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Gil Irwin
Holohoax survivor
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Gil Irwin
Default Outlaw Gunsmithing

"Now, the place where I bought this little beauty (for $135) is also a machine shop. For another $80, they will allow you to use their 3-axis CNC mill to do a little work on your paperweight. As it happens, they have a couple of nifty milling programs that will gut the inside of the receiver, cut a hole for the trigger, stuff like that. But, and this is the critical part, you are the person who pushes the button to work the machine. In total, I think you make three cuts to the receiver, and then you have to drill about 4 holes. At each step, there is an expert machinist there to help you, but you are the person who pushes the button to start the cutting, you are the person who works the drill press to drill the holes. When you are finished, the paperweight is indistinguishable from a commercial AR15 lower receiver, except, there are no identifying marks."

Part l

Part ll


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