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Karl Radl
The Epitome of Evil
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Karl Radl
Default Jewish Sexual Predators and Paedophiles

An Overbearing Lawyer and a Kiddy Fiddler Accountant: Wallace Bock and Irving Kamsler

I note from ‘The Atlantic Wire’s’ article on the death of New York heiress and famous society recluse Huguette Clark in regard to her jewish lawyer; Wallace Bock, that:

‘Clark's charitable donations have already lead to some scrutiny of Bock. Dedman reported on MSNBC that, shortly after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, "he had solicited a donation from Clark of more than $1.5 million, which she gave to a West Bank community where his daughter is a settler." Such a solicitation is prohibited under New York ethics rules, so a court could conceivably intervene, but it would be hard to prove a charitable donation was made under coercion. Clark doesn't seem to be much of a philanthropist.’ (1)

So basically Bock aggressively solicited his own elderly client for $1.5 million that he promptly gave directly to Israel and indirectly his own daughter. Nice: so basically Bock feels that it is ethical for a lawyer for all but force his elderly client to give money to his family and his pet causes?

Bock needs to be struck off and imprisoned until he pays the estate of Mrs Clark back with the $1.5 million he owes it (with a usurious rate of interest of course).

Oh and before anyone tries to tell me he isn’t jewish: he is one of two things if he has a daughter who is an Israeli settler in the West Bank (i.e. fanatical right wing zealots in the main). He either married a jewess (quite possible) or he is himself a jew: the latter seems to me the more likely of the two, but either way he is not the most reputable of individuals in any sense.

The article also mentions the late Mrs Clark’s jewish accountant; Irving Kamsler, who has been convicted of being a paedophile. I quote the article as follows:

‘All of Clark's affairs are handled by her lawyer, Wallace Bock and her accountant, Irving Kamsler, who themselves are the object of some suspicion. A series of report on MSNBC last year led to an investigation, still underway, into whether the pair have been inappropriately taking advantage of their positions of power over Clark's fortunes. Kamsler has been convicted of distributing indecent material to 13 and 15-year-old girls in an AOL chatroom.’ (2)

This is even more disgusting and the fact is that that Kamsler is indisputably jewish as he was the President of the Board of Congregation Shaarei Shalom in 2007-2008 before he was caught trying to groom underage gentile girls for sex. (3)

I quote:

‘Mr. Kamsler, a Riverdalian who is a certified public accountant, tasted a little bit of heaven and a whole lot of hell over the course of last summer. On June 21, 2007, Congregation Shaarei Shalom announced he was named president of the board of the reform temple, which broke off from Riverdale Temple. But less than a month later, “IRV1040,” the Internet handle the DA says Mr. Kamsler used, sent pornographic pictures to an undercover Nassau County agent posing as a 15-year-old girl in a chat room, according to court documents.

Mr. Kamsler even allegedly went as far as to describe sexual acts, according to his felony complaint.

According to the original felony complaint and the indictment, “IRV1040” engaged in graphic discussions with girls he thought were as young as 13.


The new charges include allegations of attempting to endanger the welfare of a child on three times in eight days in September 2005 and three times in a five-day span in November 2005.’

And jews wonder why they get stereotyped negatively?

Here’s an answer for you boys: you might just be somewhat like those stereotypes!


(1) [Last Accessed: 25/05/2011]
(2) Ibid.
(3),28095 [Last Accessed: 25/05/2011]
(4) Ibid.


This was originally posted at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...y-fiddler.html
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Karl Radl
The Epitome of Evil
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Karl Radl
Default Rabbis, Informers and Paedophiles

Rabbis, Informers and Paedophiles

I am informed by the Jewish Daily Forward of 25th May 2011 that the ultra-Orthodox rabbinical authorities have established two recent rulings on the issue of jews going to secular authorities about cases of paedophilia within the ultra-Orthodox community. (1) Now the issue of paedophilia inside the ultra-Orthodox has always been something of an open secret that while the mainstream media is content to attack Catholic priests for similar vile activities it simply ignores the problem when jews are involved.

The first ruling by Rav Shalom Elyashiv states that frum jews with a ‘reasonable suspicion’ of paedophilic abuse inside the community can go to the secular authorities and that does not count as being an ‘informer’ in halakhah (jewish religious law). The second clarifying ruling by Rav Shlomo Gottesman clarifies Elyashiv’s ruling to define what ‘reasonable suspicion’ in fact is as Elyashiv hadn’t; predictably enough, qualified his meaning enough to enable it to be put into practice.

The qualified ruling is essentially no change at all from the current halakhic status quo in ultra-orthodoxy with the jew who suspects that paedophilic abuse is going forced to ‘consult’ a rabbi ‘with experience in these matters’. Rav Gottesman doesn’t define what he means by ‘experience in these matters’, but I must admit I am unsure as to whether he means a rabbi who happens to be a ‘reformed paedophile’ or one who specialises in the halakhah surrounding deviant sexuality.

He probably means the latter, but I think it speaks volumes that he could within reason mean the former as each jew supposedly possesses a ‘special soul’ that is born within a ‘special body’. So taking a matter to those who aren’t born with a ‘special soul’ born in a ‘special body’ is rather galling for a jew to say the least. Hence jews don’t tend to go to secular authorities and even often try (sometimes successfully) to manipulate them to their advantage. (2)

This is one of the problem that philo-Semites have long struggled with in that Judaism explicitly believes in the superiority of the jew over the gentile and that said superiority is innate. It isn’t even remotely arguable that is not the case, because the halakhah on the subject and the rabbinic literature make this very clear. However it doesn’t stop them trying to say that Judaism is a ‘universalist religion’! (3)

One symptom of this idea of superiority of the jew over the non-jew can be found in the idea of the ‘informer’ in Judaism, which simply means a jew who goes to secular authorities without permission to report anything to them. Usually the example given by jews to justify this particular part of the halakhah and its rabbinic commentary is that of the jew who goes to the secular authorities lying about the jews and causing said authorities to swoop down on the jewish community. The implied assumption there; of course, is that what all the jews who have gone to the secular communities without permission have done so to report imagined crimes and libels against their fellow jews.

This disgust is still evident in modern secular jews when they discuss the motives of ‘fellow jews’ who have turned against their people. (4) This is almost certainly in part due to the fact that Judaism conceives of the past, present and future being essentially the same. (5)

However as the famous Rabbi Solomon Luria himself implicitly tells us the ‘informer’ did often have good reason to go to the secular authorities as; for example, the jewish authorities regularly disregarded the ‘law of the land’ (6) which they claimed the halakhah tells them they should; note not must, obey and imposed death penalties by sanctioned mob lynching. (7) It is also quite probable that the rabbinical authorities in this case didn’t want the secular authorities investigating their financial dealings either as that would almost certainly lead to reprisals for things like tax evasion and lead to the confiscation of the wealth they had accumulated as part of their holy industry.

So then is it any wonder that rabbinical authorities like Meir of Lublin demanded that ‘informers’ be hunted down and killed by their fellow jews? (8)

What does this mean for ultra-orthodox paedophiles?

It means that Rav Elyashiv’s ruling with Rav Gottesman’s ‘clarification’ is essentially a free licence to rape children precisely because the ruling refuses to get secular authorities involved because they aren’t jewish. What is particularly galling about it is the fact that ultra-orthodoxy is notorious for helping sexual criminals within its own ranks escape justice and I remember read some years ago an account by a child of notable ultra-orthodox halakhic authority to the effect that when she was a few years old her father began raping her on a regular basis and the rest of the ultra-orthodox knew all about, but said nothing because her father was a great halakhic authority and was at the apex of a supposedly glittering career.

In essence then ultra-orthodoxy is telling the world in general that its jews are permitted to be paedophiles just so long as they don’t annoy specific rabbis; who ‘have experience in such matters’, and then only if the threat to the community of discovery outweighs the problem of having non-jews investigate the inner workings of community will an ultra-orthodox rabbi; who ‘has experience in such matters’, go to the gentile police.

So we may reasonably say that ultra-Orthodoxy knowingly gives aid and succour to jewish paedophiles and with these two rulings will continue to do so. After all a jew is allowed to tell ‘white lies’! (9)

Don’t let your children be around ultra-Orthodox jews!


(1) [Accessed: 27/05/2011]
(2) An excellent detailed case study of this maybe be found in Jonathon Frankel, 1997, ‘The Damascus Affair: “Ritual Murder,” Politics and the Jews in 1840’, 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press: New York
(3) Morris Kertzer, Lawrence Hoffman, 1996, ‘What is a Jew?’, 5th Edition, Simon & Schuster: New York, p. 114
(4) Gavin Langmuir, 1984, ‘Thomas of Monmouth: Detector of Ritual Murder’, Speculum, Vol. 59, pp. 830-832
(5) Moshe Davis, 1978, ‘I am a Jew’, 1st Edition, Mowbray: Oxford, pp. 132-134
(6) Solomon Luria, 1859, ‘Sheelot u-Teshubot Maharshal’, 11
(7) Paul Kriwaczek, 2006, ‘Yiddish Civilisation: The Rise and Fall of a Forgotten Nation’, 2nd Edition, Phoenix: London, p. 140
(8) Myer Lew, 1944, ‘The Jews of Poland: Their Political, Economic, Social and Communal Life in the Sixteenth Century as reflected in the Works of Rabbi Moses Isserls’, 1st Edition, Edward Goldston: London, pp. 128-129
(9) Davis, Op. Cit., p. 71


This was originally published at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...edophiles.html
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Karl Radl
The Epitome of Evil
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: The Unseen University of New York
Posts: 3,130
Karl Radl
Default A Jew gets stereotypical about Jewesses: Anthony Weiner’s Faux Pas

A Jew gets stereotypical about Jewesses: Anthony Weiner’s Faux Pas

I learn from RadarOnline that Anthony Weiner; a jew, has been caught lying about his ‘sexting’ a ‘middle-aged’ jewess about fellatio. (1) I usually would chalk this down to another jew thinking he is Hashem’s gift to the rest of humanity: it does after all come with the territory when your ancestral religion and culture tell you that you are the chosen of an omniscient and omnipotent tribal god with a serious anger management problem.

Weiner texted a picture of his genitals in ‘grey underwear’; well it could have been worse although not much worse, to said jewess on Twitter and was so thick as to post it to the whole world. Whoops eh Anthony: your ‘hot date’ turned into political suicide didn’t it?

Weiner is also recorded to have said: ‘wow a jewish girl who sucks cock! this thing is ready to do damage.’ (2)

Now Weiner; having lied to the world and told them that a ‘hacker’ had sent the picture, is trying to say that it ‘doesn’t matter’ that he managed to tell the world about his sexual preferences and the fact that jewesses have issues with jewish male members. I half expected to see a reference from Weiner that jewesses don’t like to swallow jewish sperm either.

Forgive me for being somewhat crude, but I find this genuinely hilarious especially as Weiner has the chutzpah to try to claim this in no way matters to the public. It is good to know that jews think that they have sex with anything that moves and that there should be no consequences for them what-so-ever.

However there are three things that are worth drawing attention to in regard to Weiner’s statement:

1) Jewish thinking revolves primarily around themselves not the jewish community as a group.

2) Jews think that female gentiles are proverbial whores.

3) Jewesses are regarded as a special kind of woman by jews: worthy of more respect than gentile women.

In the first point we can see that what Weiner has done is essentially for his own pleasure and his own ego. He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks; as confirmed by his later chutzpah, as long as he feels that he is the messiah in person and that every woman on the planet wants to have sex with him. (3)

In effect Weiner is boasting to the ‘middle-aged’ jewess that he has had numerous female partners; jewish and gentile, and that she is a rare kind of jewess precisely because she is willing to perform fellatio with him.

The necessary implication of this statement; and the second point, is that jewesses are less ‘dirty’ and ‘sexually experimental’ than gentile women in the bedroom. The contempt is found in this implication in the context of the fact that Weiner is pleased to find a jewess who wants to perform fellatio and necessarily regards a jewess who performs fellatio as being superior to a gentile woman who performs fellatio.

This is our third point and it is fairly obvious from what Weiner has said; in this publicly aired bit of pillow talk, that he holds the gentile women he has bedded to be manifestly inferior; one could almost say like mere soulless animals, to the jewesses he has bedded.

Not exactly the most flattering implication for Weiner is it?

Why is Weiner digging his heals in?

Well the answer is simple: he thinks he is Hashem’s gift to women and likewise we may extrapolate he believes himself to be Hashem’s holy priest for the American voters so that they can know Yahweh’s will manifest through him.

The jews are nature’s ultimate experiment in individualism and egocentrism.


(1) [Last Accessed: 07/06/2011]
(2) Ibid. I’ve restored the probable original sexual term from RadarOnline’s ‘bleep’ insert.
(3) I am reminded of the inverse claim made by a jewess who spends most of her ‘memoirs’ talking how good the sex was with jews and how gentiles are to blame for her failures in life. Specifically see Reva Mann, 2008, ‘The Rabbi’s Daughter: A True Story of Sex, Drugs and Orthodoxy’, 2nd Edition, Hodder: London.


This was originally published at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...-jewesses.html
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Karl Radl
The Epitome of Evil
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: The Unseen University of New York
Posts: 3,130
Karl Radl
Default Jewish Sexual Predators: John Henry Mackay and Benedict Friedlaender

Jewish Sexual Predators: John Henry Mackay and Benedict Friedlaender

John Henry Mackay; a second or third rate anarchist ‘intellectual’ depending how you want to look at him, is a rather unknown figure even inside the vile world of homosexuals and not the best known figure among anarchists either. However Mackay’s friends and correspondents like Friedrich Ebert, Emma Goldman, Benjamin Tucker and Magnus Hirschfeld are well-known to many.

In spite of the title of this article: Mackay was not actually jewish and was born to a Scottish father and a German mother. Neither of who had any jewish ancestry as far as I can discover. The interest for us comes from Mackay’s contacts and supporters: many of whom were jews and; as I have said, fairly well known both in their own day and to students of history today.

Mackay; as the title indicates, was a sexual predator and to be precise a pederast. His choice of victim was male and usually between thirteen and fifteen. (1) Mackay used to hang around the streets, popular sources of amusement and public swimming pools (particularly in and around Berlin) to find his victims whom he would then approach and try to persuade the victim that they were desperate to be raped by him. (2)

Mackay would also spend considerable amounts of money to gain the trust of the mothers of his victims by giving them clothes, paying for some of their son’s schooling etc. (3) It is thus positively revolting that the then President of Germany; Friedrich Ebert, offered Mackay ‘100,000 marks’ as a gift from the German state for his literary activities. (4) This in spite of the Prussian Police’s strong (and correct) suspicion that Mackay had been publishing paedophilic and pederast propaganda through his jewish publisher: Bernhard Zack.

Mackay is somewhat unusual for a paedophile and pederast in that he didn’t keep his activities on this score particularly secret and they were well known to his anarchist and/or homosexual friends. (5) However Mackay did make a belated attempt to conceal his almost daily excursions to sodomize young boys from the rest of the world (6) to avoid ‘hurting’ the anarchist movement by giving its opponents even more ammunition to use against it. (7) Although this was somewhat difficult as the first homosexual periodical; ‘Die Eigene’, was openly both anarchist (of the variety advocated by Max Stirner) (8) and homosexual with the occasional plumbing of the depths of ‘intellectual’ cretinism via suggesting that raping children was nothing to do with the state. (9)

‘Die Eigene’ was variously associated with the school of thought espoused by Magnus Hirschfeld; who was jewish, who claimed that there was a ‘third sex’ and that homosexuality was superior to heterosexuality. Magnus Hirschfeld; with whom Mackay was acquainted in turn, reviewed some of Mackay’s ‘Books of Nameless Love’; how he styled his pederasty and child exploitation, in publications associated with him and his disciples followed suit. Their pronouncements on Mackay’s work; under the pen name ‘Sagitta’, were various but none condemned Mackay or paedophilia in any significant way, shape or form.

Indeed one of Mackay’s close friends and one of Magnus Hirschfeld’s major confreres; Benedict Friedlaender, who also happens to have been jewish, was positively voluminous in his praise for Mackay and was part of Mackay intimate paedophile circle who met frequently to discuss their exploits, share tips and possibly even share their child ‘boyfriends’ with each other. (10) I don’t know of any work that suggests that Friedlaender was actually a paedophile himself, but his exhortations for ‘Greek love’ (11) and his close association with three paedophiles; Mackay, Dobe and Harwig, suggests precisely that.

Unless we can show that Friedlaender explicitly rejected pederasty (12) then we must conclude that the likelihood is that he; like so many jews expounding doctrines about ‘free love’ and ‘Greek love’, was also a pederast and raped male children much as Mackay, Dobe and Harwig did. (13) It also noteworthy that Friedlaender shared both Mackay’s jewish publisher; Bernhard Zack, who was charged and found guilty on numerous separate occasions for publishing homosexual and paedophilic material and Mackay’s anarchist principles. (14)

I find it difficult to imagine that famous anarchists; with whom Mackay and Friedlaender were acquainted, such as Emma Goldman (15) would not have known what these two individuals were up to as I have already pointed out that their homosexuality and pederasty were fairly well known among the anarchist and/or homosexual community (the two being somewhat interchangeable both now and then). (16)

Indeed both Mackay and Friedlander criticised Magnus Hirschfeld’s development of the ‘third sex’ theory (17) and attacked his strategy of ‘trying to be respectable’ (or ‘bourgeois’ as they put it) by attempting to legitimise and then legalise homosexuality while distancing it from paedophilia and pederasty that have justly long been linked with it. (18)

In response to Hirschfeld’s ‘bourgeois campaign’ Mackay with Friedlaender’s financial backing (19) began his attempts to form his own campaign for the ‘understanding’ of paedophilia and pederasty. (20) Mackay’s attempt; which presumed that were numerous paedophiles and pederasts out there just ‘waiting for a voice’, was wholly unsuccessful and resulted in his; ironically for an anarchist of the Max Stirner school, ego being crushed by his absolute failure. (21)

Friedlaender further lent his financial muscle to publishing a large edition of a cheap pamphlet by Mackay titled: ‘Gehör! Nur einen Augenblick!’ (literally: ‘Listen! Only a Moment!’) This pamphlet was a smorgasbord of ‘arguments’ derived from Stirnerian anarchism in support of the ‘freedom’ of male pederasts to sexually abuse male children based on the assertion that they were capable of understanding what they wanted. (22) This is; of course, a typically cheap argument used by paedophiles and pederasts as a group to claim that they are ‘doing nothing wrong’ and there is ‘no harm’ involved as the child ‘consents’ (and more over ‘enjoys’ being abused).

Kennedy attempts to claim; on a similar basis, that to suppose that Mackay’s paedophilia and pederasty lead him to become an anarchist in order to justify his mental illness and explain why society as a whole opposes both the idea of it and the act itself. Indeed he goes so far as to claim that to argue as such is ‘simplistic’, which I would point is a common point of departure for those engaged in sophistry in support of preconceived notions and ideas. Kennedy would have it that it the other way around: Mackay was a paedophile and a pederast because he was an anarchist who loved ‘freedom’. (23)

This reasoning is absurd because it presumes that if anybody was to ‘love freedom’ they would love anything and everything down to the nth degree: in fact the more they ‘loved’ the more they would ‘break free’, which shows that Kennedy is engaged in using circular logic to try and justify the indefensible. As in order to be ‘free’ one has to ‘love’, but in order to actually ‘love’ one also has to be ‘free’.

Kennedy however contradicts his own stated reasoning later when he asserts that Mackay claimed that ‘society’ was to ‘blame’ for the behaviour of male prostitutes (which he frequently used), which is clearly a case of Mackay blaming society for rejecting his mental illness as abnormal/criminal behaviour when Mackay regards it as normal/legal behaviour. (24) Thus Mackay concluded (quite correctly per his logic) that the problem was society itself, because it would not let him rape and sexually molest children: society had to go and a new society built that did. Mackay obviously saw the culmination of his own situation in this reasoning and chose to become an anarchist in order that his abnormal/criminal sexual orientation should become normal/legal.

Fortunately Mackay’s pamphlet; in spite of its jewish financing, was yet another outright failure as he mailed over a thousand copies to fairly randomly selected individuals he thought might ‘share’ his tastes and several hundred more to different newspapers, magazines and journals. Frustrated by a lack of reviews and positive feedback Mackey proceeded to mail more than a thousand copies (again funded by Friedlaender) to the same number of Protestant youth groups in northern Germany. This predictably provoked a response, but not the one that Mackay was expecting as the pastors weren’t; by enlarge, prepared to allow their young charges to become the victims of a particularly vile sexual predator like Mackay. This also led to not a few court convictions and more fines for Mackay’s jewish publisher: Bernard Zack. (25)

Mackay himself died in early 1933; just days after the accession to power of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP, of a heart attack in his doctor’s surgery. Had he lived I think we can say with some reasonable measure of assurance that he would have been tried, convicted and graced the hangman’s noose in fairly short order.

That said the example of Mackay I have given here clearly illustrates the general link between the jews and the promotion of abnormal sexuality as many of the key players in both the anarchist thought and life of Mackey were jews. Indeed even those he opposed; but who were ‘fellow travellers’ in terms of abnormal sexuality, were also frequently of jewish origin such as the famous Magnus Hirschfeld.

The question that I intend to answer a later date is what is the extent of this and just how reasonably can we make the assertion of jewish deviant sexuality being either the rule or much more significant per 100 jews than 100 Europeans. Also just how big a role did jews play in the so-called ‘sexual revolution’ which included the decriminalization of homosexuality and the advent of mass pornography. This will come in due time, but I thought to give the readers of SC a taste of what is to come on this score.


(1) Hubert Kennedy, 2002, ‘Anarchist of Love: The Secret Life of John Henry Mackay’, 2nd Edition, Peremptory Publications: San Francisco, p. 28
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(11) The idea of ‘Greek love’ has long been a theme in homosexual propaganda in trying to mask their abnormal and destructive sexuality by an appeal to tradition.
(12) He nowhere condemns; and indeed could be construed as supporting it on occasion, it in his two major statements on the subject i.e. Benedict Friedlaender, 1904, ‘Die Renaissance des Eros Uranios: Die physiologische Freundschaft, ein normaler Grundtrieb des Menschen und eine Frage der männlichen Gesellungsfreiheit in naturwissenschaftlicher, naturrechtlicher, culturgeschichtlicher und sittenkritischer Beleuchtung’, 1st Edition, Bernhard Zack: Berlin and Benedict Friedlaender, 1905, ‘Entwurf zu einer reizphysiologische Analyse der erotischen Anziehung unter Zugrundlegung vorwiegend Homosexuellen Materials’, 1st Edition, Spohr: Leipzig.
(13) Dobe, Op. Cit., p. 53
(14) The most accessible of his anarchist writings is Benedict Friedlaender, 1901, ‘Marxismus und Anarchismus’, 1st Edition, Calvary: Berlin.
(15) Kennedy, Op. Cit., p. 8
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(18) An excellent; although now dated, and highly detailed study of these kinds of tactics as used by homosexuals and their lobby organisations maybe found in Enrique Rueda, 1988, ‘The Homosexual Network’, 1st Edition, Devin Adair: New York.
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This was originally published at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...ohn-henry.html

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jewsign Moshe Katsav, Former Israeli President, Now Suspected Of Harassing Rape Case Witness

JERUSALEM -- Police say former Israeli President Moshe Katsav, currently appealing a rape conviction, is now suspected of harassing a witness in the case.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld says two private investigators hired by Katsav appear to have harassed the witness. Rosenfeld said the investigators were hired after the former president was convicted in December and sentenced to seven years in prison.

Israeli media said they are suspected of harassing the rape victim and other witnesses. They said the investigators were told to dig up evidence that would undermine their credibility.

The new suspicions against Katsav had been under a gag order that was eased on Monday.

Katsav lawyer Avigdor Feldman told Israel Radio that the Katsav family hired private investigators but instructed them to operate within the confines of the law.


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