagship that week in 1898 that the United States declared war on Spain.

While Hearst’s Journal, in a circulation battle with Joe Pulitzer’s World, was a warmongering sheet, it did not start the war.

Yet the headline comes to mind reading the Wall Street Journal, whose editorial pages seem to have concluded that on Nov. 4 America voted for new wars in the Middle East, and beyond.

On Nov. 13, the Journal’s op-ed page was given over to Mark Dubowitz and Reuel Marc Gerecht of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Assuming nuclear talks with Iran conclude unsuccessfully by the Nov. 24 deadline, they write, we have four options.

Two involve continued or tougher sanctions. The other two are a preemptive war featuring U.S. air and missile strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities, or a U.S. attack to bring down Bashar Assad’s regime.

“Taking Mr. Assad down would let Tehran know that America’s withdrawal from the Middle East and President Obama’s dreams of an entente with Iran are over.”

It would surely do that.

But taking down the Syrian regime could also lead to a slaughter of Christians and Alawites, an al Qaida-ISIS takeover in Damascus, war with Iran, and attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq and across the Middle East.
Which raises a question: What is this FDD?

Answer: A War Party think tank that in 2011, according to Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss website and Eli Clifton of Salon, took in $19 million from five rabidly pro-Israel givers.

Home Depot’s Bernard Marcus gave $10.7 million, hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer $3.6 million. Sheldon Adelson, the Vegas-Macau casino kingpin, chipped in $1.5 million.

Last week, Adelson and media mogul Haim Saban spoke of plans to dump hundreds of millions into the presidential campaigns of 2016.

What does the pair want from our next president? According to the Washington Post’s Phil Rucker and Tom Hamburger, action on Iran:
“Saban said that fundamentalist Iranians represent a real threat. If necessary to defend Israel, and as a last resort, he added, ‘I would bomb the living daylights out of the sons of bitches.’”

Echoed the 81-year-old Adelson, “I would not just talk. I would take action.”

Last year, at Yeshiva University, Adelson, who pumped $150 million into the 2012 campaign, said the U.S. should fire a nuclear missile into the Iranian desert as a warning to end their nuclear program, or the next atom bomb would be dropped on Teheran.

This billionaires boys club wants to buy U.S. foreign policy and a U.S. war on Iran. And the propagandists of FDD are paid to produce that war, in which they will not be doing the fighting and dying.

Back to the Journal. On Nov. 15, its lead editorial declared that the great “question before President Obama and Europe is how to stop the Napoleon of the Kremlin.”

Putin is Napoleon? Has the Journal lost it?

Vladimir Putin is 62. By age 40, Napoleon’s empire encompassed nearly all of Europe. France had swallowed Belgium, Holland, parts of Germany and the Italian coast to Rome. The Emperor had alliances with Austria, Russia, Denmark, Sweden and a truncated Prussia. Virtually all the resources, industries and populations of Continental Europe were at the service of the French Empire.

Putin has reacquired Crimea, which belonged to Russia before the United States was a nation, and is about the size of Vermont.

Napoleon made it to Moscow. Does the Journal think Putin will make it to Paris, as Czar Alexander I did, or to Berlin, as Stalin did?

The Journal hails the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 18-0 vote to arm the Ukrainians, and urges Congress to do the same.

And what would be the result of U.S. heavy weapons arriving in Kiev?

Would Putin recoil in shock and awe and scurry out of Crimea?

Probably not, as the Journal itself concedes, “In 15 years running Russia, Mr. Putin has never stood down.”

And if Putin, seeing U.S. weapons arriving in Kiev, sent in the Russian army to annex Luhansk and Donetsk, took Mariupol on the Black Sea coast, established a land bridge to Crimea, and then offered to negotiate, what would Kiev do?

Even with U.S. weapons Ukraine cannot defeat Russia.

What would we do? Accept defeat? Send U.S. advisers or troops into Ukraine? Launch strikes on Russian forces? Blockade Crimea? Are we really prepared for war with Russia, over Donetsk?

Since Nov. 4, the Journal and its neocon allies have been cawing for U.S. troops to fight ISIL in Iraq and Syria, for U.S. air strikes on Assad’s regime, for bombing Iran, and for arming Ukraine to fight the Russians in a war that Kiev would surely lose.

Was this what America voted for on Nov. 4?

Is this what the Grand Old Party has on offer — endless war?
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Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

Jewish extremists gearing up to co-opt the Tea Party movement

MARCH 13, 2010 AT 12:30 AM

‘Jewish supremacists fear Tea Party patriots because they could vote out the Democrat majority at midterms and end easy victories for ADL’s pro-homosexual legislation’
By Rev. Ted Pike — MP3

Last November, the Anti-Defamation League vilified millions of anti-Obama and Tea Party protestors as “conspirators”—part of an unruly, violence-prone movement paranoid about government. The Southern Poverty Law Center, like the Anti-Defamation League, is a 100% Jewish “civil liberties” group dedicated to crushing any sign of Christian, conservative renewal. A year ago, these groups tried to convince Missouri state police to profile patriotic Americans as potential domestic terrorists. Now, SPLC has released a new Intelligence Report and video claiming that potentially violent militia and extremist groups are “cross-pollinating” the Tea Party.

The Tea Party is “shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism,” says SPLC editor Mark Potok. He claims current anti-government rage is “a tinderbox…much like the white-hot period just before [the bombing by Timothy McVeigh in] Oklahoma City.” He says “many in law enforcement are very worried that all it is going to take is some kind of spark to set this thing off.” (If a spark does ignite violence or terrorism, it may well be provided by these very Jewish groups who claim to oppose violence. America’s radical secular Jewish community has a long record of defacing their own synagogues, burning crosses, and covertly distributing “hate” literature to fabricate proof that hate and anti-Semitism are rampant in heartland America.)

SPLC’s report, “Rage on the Right,” is not as extensive or derisive of the Tea Party movement as ADL’s earlier “Rage Grows in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies.” But it is a cannonball across the bow of the explosively growing Tea Party movement. It warns leaders not to let the whole truth about international Zionist control and conspiracy take root, or these super powerful Jewish muscle groups will use their influence to inflame Jewish media, the Congress and law enforcement against them. (See Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish)

ADL and SPLC want the Tea Party movement to obediently follow the Democrat and Republican parties down the garden path they blindly entered three-fourths of a century ago. They want the Tea Party to accept big Jewish money and advisement and promote Israel-first potential candidates, particularly Sarah Palin. As Israel’s attack dogs, ADL and SPLC specialize in keeping American conservatism in line. They are intent now on furthering a Tea Party platform that serves Israel and undermines America, favoring even more military intervention on behalf of Israel in the Mideast. Unfortunately, with 85 percent of Americans supporting Israel, their mission should be easily accomplished.

Unless lovers of the whole truth resist, leaders of the Tea Party from Glenn Beck down will cave to these powerful organizations and drive out original thought. Zionists can then co-opt the movement entirely.

At present, Jewish supremacists only fear Tea Party patriots because they could vote out the Democrat majority at midterms and end easy victories for ADL’s pro-homosexual legislation. But the Tea Party should aspire to make Jewish supremacists fear it for another reason: power to eventually forge a foreign policy that adamantly seeks American interests first. This policy would resist further enticement into war and loss of American lives to make the Mideast safe for Israel.

Saving the Tea Party

How can the Tea Party be rescued from inevitable Zionist takeover? Tea Party leaders and members must be educated. One of the best ways is for those who know the whole truth to join Tea Party chapters and begin to speak out. (Tea Party chapters in your area are listed at Inform your local Tea Party members that Americans must have all the facts in order to win the war for national survival. If a soldier enters combat not even knowing who his enemy is, he will become a battlefield statistic.

This is the case with the Tea Party.

The fastest way to begin crucial enlightenment is for Tea Party patriots to view my 60-minute documentary, The Other Israel (Watch it here!). This fast-moving, information-packed film has been viewed by countless lovers of freedom worldwide. It tells the whole truth about the conspiracy of Jewish supremacism. While it spares nothing, it is so Biblically oriented, moderate and documented that another Jewish-dominated attack group, the American Civil Liberties Union, can’t fault it. When The Other Israel was the epicenter of a heated cable-access TV controversy in Fairfax, Virginia, the ACLU was called in to arbitrate. Its verdict? “The Other Israel is not anti-Semitic.”

SPLC is right that a wave of anger is building on the right and prompting many to advocate violent revolution. If this rage is not sublimated by constructive political and legislative protest, then acts of violence like last week’s attack by an anti-government gunman at the Pentagon will undoubtedly increase. This will strengthen ADL/SPLC’s demand that rights to speak freely and bear arms be further restricted. Jewish dominated media will also whip up public revulsion at anti-government “extremism” to a degree unseen since it extinguished a similar Goldwater conservative awakening in the early 1960s.

It is vital now, in the formation of this potentially powerful movement, for patriots to energetically take King Solomon’s advice: “In all your getting, get wisdom.”
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Default George Soros’ son Alex Soros Forming Jewish Super PAC to Further Jew America

The Jewing that George Soros has been responsible for apparently has not been enough so his son Alex Soros is going to intensify the Jewing with a Jewish super PAC. The purpose of this organization is to focus in on promoting the third world invasion of America, pushing faggot marriage and redistributing money from Whites to Negroes and Latinos.

His new Jewish super PAC will focus in on Jewing America and this Jewing operation has already received donations from wealthy Jews.
I sincerely hope one day that this traitor Jew Alex Soros is put in a FEMA camp for his obvious attempt to further Jew America.
From Business Insider:
George Soros’ son, Alex, is leading a new super PAC geared at liberal Jewish Americans – and it’s going to focus on domestic issues rather than on Israel, reported Politico’s Tarini Parti.
The new “Bend the Arc” PAC is reportedly the first ever Jewish super PAC not to make Israel-related issues a top priority, choosing to focus instead on things like immigration, gay marriage, and income inequality.

“One of the reasons behind doing this is that [the other Jewish groups] aren’t really representing the views of the American Jewish community. And we know full well that the bluntest language in politics comes down to political dollars,” the PAC’s director, Hadar Susskind, told Politico.

Alex Soros, 29, has yet to ask his father for a contribution, but other donors include Marc Baum, Paul Egerman, and Terry Winograd, according to the report.
Soros Sr., who made his fortune as a hedge fund manager, has donated millions to Democratic PACs, individuals, and causes in the past.
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Default The first link in this thread is dead so here's the next-closest thing...

…Many of us involved in the grassroots effort to
restore population sanity to the Sierra Club were
suspicious that the

mysterious $100 million in donations might have
immigration strings attached

After all, the 1996 switch from

common sense
to political correctness was an abrupt
change from the

earlier position
that the Club should work to
"bring about the stabilization of the population first
of the United States and then of the world."

Our suspicions were correct. The LA Times
article revealed that shadowy funder Gelbaum donated
generously on condition that the Sierra Club not address
immigration as an environmental issue.

Said Gelbaum, "I did tell [Sierra Club
Executive Director]
Carl Pope in 1994 or 1995 that if
they ever came out anti-immigration, they would never
get a dollar from me."

The story continued:
“Gelbaum, who reads the
Spanish-language newspaper La Opinión and is
married to a Mexican American, said his views on
immigration were shaped long ago by his grandfather,
Abraham, a watchmaker who had come to America to escape
persecution of Jews in Ukraine before World War I.

” `I asked, `Abe, what do you think about all of these
Mexicans coming here?` `Gelbaum said. `Abe didn`t speak
English that well. He said, `I came here. How can I tell
them not to come?“

"I cannot support an organization that is
anti-immigration. It would dishonor the memory of my

Gelbaum`s reasoning is patently anti-environmental.
It assumes that this country can absorb millions of new
foreign residents annually who come with dreams of

American level consumption

Thoughtful conservationists balance past values
versus a future reality of a population explosion most
could not imagine a hundred years ago.

What if Grandaddy Abe had been a slave-owner, deeply
worried about who would pick the cotton come

And surely Gelbaum`s grandfather could not have
foreseen the invasion of millions of illegals, largely
from Mexico. And if

safety for Jews
is still an issue as it was for
Gelbaum`s Ukrainian forebears, then the

"strongly anti-Semitic"
views of 44 percent of
foreign-born Hispanics should be of great concern.

Gelbaum may be unwittingly supporting the increase of
anti-Semitism in America which his grandfather sought to
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Pegida-UK — Smoke, Mirrors and Zionism: The Zionist Takeover of PEGIDA-UK

March 8, 2016 — 35 Comments

Jack Sen

I was expelled from UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party, during my candidacy as a prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire for my audacity to question the loyalty to Britain of a local Jewish Labour MP.

My forthright decision to call Luciana Berger out for blatant treachery resulted in my being removed from the party just one week prior to the 2015 General Election.

In fact, my dastardly Tweet was so egregious an abuse that UKIP’s leader, Mr Farage himself, felt compelled to hold a live nationally televised press conference on ITV to tell Britain how sorry he was that such a racist individual had slipped through the cracks of his party’s most stringent vetting process.

Not only was I an embarrassment to the party and the fine people that had dedicated their time to the cause, I was to be removed effective immediately for daring to tell the truth to the people I was genuinely fighting to represent in Parliament.

I was then catapulted into the British National Party, for whom I would serve as the party’s main spokesman for several months, hosting a programme on the BNP’s (now nearly defunct) online television channel entitled ‘Sen on the Streets.’ In the bi-weekly programme I’d wander about Merseyside asking Brits whether or not they were happy with the country being overrun by Third World migrants, inhumanely butchered Halal and Kosher meat being successfully passed off as British meat in neighbourhood restaurants, our government spending more on foreign aid, illegal wars and the EU than on our own elderly population, and other issues I felt negatively impacted my former constituents.

After a few weeks of referring to invaders as ‘invaders’, paedophiles as ‘paedophiles’, and Zionist Supremacists as ‘Zionist Supremacists’ I was once again relieved of my duties, my BNP membership was terminated, and I was forced to move on.

However, just prior to my departure from the BNP I received a very curious Facebook message from an “Admin” from “PEGIDA-UK.”

The founder of the German organisation’s British Facebook page — that’s all PEGIDA-UK was at this point — “liked my style, presentation and oratory skills,” said he, and thought I’d make a fine PEGIDA-UK spokesman.

He’d read about my UKIP adventures in the Daily Mirror and Guardian, had seen my interview on Channel 4, read an article I’d written on Rotherham and the joys of Cultural Marxism — where I’d mentioned the Ashkenazi role in the ruin of our societies and wanted my help.

For those of you who have not heard of PEGIDA:

The organisation’s moniker is a German-language acronym for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West” (“Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes”) and thus is not restricted to Germany, though it started there. It organizes anti-Islamic demonstrations in cities across the nation, the largest of which has been in Dresden, PEGIDA’s home base since October 2014, where tens of thousands of people have taken part.

PEGIDA protesters call for more restrictive immigration policies, in addition to the preservation of (here it comes) “Judeo-Christian” culture. That should give their intentions away.

Until recently, the German organisation has been irrelevant in Britain.

In the article “Why are German Jews supporting a German right wing organisation?,” Jewish journalist Yermi Brenner, writes,

“According to Rabbi Walter Rothschild, Pegida is raising important questions that mainstream politics has avoided. Rothschild, who is chief rabbi of Schleswig-Holstein, a federal state in northern Germany, said that there was a need in German society to discuss to what extent a minority should be allowed to maintain cultural norms that override core principles of Western civilization. Within the Muslim minority — which amounts to 5% of Germany’s population of 82 million [incidentally, “five percent” would seem a ludicrous underestimate to any German who lives in the cities or suburbs that dot the country] — there are some communities, Rothschild said, that disregard Western values like women’s rights or freedom of speech and preach anti-Semitism.”

“If you are going to have a mosque, then don’t teach hatred in it,” he said. “Yes, you can have a school, but don’t teach people to be terrorists. Yes, you can have your own political opinion about the Middle East, but don’t walk up and down [in street demonstrations] saying, ‘Kill the Jews!’ — which is what they did in Berlin.”
Rothschild was referring to pro-Palestinian protests that took place in the German capital during Israel’s military offensive against Hamas in Gaza last summer.

“This is a cultural issue,” Rothschild concluded. “Jews in Europe are mostly on the side of modern Western values. There are some Muslims who are against modern Western values. Why should I support the right of Muslims to be against what I believe in?”

It was at this point I was informed that PEGIDA-UK had been without a leader since their former spokesman had been removed for “irrational behaviour” and they wanted me to captain the ship moving forward. It would also feature a fellow named Timothy Scott I had never heard of, a seemingly genuine former soldier they quite obviously exploited

I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but the opportunity to reach the young men whom most nationalists recognise we will need if we’re going to change the nation’s political culture was staring me in the face. So I pounced — as anyone dedicated to disseminating truth would.

Over the next week or so I got to know the crew. “Larson,” the bloke who had reached out to me, turned out to be a Swedish gas-station attendant living somewhere near Malmö.

His second-in-“command” was one “Harshad,” an Indian graduate student who by day attended courses in computer science at one of India’s many polytechnics, and by night moonlighted as a de facto Asia-based European Nationalist.

There were a few other people based in the US and Canada, but quite remarkably, next to no one in PEGIDA-UK actually lived in Britain.

Odd, I thought.

In spite of the fact that the whole thing was a tad comical, I was flattered by Larson’s overtures, saw an opportunity and, most importantly, genuinely believed I could help.

I also saw a chance to bring Kosher Nationalists and other misguided civic Nationalists back to the slightly relaxed form of the state and ethnic nationalism to which I subscribe. I would also have a new platform from which to share my work.

PEGIDA-UK’s Facebook page did in fact have some 22,000 “likes” as well as a “reach” of well over one million people per week. At this juncture I ask that readers make a mental note of these lofty figures, and the value they obviously hold to people and organisations in the business of moulding public opinion.

Still, in spite of recognising that I now had a major new audience to propagandise and hopefully radicalise, I had to make sure that Larson, whose native language was not English, understood that I was a British Nationalist first, pro-Western second, and most of all, far from the sort of well-meaning but highly malleable patriot whom the PEGIDA brand generally attracted.

He was not bothered. In spite of the Facebook page’s success, Larson had been having an arduous time generating any interest in PEGIDA in the UK, and had fallen out with the group’s previous spokesman, as well as with Tommy Robinson (former EDL — English Defence League — and current PEGIDA-UK leader) with whom he had been loosely involved during his Quilliam days.

(Quilliam is a London think-tank named after a wealthy nineteenth-century Englishman, William Quilliam, who converted to Islam back in 1889, set up a mosque in Liverpool, and changed his first name to Abdullah. Today, “Quilliam” portrays Islam to both Muslims and gullible Westerners as a democratic, tolerant, harmless, peaceful and apolitical faith, which some find quite at odds with the Koran itself.)

This Larson just wanted to have someone he thought could generate some media interest. If there’s one thing I have been successful at since my suspensions, it’s been my ability to court controversy — and more importantly, provoke the mainstream media into discussing Jewish issues.

Larson admitted that a few of his fellow Admins would be worried by the perception that my Weltanschauung might be a tad extreme, due both to my ties with the BNP and my overtly anti-Zionist message, but as he was “in charge of the page” and desperate to generate any interest in PEGIDA-UK’s work, he was willing to take the risk. After all, “none of them were able to accomplish much of anything” to that point.

(I’d like to state for the record that I am not anti-Semitic. I have no issue with Jews loyal to Britain and the countries in which they reside. I’d like to believe that people like this exist. A very close friend of mine in London, who arrived in Britain via the visa process, is both Polish, and Jewish. He is anti-immigration, highly critical of Talmudic teaching, loves England and generally thinks as most of us do. I’d like to think that he is not an anomaly.)

When I asked Larson if PEGIDA had an official headquarters in Germany, he informed me that although “here wasn’t an office or anything like that,” he had “a contact who sometimes wrote to them from somewhere near Cologne.”

Over the next few weeks I communicated on a daily basis with Larson and his assistant, Harshad.

Harshad, a genuinely well-intentioned fellow, was so pleased with the fact that someone of a quarter-Indian origin was running PEGIDA-UK that he proceeded to produce videos, logos and graphics for my other projects free of charge. Here is the logo for British Resistance:

Harshad would ring me on SKYPE in the wee hours of the night to regale me with tales of Islamic incursion into his native Rajasthan, literally begging me to come to India to inspire Hindus as I had supposedly rallied the Brits.

The Indian tech wizard, over the next month, would produce several videos for me promoting my work with the BNP and my Youtube channel. I’d communicate with Harshad and Larson several times a day about the work, and about the dangers posed by both Islamism and Zionism, as things progressed.

A few short articles emailed by me to Rajasthan on the Rothschild’s involvement in the British Empire and subsequent subjugation of the Indian people, and to Larson’s petrol station in Malmö, discussing the infamous Barbara Spectre’s role in Sweden’s ruin, successfully did the job.

As long as I wasn’t fixated on the Jews — which I am most definitely not — the pair were fine with my mentioning them when appropriate. It was a fair deal and worked well for several more weeks.

I gave them ideas, introduced them to actual Nationalists, and assured them that I’d appear at an event if they were successfully able to arrange one.

We also discussed things of a personal nature, such as how we ended up in “the movement.”

When asked how PEGIDA-UK originated, Larson informed me that he’d “set it up online on Facebook, posted some articles and waited as the likes took off.” He said that, although he had no real connection to the original group, as there was nothing in Britain, German PEGIDA welcomed his efforts with open arms. He informed me that within weeks of setting up the page he was contacted by the German PEGIDA, asked to build a website to try to generate interest in Britain, and the rest was history.

PEGIDA under German law is just a voluntary club. It is not a registered company, trademark, or corporation run by one or more individuals. It lacks an office and a manifesto. It is not registered as a political party.

PEGIDA was organized for the purpose of preventing Muslim cultural domination of Germany (e.g., establishment of Sharia law), but it apparently has no problem with keeping them there as long as society is trapped in a state of perpetual strife. Their official position is to advocate assimilation, a sort of house-broken, domesticated form of Islam. In fact, recently, there have even been talks of literally creating a Europeanised version of the religion. Of course, given that Muslim assimilation has not, and will never, occur, their presence can be expected to increase societal discord while at the same time further engendering our support for the Jewish state of Israel, the Yinon plan, and the illegal wars we find ourselves deeply embroiled in. PEGIDA has in fact come out in support of Israel. All the while, Jews and other groups that pose a risk to our individual national sovereignty remain off-limits.

In spite of the documentaries produced by the mainstream media covering PEGIDA’s rise to prominence, make no mistake: PEGIDA is little more than a false flag, an “op” (-eration) designed to harm the nations it claims to be aiding.

One part smoke, a second part mirrors, then toss in a bit of genuine Nationalism and a large dollop of Zionism, and out pops PEGIDA, Liberty GB, the EDL, and the dozens of other plastic patriotic organisations parading about our streets with strips of bacon taped to their steel-toed boots.

Although these groups are less likely to behead you for wearing lipstick than ISIS, they are just as dangerous. Remember that the immigration lawyers, human-rights organisations, media moguls controlling our airwaves, and ringleaders of almost every last group pushing for mass immigration, promoting cultural Marxism and political correctness in Europe and the US are not Islamic.

This is something I successfully drummed into both Larson’s and Harshad’s crania, thus hoping to ensure they would not cut me off once accusations of my being an extremist inevitably cropped up.

So I commenced helping PEGIDA-UK. I helped them create banners, helped organise one or two street protests in London, and shared their work in my networks. We reached a lot of people, and generated several thousand more likes in a few short weeks.

All was well until….the call.

About two months into my tenure with PEGIDA Larson contacted me via SKYPE.

He told me excitedly, “Jack, an American has written to us. He is really interested in building PEGIDA-UK. He says we can be huge.”

Recall, PEGIDA still only existed online at this point.

Larson proceeded to tell me that the American chap suggested we communicate with a relatively unknown former BNP activist and his partner. The problem was that neither man was a British Nationalist in the traditional sense of the word.

Jack Buckby was a Jewish nationalist living in Britain, and he and his non-Jewish British accomplice, Paul Weston, were to take a leading role in PEGIDA-UK’s counter-jihad in Britain. Both Buckby and Weston spoke at the recent CPAC-2016 conference in Washington, DC on a panel organized by neocon Frank Gaffney.

Larson believed that Weston and Buckby would be able to take PEGIDA mainstream. They might even “be able to bring Pamela Geller to an event.”
I was stunned: not only because I knew who both of these quislings were, but also that Larson had in fact received a call from the exact same sort of infiltrators that had built up the EDL, hijacked UKIP, and now had their paws all over the BNP.

Paul Weston’s Canadian Zionist Promo flyer.

It was at this point that I sensed Larson’s resolve and commitment to exposing both Zionism and the jihadists was wavering.

“Barbara Spectre — recall Barbara Spectre? Alan Shatter?” I asked him. “This is not the direction you want to take. Remember, the Muslims aren’t coming here on their own,” I told him.

But I could tell by the tone of his voice he was spellbound.

To be perfectly honest, if I had had full administrative capabilities on the Facebook page, I would have deleted every last one of them at that precise moment for the good of the country, but they had cleverly left me only on “editor” status, so I had no decision-making power on the PEGIDA-UK Facebook page, which remained entirely at their disposal.

Although Larson initially seemed perturbed by the idea that traitors might be trying to hijack this Facebook page for their own gain, he quickly changed his tune once said traitors asked him for his Paypal account. He did not see the light; he saw the green (as in US dollars).

I tried one last time to explain to him that his little page, which, again, had no actual ties to PEGIDA in Germany, was being infiltrated and that these vile men of influence were in fact buying the now 25K “likes” that he, and I, to a certain extent, had amassed on Facebook.

As they controlled the EDL, Liberty GB and other Zionist operations, they would soon own PEGIDA-UK’s brand as well, and manipulate it to further their malevolent aims.

It was at this point that Larson’s manner towards me changed. You know that feeling you get when a woman you still want no longer wants you? That’s how it felt. Things went cold, and fast.

Larson informed me that he was being inundated with requests from other PEGIDA members — members of a Facebook page that had not existed days earlier, but who had found their Zionist wings and overnight become aghast at my “hatred.” They demanded I be removed as spokesman.

I was blocked from accessing the page that same day.

Although I could no longer log onto the PEGIDA-UK Facebook page I immediately noticed how they had started adjusting the page, adding new symbols, and doubling down on their love-Israel/hate-Muslims hysteria.

They were suddenly conspicuously promoting Jewish virtues, expressing unwavering support for the State of Israel, and denigrating everything about Muslims.

Both Harshad and Larson had transformed from Hindu and European Nationalists to Zionists, and seemingly overnight.

Still, I thought nothing of it. The enemy had bought a page I was using to radicalise the troops. Small investment, small return — not much of a loss on my end.

What could they possibly do with it, anyway? It was only a measly Facebook page after all.

How wrong I was….

Over the next few weeks I watched as PEGIDA-UK was paraded all over British television.

I witnessed first-hand how an organisation that did not really exist, based around a Facebook page run by admins in Malmö, Sweden and Rajasthan, India, became the newest far-right group to take to the streets of the once Great Britain.

They procured a documentary on Britain’s second most-watched television station, Channel Four, featuring some fellow I had never heard of a seemingly genuine former soldier they quite obviously exploited — as well as prime-time coverage on the powerful BBC, on ITV and all across the British media.

Anti-Fascists and the “anti-racist” group “Hope Not Hate” even started talking about them as if they were a “threat to multicultural Britain.”

Immediately, there were articles in the big papers, the Mirror, Guardian and Daily Mail as well as talks of rallies with crowds numbering in the tens of thousands. The rallies would bring together the indigenous Britons, the Blacks and the Jews, who would unite with the homosexuals, the women, Nigel Farage’s UKIP, the “new” anti-Zionist BNP led by union leader and reformed nationalist, Pat Harrington, the EDL, and Liberty GB to overthrow the Islamic caliphate that had overrun Britain. The Jews had saved Britain.

Interestingly, during my time in PEGIDA-UK we could hardly find ten people to speak in a room, never mind tens of thousands of Jewish-friendly hooligans to march around Britain calling for counter-jihad. Apparently, Coke — the white, powdery stuff — and a few sacks of free hot chips and curry sauce will fill a coach fast!

Jack Sen is the founder of the British Renaissance Policy Institute and Deputy Leader of the British Resistance Party. Link
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Report on The Israel Lobby and the European Union:
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Alex Linder

jew control of american political system


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