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Default The Lovely Jew History


JewH194 Who is behind the mask? A Muslim or a Jew? Why does ISIS need a mask?

[B]Here’s the thing ... Muslim “men” don’t wear a veil ...
.. they don’t cover their faces ... they don’t wear a mask. Why does ISIS need a mask? How do you even know that there is a Muslim behind that mask? The ' "leaders" likely are jews .
misleading the illiterate village Muslims into a false Jihad and also misleading the entire world that it is an Islamic operation ... just like it was done in the Communist Rule. Let’s take a look.

Why are we trusting and believing in criminals?
Firstly, ISIS is a criminal organization. They are carrying out the worst crimes that humanity has known. Since when do we trust and believe in criminals? If ISIS is saying something then why are we trusting them and believing it to be true. What kind of a criminal investigator believes in the thief or burglar and follows the directions given by him? Wouldn’t you scrutinize and verify every single thing that the criminal says?
The design of ISIS – The illusion of being Islamic
This takes us to the very basic point of the design of ISIS. ISIS has been basically “designed” to give you an illusion that it is an Islamic operation.

Name. Look at the name ... Islamic State ... oooowww ... so very Muslim and Islamic.

Flag. Look at the flag ... an important Arabic script on the flag ... oooowww ... so very Muslim and Islamic.

Slogan. Look at their slogans ... Allahu Akbar, death to America ... oooowww ... another illusion of being a Muslim.

Here is the problem. If all of the above are true then why hide your face? What is the reason of hiding your face? Unless you want to conceal something.

Criminals hide their face, not Muslim men
Criminals hide their face because they don’t want to be identified.

Rob a bank. They will wear a mask and rob a bank. Because they don’t want to identify themselves in the bank cameras ... so that the police does not come after them.
Rob a house. They will wear a mask and rob someone’s house at night. Because they don’t want to be identified by the residents of the house or someone on the street ... so that the police does not come after them.
The objective of hiding their face is ... “commit the crime without being identified.”
Allahu Akbar, death to America ... is a popular slogan in Iran as well.
But if you see ...

Do the leaders of Iran hide their face? Nope.
Do Iranian Muslim men hide their face? Nope.

Is Iran killing millions of its own citizens? Nope.

Is Iran beheading and raping its own citizens by tens of thousands? Nope.

Is Iran destroying religious sites and places of worship? Nope.

Is Iran beheading and killing foreigners at a mass scale? Nope.

Moreover, the issue that Iran has with America is a political issue ... it is not an Islamic issue.

Radical Islam marketing is done by Jewish owned media

ISIS is carrying out all of the atrocities mentioned above and it is being promoted as Radical Islam and Islamic Terrorism. The important point is ... by whom is this promotion being done ... who is promoting that ISIS is Islamic? The whole Muslim world is saying that ... this is not Islamic behavior ... ISIS is not Islamic ... right from Muslim leaders, politicians to Muslim scholars and masses ... both men and women ... everyone is saying that ... ISIS is not Islamic. But if you see the contrary is being promoted in the media ... by whom? By Jewish groups who own these media channels.

This is a strategy. This is not intelligence ... this is not leadership ... this is not governance ... this is a strategy.

They are literally fooling the world at several levels just because they have access to the majority of media entities and politicians. And this is exactly what their ideology tells them to do.

They think that non-Jews are sheep and cattle ... “It is we, the Jews, who will rule over them ... use them, extract all benefits from them, kill them ... they will rebuild and we will do it all over again. There is no way that these non-Jews ... these dump people who are like sheep and cattle ... they will never even realize what happened. They will never be able to stop us ... because we own all of their media and politicians. This is how good we are ... this is how we excel in our work.”
This is exactly what they are doing when ISIS is concerned.

Identify Theft. Creation of a false group.

The truth is that ISIS is not Muslim or Islamic at all. The guys who have designed ISIS and who are leading their operations are essentially Jews. They did the exact same thing in Communist revolutions in the East.

It was Atheist Jews who rallied for and caused these revolutions in the name of empowering people. But the whole scheme of Communism was a lie. If you see almost every Communist country out there was a disaster. It was all lies. And it was led by our lovely Satanic Jewish people. They were the only ones who benefited from these Communist schemes. It was a disaster for the common people.

Mislead Muslims. Hire for false Jihad.
These leaders are behind a mask. Just because they are speaking Arabic, it does not mean that they are Muslims. One of the main reasons why this mask is used is that ... ISIS groups do not realize that they are being led by Atheists and Satanists ... the guys are not even Muslims and trying to lead a Holy War. This truth would expel even the most illiterate Muslims away from these false leaders. In fact, people would turn against them. So, they pick a few guys ... train them on this ideology and make them lead other groups. This mask is helping them to go out there ... show themselves as Muslims and promote this ideology. And the illiterate Muslim villagers who are starving with no food or supplies ... they are falling for this crap.

Mislead the World. Deviate in wrong direction.
With the design of a false group under a false leadership ... they are going around carrying out the worst atrocities possible. These atrocities are so shocking that let alone Muslims ... it is difficult to imagine that anyone can do such a thing in this age. And our lovely Jewish owned media is picking up these atrocities and carrying out worldwide marketing that ... hey, this is Radical Islam ... this is Islamic Terrorism! And the emphasis that it is an “Islamic” operation is a third layer of cover over its false operation. They are using politicians to emphasize that it is Islamic ... this attempt itself shows the malicious nature of its operation.
Promote for Self-Benefit. Benefit via Chaos and Destruction.
This is the most fantastic part of the entire show. These guys benefit in scenarios of chaos and destruction. They make money out of chaos. We think that this is being cold hearted ... for them it is not being cold hearted ... for them it is just some sheep and cattle being slaughtered for their better good. For them it is totally normal ... their divine right ... and exactly as per their plan.

There are several ways in which Jewish groups benefit from this entire show.
Jewish Bankers are getting billions as interest every year from the American debt. And this debt keeps on increasing as long as they keep America occupied by war.
Jewish Corporations are getting billions in profits from the current economic system in America. Keeping America occupied in war helps them deviate the people from these malicious economic policies.
Israel is getting 75% of its National oil requirement from war zones for as less as $10 per barrel while the entire world is paying $50 per barrel.
Israeli weapons industry is doing a booming business from the Middle East conflict.
Israel is planning to break Iraq into smaller segments. It is closely associated with the Kurdish segment that is providing oil for them which other gulf countries don’t.
The more the West invests in these wars ... more the debt and more sales of weapons. Both of them directly benefit Jewish Bankers and Defense companies.
These guys make money in chaos. In fact, creation of chaos maximizes their profits. If there is chaos ... we get worried and try to fix the situation ... and make things better. But these guys have a different ideology ... for them this is their divine right and their religion allows them to do all of this. In fact, this is one of their best accomplishments as per their religious beliefs.
The Islamic “Caliphate” Fallacy
They tell us that ISIS wants to setup a “caliphate”. We have been driven back by 1,000 years and Muslims are trying to setup a caliphate. Okay fine ... if that is true then tell me ... if you want to setup your Kingdom ... then would you cover your face with a mask and then go around killing your own people? If you want to be King then why are you hiding behind a mask? This is not what Kings and soldiers do ... this is what criminals do. Criminals hide behind a mask and then go around committing atrocious crimes against other people. It is not because they want to setup a “caliphate” ... it is because they want to commit atrocious crimes and then get away with it.
The mask helps them to:
Misrepresent themselves as Muslims to train illiterate Muslim villagers for Holy War.
Escape the cameras of journalists and government agents who might capture their real identity.
Help them kill Muslims at mass scales in Muslim countries and get away with it.
Help them destroy religious sites and structures in Muslim countries and get way with it.
Mislead the world that this is being done by Muslims and not Jews.
ISIS is not “Islamic Caliphate” ... it is a crime against Muslim people, Muslim religion and Muslim countries. And who is promoting this strategy of “Islamic Caliphate” ... our wonderful Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu seems to know more about ISIS than ISIS itself. Check Netanyahu’s speeches ... it is him who is marketing this “caliphate” idea about ISIS. And our lovely AIPAC controlled politicians are repeating the exact same points and punch-lines about ISIS. ISIS is designed, promoted and run by Israel.
You see all of those videos and photos that they show ... of ISIS guys cutting off heads and executing Muslims ... there is absolutely no guarantee that the guys behind those masks are actually Muslims. Jews can easily dress up like that ... hide their identity ... go about a killing spree in these weak countries ... enjoy the deaths of thousands of Muslims and go back to their hiding places or back into Israel. This is not caliphate ... this is criminals committing mass levels of crime and getting away with it.
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IDF brand = Isis
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Israel is ISIS. "Things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.'


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