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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker
Default Jews Murder White Babies in the Womb

[Has your pastor told you that most abortion doctors are jews? Has he told you that it was jews who promoted and praised Roe vs. Wade? Has he informed you that abortion, along with open borders, are a way for "our" jew-controlled government to 'elect a new people,' to use communist Bertholt Brecht's phrase, and to do away with the Normal White Majority? I'll bet he hasn't. Murdering White children in the womb profits the jew both financially and politically, and that is why the media controlled by jews support abortion so strongly.-- A.L.]

Jews Murder Christian Babies at Sea

By Joanna Francis

Jews have been the driving force behind legalizing abortion in (formerly) Christian countries, such as the United States, France, England, Canada, et al. But in some Western nations, the people still have a modicum of common sense, and refuse to allow Jews to get rich performing their favorite pastime: Jewish ritual killing of Christian babies.

The Jews were obviously frustrated by their inability to practice infanticide in every country of the West. However, the people who invented the word chutzpah were not going to let quaint things like laws, morals, or respect for life get in the way of their fun. As expected, they came up with the perfect solution to satisfy their infanticidal needs: abortion ships that dock in countries where abortion is illegal. Kind of like riverboat casinos anchored permanently on the Mississippi, circumventing anti-gambling laws in the surrounding states.

This article from Life News states:

The pro-abortion group typically anchors the boat in international waters, where the nation’s laws don’t apply. There, abortion activists are free to do abortions, give women the dangerous RU-486 abortion drug or hand out the morning after pill.

Jewess Rebecca Gomperts, foundress of Women on Waves (Jewish Murderers at Sea), will be sailing down to Argentina in 2007, after being roundly rejected there in 2004. One wonders what could motivate such “humanitarian” tenacity? Perhaps we can discern her motivation by examining the countries in which she chooses to conduct her “works of mercy”. You can catch the hint right here:

The crew … tried to sail for the Portuguese shore … in September 2004 but the Catholic country’s top officials called on a naval vessel to block the ship and prevent it from docking at a harbor in the northern part of the country.

Bitch-slapped out of Portugal, Gomperts must have been despondent at the thought of all those live babies in utero, threatening to be born intact. But she quickly put on her Talmudic thinking-cap, conspired with her tribesmen, and got to speak on Portuguese television. This is my favorite part. It tells you all you need to know about the Jewish mindset:

Although the abortion ship failed to distribute any abortion drugs to Portuguese women, Gomperts appeared on a television talk show and instructed women on how to purchase an ulcer drug at pharmacies and misuse it to produce an abortion.

So, not content simply to murder babies on shore in most Christian countries, Jews now troll the high seas, seeking out babies who might otherwise escape the kosher cuisinart. Why not give free abortions in Haifa or Brooklyn, one is tempted to ask? But the answer to that would be obvious to anyone with cajones enough to call a spade a spade - or a Jew a Jew, as it were.

The ending of the article provides more evidence of the true motivation behind their maritime endeavors:

The abortion boat traveled to Poland in 2003 and Ireland in 2001.

They deliberately choose countries in which to kill en masse their most hated, historical enemies, extirpating those genes forever. According to the Geneva Conventions, this is known as “genocide”. But then, that term only applies to Jewish victims, even when said “genocide” never actually occurred.

Let’s see now: Poland, Argentina, Ireland and Portugal. What do these countries have in common?

Argentina, by the way, is an extremely sophisticated South American country. And no one considers Portugal, Poland or Ireland third-world countries. So the problem can’t be poverty or over-population.

Only in a post-Catholic world could people be dumbed-down enough to pay for the privilege of allowing their children to be used in Jewish ritual killings. And they don’t even reimburse us for the sanguinary additive to their matzo balls!

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Thats just nauseating. Good article.
Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice. -Adolf Hitler

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I was listening to a Christian Identity sermon this past week discussing abortion and why it has been allowed in this land, which is due to the synagogue of satan being in control of this nation. Abortion is almost always the sacrifice of a woman's first born child which has its basis in satanism.

Taking the discussion further, the sermon read a part Halley's Bible Handbook for the Book of Joshua which gives a description of the Religion of the Canaanites. Archaelogists excavated a temple to Baal and Ashtoreth (satan and his wife) and found the remains of many newborn babies that were sacrificed in this temple. People also sacrificed a child and buried in the wall of a newly built home. Child sacrifice to satan was the rule, not the exception to the rule.

Seems we are once again sacrificing our first born children to Baal at the jews urging and insistence. When we wake up and realize that abortion isn't a moral issue, but really a religious issue, Christians versus satan, this diabolical practice will stop.
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Where to begin.
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Default The writer of that article... a part of/write for the website Cresecent and Cross.

Pretty old article and nothing in it should really surprise us?

Think I even started a thread about this website: The Crescent and the Cross. The theme of this website seems to be that a few hundred years after the last crusade chrisitans and muslims lived in relative harmony in the "holy land", until you know who showed up. A good thousand years of co existing with muslims, then...the other white meat showed up.
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Default jew flip-flop on abortion

[quote=Mike Parker;
Jews have been the driving force behind legalizing abortion in (formerly) Christian countries, such as the United States, France, England, Canada, et al. [/quote]

This was not always the case in the United States. In the post WWII era, filthy Kikes were actively anti-abortion, as they wrongly assumed it was to be genocide by Whites against blacks.

The first abortion clinic in America opened in the early 60s at Whitestone General Hospital in Astoria, Queens, New York, under the watchful eye of Satanic zionist Dr. Art Solomon. He would do 20 D&Cs in the morning and 20 in the afternoon. The young victims were sent home within hours, some to die from hemorrhaging. The fee paid by parents or boyfriends back then was a hefty $225 CASH.

After a mere half year it was abundantly clear to the cunning Kikes that the "average" patient was not black, but rather a White girl between the ages of 14 and 17-years.

At that point the criminal talmudists did a 180 degree flip-flop on the issue and thus was Planned Parenthood born.
Jim Brolin
There is no such thing as anti-semitism.
There is only the truth about jews.
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Default Talmudic Revenge

He survives Nazi "Death Camp" and felt the need to redeem his life by offering abortion to Canadian women. Talmudic revenge?

Recently given award for his "contribution" to Canada.

(I know this is an older news story, but it's good to be reminded of the evil in our midst.)
Momma tried to raise me better.
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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Jews Murder White Babies for Profit (Abortion Industry is Dominated by Jews)


by Bud Farrell, Lt.-Col. U.S.A.F. Ret.

Liberty Bell, January 1986

Let me tell you a little bit about the new, fast growing, Jewish-inspired hi-tech industry – helping to boost our economy. It involves the totally unregulated cosmetics business on a world-wide scale. It also has to do with – Abortion.

Who really are the pro-abortionists? Well, here is a quote from Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s speech on abortion, given in Albany, New York, on 17 March 1981: “As most of you, or many of you, know, I was one of the co-founders with Lawrence Lader and Betty Friedan of the National Abortion Rights Action League in 1968. Many of you have heard me say, perhaps on other occasions, ‘all is fair in love, war, and politics.’ We were instrumental in passing the first truly permissive abortion law in America in New York State in 1970. We did it, of course, by falsifying our statistics. We were claiming 10,000 to 15,000 lives were being lost annually in the United States from illegal abortions, whereas the truer figure was perhaps 200 or 300. We published spurious polls indicating that the American public was in favor of abortion. I should tell you, and I have said this on many occasions, the polls were fashioned out of the whole cloth, purely fabrications on the part of our organization. We stroked the media and caressed them, feeding them all sorts of spurious and fabricated data. There are 1.3 million abortions done annually in the U.S. at an average cost of $350.00 per abortion. This is an industry, ladies and gentlemen, of five hundred million dollars a year which is ranked in the top ten of Fortune magazine’s industries.”

Now for the details. Here are some extracts from an article by Nick Thimmelsch that appeared in the Enid, Oklahoma Morning News on 31 December 1981: “Last April, guards at the Swiss-French border intercepted a truck coming from central Europe, loaded with frozen human fetuses destined for the laboratories of French cosmetic factories. This was reported in Gazette du Palais, a reputable legal journal, which explained there is brisk trade in fetal remains for ‘beauty products used in rejuvenating skin, sold in France at high prices.’

Ah, during the holidays, how much advertising there is for products to make women look lovelier and younger! Indeed, there are ads for facial creams, shampoos, and soap featuring ‘amniotic fluid, nature’s own first medium of life,’ and the ‘natural extract of collagen.’

Well, amniotic fluid is in the sac surrounding the unborn child and can be removed from the mother by needle. Collagen is a gelatinous substance found in connective tissue, bone, and cartilage. A spokesman for the Food and Drug Administration told me that since the FDA does not require pretesting or identification of cosmetic ingredients, it is possible that the amniotic fluid and/or collagen could come from fetal material.

Pharmaceutical and chemical companies do have a strong interest in fetal materials. Since there are 1.5 million abortions a year, these materials are relatively abundant. Indeed, there has been a huge debate in recent years over experimental and commercial use of such fetuses.

Last year the FDA announced its approval of a new vaccine against human rabies. This more effective vaccine was welcomed until Right-to-Life people were advised by the FDA that the human cells used in the vaccine are derived from aborted fetal lung tissue. The vaccine is distributed by Merieux Institute, Miami, Florida.

For many years, cosmetic firms here and in Europe have bought afterbirth – the placenta plus the life-sustaining tissue around the protective sac – processing it into a special, expensive form of protein. Sure, the run of shampoos and lotions rely on protein rendered from old animal bones, hides, and other parts.

But the very special protein, the most exotic, comes from afterbirth. Hospitals collect, freeze, and ship it to processing specialists like RITA Organics, Crystal Lake, Illinois. Many hospitals make a fair amount of money from this harvest.

At the processing plant, the placentas are thawed, sliced, and forced through filters. An extractor then produces a white, snowflake-like powder containing purified protein, sold through cosmetic manufacturers at prices up to $5,500 a pound.

The cosmetic manufacturers turn out products from it, variously advertising that protein makes the hair stronger, gives it more body and more natural sheen.

RITA Organics stresses that it never processes fetal material, only afterbirth.

It all sounds grisly to me, legal though it may be, and I wonder how many young people know what they are putting on their hair and faces. Perhaps they don’t care.

Evidently, employees at the District of Columbia General Hospital didn’t much care about the ethics of selling the organs of dead babies back in the 1970s. In 1976, the Washington Post broke a story on how the hospital’s pathology department had collected more than $68,000 from commercial firms for organs removed from stillborn and dead premature babies.

The head of D.C. General’s obstetrics department acknowledged that some of the baby organs came from ‘late-term elective abortions.’ He said, the money earned from these sales went to a special fund for equipment, a TV set, expenses for sending physicians to conventions, and to buy soft drinks and cookies for visiting professors.

For years there have been accounts of the traffic in fetal material from foreign countries to a U.S. military installation in Maryland, where fetal organs were used in medical studies. Newsday once reported that an Ohio medical research company tested the brains, hearts, and other vital organs of 100 fetuses as part of a $300,000 pesticide research contract for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Here is another article by Charles Duncombe. “It was only a matter of time before some ingenious human predator would realize the profit that could be made from the thousands of human fetuses that were discarded as garbage as the result of legalized abortion.”

French cosmetic firms have taken the lead in the latest revolting breakthrough in the creation of the latest, most expensive and exotic beauty treatment ever.

Beauty experts looking for a magical rejuvenator for old and tired skin that has lost its ‘luster and resiliency’ recognized living cells could be extracted from the fetus of the aborted baby.

A revolutionary treatment of cellular regeneration uses the technique of ‘freezing.’ Dr. Alexis Carrel, the famous French surgeon and biologist (1873-1944), demonstrated that young cells applied to old tissue are able to regenerate them. The cells are all the more effective if they are living. This technique consists of splintering or chipping fresh cells from DNA and RNA life carriers.

An excerpt from Cornerstone magazine reads, “Exclusively taken from fetuses, these cells, no longer independent, do not carry antibodies, under any circumstances. This reduces to a minimum any risk of allergic reaction. Absolutely natural, this product is made for use at home.

“The red stick contains the placenta of the fetus, the spleen, the liver, and the thymus. The white stick contains materials drawn from the intestinal membrane.

“Without alcohol the product is unique in the absence of all preservatives. These cells are frozen at –80 degrees and preserved at –20 degrees until used. In this condition, frozen, they act as a poultice or compost on older or sick tissue.

“Results are visible and important. Epidermal circulation is activated, coloring is pinker and fresher, texture is finer, blotches disappear, undoubtedly deeper lines and wrinkles are lessened, skin is transformed, elasticity and tone are retrieved.”

“Border customs men intercepted a lorry coming from Central Europe loaded with frozen human fetuses destined for the laboratories of French cosmetic firms. In some of France’s neighboring countries there are fetus banks and a trading system has been created. Some French firms have marketed their product under the name of ‘California Beauty,’ or ‘Beauty by Freezing.’

“It almost seems as if we are on a road to cannibalism. If legislation is not immediately introduced to stop this ghoulish trading in fetuses, we can only surmise that human conscience is dead. A great act of Divine intervention is imminent.”

And yet another article by Judith Michaelson, Los Angeles Times staff writer: “As many as 500 aborted fetuses, some weighing up to four pounds, have been discovered in a large metal storage container that was repossessed from a home in Woodland Hills, California, police and health officials said Friday.

“The fetuses were stored in individual formaldehyde-filled plastic jars placed in cardboard boxes, which were stacked in larger cardboard boxes. Some of the boxes also held business papers.

“Police and health officials were uncertain Friday precisely what the discovery meant.

“Max Brussing, a district supervisor of health facilities for the Los Angeles County Health Department, said at a press conference, at the storage container company in Wilmington, where the discovery was made, that ‘health and safety code violations’ may be involved.

“But he said he did not know whether the fetuses were the product of legal or illegal abortions.

“Nick Martin, president of Martin Container Co., said the owner of the Woodland Hills home (Mel Weisberg, who is also the operator of Medical Analytic Lab Inc.), bought the 20-by-20-by-8-foot container from his company in October 1980, for $1,700 and the check bounced. He declined to identify the buyer.

“After protracted efforts to get the purchaser to pay up, Martin said, he had the container repossessed on Wednesday. On Thursday, his workers tried to unload it.

“Ron Billett, a forklift operator at the company, said the first thing he and his crew noticed when the container was opened was ‘the strong smell.’ The first few boxes contained insurance forms and other papers, and ‘then we found one box with the fetuses...’

“‘I saw one fetus with legs 2½ to 3 inches long and the body and head were demolished. I was scared, frightened and had tears in my eyes,’ he said. ‘What else can you say?’

“His boss said: ‘They’re just fetuses, but they sure looked like little babies to me.’”

There can be no doubt that this fetal industry is of Jewish origin and design. There can be no doubt that these practices are in direct conflict with Christian and Aryan beliefs. Where oh where are the so-called leaders of organized Christianity in leading the fight against the Satanic practices of the Jew?
Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.
Visit Robert Frenz' FAEM:
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Xuxalina Rihhia
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Margaret Sanger, a Jew, Started The Zionist Abortion Industry

Abortions Are A $4 Billion Dollar A Year [Jew] Business

Planned Parenthood Takes In $700 Million A Year.
It's Not About The Question Of Abortion

The legitimacy of abortion is neither here nor there. The problem lies in the fact that it is a Jewish Zionist-dominated, taxpayer-funded scam. It's agenda is to make Jew Zionists wealthy, and provide funds for political agendas.

Their Zio-Scam Started With Schwartzers [Niggers] In 1916.

Planned Parenthood began as the National Birth Control League, which was founded in 1916 under the leadership of Mary Ware Dennett [most likely a Jew]. The organization was later renamed the American Birth Control League, under the direction of Margaret Sanger.

Emma Goldman

This piece of Jew Zio-Trash was an anarchist, who backed abortion because she was rumored to have been impregnated by her father. She was a revolutionary, an assassin, and a Jewish "heroine."

They Slowly Influence Laws

The League was influential in liberalizing laws against birth control throughout the 1920s and 1930s before changing its name to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. in 1942.

The Feminist Movement

These hoaxers used abortion as part of their rallying cry.

Today, They Operate Under Various Entities

Also, the Feminist Majority Foundation, the National Abortion Federation, Planned Parenthood, and the National Organization for Women have projects to support clinics in dealing with violent anti-abortion terrorism.

Doctor George Tillerman

Dr. Tiller (nee Tillerman) runs a national destination for illegal late-term abortions, and conceals child rape cases. He is protected by an escort of [race traitor and mud] Federal Marshals.

It Was A Sweet Deal

There are three major chains and they rake in $4 billion a year. Doctors pocket $600,000 annually, and a doctor/owner takes in $3 million a year.

The Rage Grows

In the 1970s, a group of Christians had their fill of these Jew butchers, and there was a rash of shootings.

A Mini-Holocaust

Within a span of a few years there had been five Jewish death doctors shot.

Jew Zionists Start With False Flags

They bomb their own clinics to get national attention, and they killed a nurse and a policeman.

The Leaders Of The Abortion Industry

Schwartz, Glasser, Feldman, Weiner, etc. were all there.

In Kansas City, The District Attorney Filed Charges

The local Jewish kosher butcher is George Tiller, and the DA charged him with performing underage abortions, and not reporting rape.

Tiller's Clinic Is Bombed

As the heat came down on Tiller, his clinic was 'mysteriously bombed'. Most suspected an inside job.

The Olympic Park Bombing

Zionists planted a bomb killing one person, and it was quickly tied to Eric Rudolph and the Birmingham Abortion clinic bomb.

Richard Jewell

Then we saw the endless torment of Richard Jewell, the only Jewish security guard in Georgia.

The Bombing Of A Lesbian Bar

Whenever the Jew Zionists need an inside track to their potential opposition, they create their own devils (Kosher "Nazis", Kosher 9/11 "radicals", Kosher "KKK", etc).

Jew Zionists Play The Anthrax Card

Someone sent letters to abortion clinics saying 'Death to America', Death to Israel', and ending saying 'Allah is great'. Done by Jew$.

Abortionists Get The Laws They Wanted

Smeal, a self styled feminist, was the driving force behind the 'Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act' (FACE).

Eleanor Smeal stated: - “Today, the Ninth Circuit took a major step toward combating the climate of fear and violence that plagues abortion clinics throughout the nation. We welcome the Court’s decision and hope that it will help end the domestic terrorism that providers, clinic workers, and patients face daily.”

Neil Horsley Is The Devil

Horsley runs protests, and keeps a list of potential abortion enemies. Naturally he does nothing to disclose the owners, their taxpayer frauds, or their obvious stunts.

Dying In Iraq For This SubHuman Garbage

Here is another reason why Nazi Germany had their fill of these Jews and passed the Nuremberg Laws. And American sheeple sit here while their children are killed in Iraq, simply so these swindlers can control the world's oil supply.

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Pussy Bünd "Commander"
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The Jews were obviously frustrated by their inability to practice infanticide in every country of the West. However, the people who invented the word chutzpah were not going to let quaint things like laws, morals, or respect for life get in the way of their fun. As expected, they came up with the perfect solution to satisfy their infanticidal needs: abortion ships that dock in countries where abortion is illegal. Kind of like riverboat casinos anchored permanently on the Mississippi, circumventing anti-gambling laws in the surrounding states.
I'll leave it to anti-abortion activist to put two and two together.

Live Piracy Report

The IMB Live Piracy Report displays all Piracy and Armed Robbery incidents reported to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre in the last ten days. Click on the map for more details.

Incident Details: View

16.10.2009: 0300 LT: Lagos anchorage: Nigeria.

Six robbers armed with guns boarded a chemical tanker at anchor. They stole and transferred cargo of gas oil into their boat and escaped. No injuries to crew.

14.10.2009: 1025 LT: Posn: 06:29N – 107: 43E: South China Sea.

Pirates armed with machine guns in a boat chased a fishing vessel underway and opened fire at it. The vessel increased speed and enforced anti piracy preventive measures and contacted the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre for assistance. The centre immediately contacted the authorities and informed them to render necessary assistance to the crew and vessel. Due to vessel’s speed and evasive, preventive measures, the vessel escaped from the pirates and continued passage towards destination port.

13.10.2009: 2105 UTC: Posn: 22:10.2N – 091:47.4E: Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh.

About ten robbers armed with long knives boarded a bulk carrier from stern, held hostage one crew at knife point and gained access into steering gear room. They stole ship’s stores and equipment and escaped in their boat. Local authorities informed.

13.10.2009: 0355 LT: Posn: 01:17.0N – 104:10.5E, Singapore EPOL, Singapore Straits.

A small boat with six robbers came alongside a product tanker at anchor from stbd side aft. Two robbers boarded the vessel and stole ship’s properties. They were spotted by ship’s crew who raised alarm and crew mustered. Robbers escaped in their boat.

12.10.2009: 0345 UTC: Posn: 12:15.83N – 044.04.74E, Gulf of Aden.

A fishing vessel closed onto a general cargo vessel underway. Master increased speed and took evasive manoeuvres, raised general alarm and contacted coalition warship. At a distance of around 0.5 nm a white and blue hull skiff with 5 armed pirates was launched from the fishing vessel. The skiff approached the vessel with a speed of approximately 20 knots but stopped and aborted the attack at a distance of around 0.2 nm. The attempted attack lasted around 25 minutes.

11.10.2009: 0012 UTC: Posn: 09:15N – 014:01W, 27 nm off Conakry, Guinea.

Nine pirates armed with machine guns in a 15 meter length speed boat attempted to board a chemical tanker underway using hooks and ladders. Master raised alarm, activated DSC alert, increased speed and took evasive manoeuvres. Crew mustered and activated fire hoses. The pirates commenced firing and followed the tanker for 30 minutes and finally aborted the attempt. No injuries to crew. Port authority contacted but no response.

10.10.2009: 0001 – 0530 LT: Posn: 10:15.48N – 064:41.5W, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.

Robbers boarded an anchored tanker and escaped with ship’s stores. Bosun discovered the theft at 0810 LT, when he noticed the padlock of the forward store was damaged. Port authority informed.

07.10.2009: 1320 LT: Posn: 12:07.0N – 045:26.7E: Gulf of Aden.

Three skiffs approached a tanker underway. Tanker increased speed, made evasive manoeuvres, enforced preventive anti piracy measures and contacted coalition warship. Later the boats aborted the attempt and moved away.

06.10.2009: 2300 UTC: Posn: 09:08.56N - 014:06.06W: Conakry anchorage, Guinea.

Pirates in a boat armed with machine guns and pistols boarded a drifting tanker. They stole crew money and escaped. No injury to crew.

03:10:2009: 2230 LT: Posn: 22:00N – 091:40E: Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh.

About ten robbers in a wooden boat approached a bulk carrier and attempted to board. Alert crew and barbed wire fitted on the ship’s side prevented them from boarding. The robbers moved away from the vessel. Local authorities informed.

Worse than a million megaHitlers all smushed together.
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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker

The Jewish Roots, and the Catholic Failure, on Abortion

Have you ever wondered why the US Supreme Court suddenly took a cold and dark view of the baby in the womb? Have you ever wondered why, after almost four decades of fighting against abortion, we have come no closer to overturning Roe v. Wade, and have, in all practicality, lost ground on the ongoing debate? Well, here is one of the most cogent and revealing articles I have ever read on the subject, written by an attorney who has been studying this issue for quite some time. His name is David A. Wemhoff. He heartily agreed to allow me to quote extensively from his two excellent articles that were recently published in Culture Wars for September and October 2009.

First, David will reveal to you facts about the Jewish involvement in the original Roe v. Wade decision, information that heretofore has been covered up prior to his exposé. He will reveal to you that Jews in politics, the medical professions, the media, and the three branches of Judaism (Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed) all promote abortion on demand in one form or another and they have heavily influenced every stage of the 40-year debacle. He will show you that abortion stems from deep in Jewish history, going back for centuries.

Second, David will reveal to you how the Catholic response to the pro-abortion forces has been severely compromised in recent years. He will show you how some of the leading figures, who on the surface appear to be waging a worthy battle, have in reality been bowing to political and financial pressures and have become useful idiots for a system that is corrupt at its core. Without further ado, here is David A. Wemhoff.

Robert Sungenis
October 5, 2009

Abortion is from the Jews

Without the light of Truth, Jewish ethics and activities will easily turn from love. The most obvious example of this, and definitely the most timely given the brouhaha at Notre Dame in the Spring coupled with the American Church’s repeated insistence that it is the fundamental issue of the day, is the Jewish support for abortion, embryonic stem cell research and host of other attacks on human life and traditional morality.

In October, 2002, the Indiana University Center for Bioethics Stem Cell Study Group released a report entitled “Diverse Perspectives: Considerations about Embryonic Stem Cell Research.” The report noted that

Both the Jewish and Catholic traditions work from stable Biblical and theological points of view. Both traditions have clear orthodox perspectives, which they offer within the public arena. Both traditions seek clear, reliable, and logical propositions to guide behavior. And yet their conclusions, prohibitions, and sanctions differ dramatically.i

One dramatic difference is the idea of the natural law, which Dr. Charles Rice of the University of Notre Dame has made a career in teaching. “There is no ‘natural law’ in Judaism. Jews neither worship nor degrade nature. God created the world incomplete, with much left to be done. As partners of God, humans are the appropriate actors in the completion of creation. Accordingly, even Orthodox Jewish leaders have endorsed therapeutic cloning as a means of obtaining stem cells for research and medical therapy….”ii

The Study Group found that,

In the Talmud and rabbinic writings, the embryo and fetus are seen as limbs, as extensions of the life of the mother (Rosner 1978, 257-259). While the fetus is potential human life and deserving of special moral consideration and protection, it is not regarded as independent human life; it is a part of the body of the mother and has no ‘legal’ status of its own. Thus, in issues such as abortion, the presumption is always in favor of the mother. Jewish religious law permits abortion whenever the pregnancy poses a threat to the physical or, according to some interpretations to the psychological well-being of the mother (Feldman 1986, 79-90)….

“This earliest source of this teaching is found in the Torah….Later, in the rabbinic tradition, it was taught that if a woman has life-threatening difficulty in childbirth, the child should be aborted (Mishna, Oholot 7:6). Once its head has emerged, however, it may not be harmed. The Talmud explains that the embryo may be seen as a `pursuer’ and one is justified I defending one’s life against a pursuer….“While the Talmud briefly discusses the issue of ensoulment, it dismisses it as ultimately unanswerable (Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 110b). According to accepted Jewish teaching the soul enters at birth, and this matter is irrelevant to the question of abortion, since the life and health of the mother are the issues at stake.iii

Can anyone doubt, having read the conclusions of the Indiana University report, that the rationale for legal abortion and for partial birth abortion is Jewish? Even the United States Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade took the side of the Jews when it decided that the unborn could be destroyed since it is not a human being and life had not yet begun: “There has always been strong support for the view that life does not begin until live birth. This was the belief of the Stoics. It appears to be the predominant, though not the unanimous, attitude of the Jewish faith.” Id., 410 US 113, 160.

The Supreme Court in Roe referred on at least five occasions to Abortion, a book by Lawrence Lader, a Jew,iv and a bitter opponent of the Roman Catholic Church. Justice Blackmun noted the book with authority when discussing the history of abortion particularly as it was “practiced in Greek times as well as in the Roman era, and that ‘it was resorted to without scruple’” (Roe v. Wade 410 US, at 130). Blackmun also referred to Abortion as authority for the statements that abortion was not an indictable offense under the common law and that the states had enacted laws limiting the same around the time of the American Civil War (Roe v. Wade 410 US, at 139). Perhaps most significantly, Blackmun cited Lader’s book as authority for the proposition that “Mortality rates for women undergoing early abortions, where the procedure is legal, appear to be as low as or lower than the rates for normal childbirth. Consequently, any interest of the state in protecting the woman from an inherently hazardous procedure, except when it would be equally dangerous for her to forgo it, has largely disappeared” (Roe v. Wade 410 US, at 149). And, perhaps equally significantly Blackmun accepted Lader’s argument that opposition to abortion was only a Catholic thing (Roe v. Wade 410 US, at 160).

According to Lader’s obituary in The Washington Post on May 11, 2006, he tried to destroy the tax status of the Roman Catholic Church for opposing abortion. His book, Abortion, was published in 1966 and made the argument for the legalization of abortion, while also presenting the Jewish position on abortion. Lader wrote:

Although Judaism has no central authority, and its congregations are organized into three branches, Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed, often differing in interpretation of Jewish tradition, its position on the beginnings of human life contrasts sharply with Catholic theology.

“Judaism has never been concerned with the concept of soul and the moment of its infusion in the fetus; nor does it treat the fetus as a human entity apart from its mother. (p. 97)

Lader explained that the “‘…fetus is part of its mother, and just as a person may choose to sacrifice a limb of his body in order to be cured of a worse malady, so may the fetus be destroyed for the sake of its mother,’ [Rabbi Israel] Margolies concludes….The chief Talmudic source on abortion is the Mishna, a collection of early religious-legal decisions, in which it is stated: ‘A woman that is having difficulty in giving birth is permitted to cut up the child insider her womb and take it out limb by limb because her life takes precedence.’….”v It was the Talmud who gave authority to destroy the child in the womb of the mother: “The chief Talmudic source on abortion is the Mishna, a collection of early religious-legal decisions, in which it is stated: ‘A woman that is having difficulty in giving birth is permitted to cut up the child inside her womb and take it out limb by limb because her life takes precedence.”vi Rashi, a Jewish scholar of the eleventh century, held that the unborn child is not a life or a living thing until “its greatest part has emerged from the womb.”vii Maimonides codified these authorities, thereby making them Jewish law, in 1168.viii

In Judaism, there is something called a “response.” According to the Encyclopedia Judaica, the word is Hebrew and means “queries and replies.” It is defined as “a rabbinic term denoting an exchange of letters in which one party consuls another on a halakhic matter.”ix Halakhah is Jewish law and is founded in the 613 Mitzvot or five books of Moses (the Torah).x Lader pointed out that the most noted Jewish rabbis over the course of about 800 years wrote responsas approving of abortion.

Reverend Isaac Klein, a Conservative Rabbi wrote in a responsa that the unborn child is a “pursuer” and since the child is “regarded as one pursuing her and trying to kill her” it may be aborted.xi Rabbi Elizer Deutsch in the Nineteenth Century approved the taking of a drug to induce miscarriage if a woman spit blood early in a pregnancy, and if the woman took the drug herself, it was a matter of self-preservation.xii Rabbi Solomon B. Freehof wrote that “that if it is within the first forty days of the pregnancy, there is no possible objection to an abortion; but even if it is older, the danger to the mother’s life and health determines if an abortion may be performed.”xiii Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ben Zion Uziel “‘decided that since the fetus is not an independent nefesh but is only a part of the mother, there is no sin in destroying it for her sake.’”xiv And, quoting again to Rabbi Freehof, Lader wrote that “In the case of German measles, `since there is strong preponderance of medical opinion that the child will be born imperfect physically, and even mentally, then for the mother’s sake (i.e., her mental anguish now and in the future), she may sacrifice this part of herself.’”xv Rabbi Armond F. Cohen wrote that, “‘To the psychiatrically orientated [sic] Jewish authority of our time…a definitely established suicidal tendency relating to pregnancy would warrant a therapeutic abortion.’”xvi

The Jews have seen the legalization of abortion as a matter of religious freedom. Rabbi Robert Loewy in early 1990 testified in favor of abortion rights before the Louisiana Legislature. He did so in the name of the New Orleans Jewish Federation, “the central organization of the local Jewish community.”xvii The rabbi testified that “Judaism rules that the mother’s needs automatically take precedence until the moment of birth. ‘There is…a moral and ethical basis for a woman to undergo an abortion. Do not impose the view of some on all of us.’”xviii

Goldberg noted that Jews were “represented disproportionately in the leadership of major pro-choice groups like Planned Parenthood of Louisiana, the League of Women Voters, and People for the American Way. The ad hoc coalition against the bill, Citizens for Personal Freedom, was run by a board member of the Jewish federation. Among the thirty groups on the coalition’s steering committee were the federation’s community-relations committee; three synagogue sisterhoods; and the local chapters of the Anti-Defamation League, the National Council of Jewish Women, and Hadassah.”xix

The Jews seek to impose their values on the rest of the society through their various initiatives and support for legislation, and they let the world know that. Embryonic stem cell research is one such area. In a press release dated May 25, 2005, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations (UOJC) supported the introduction and passage by the US House of Representatives of the Stem Cell research Enhancement Act or HR 810. The UOJC stated that “The traditional Jewish perspective thus emphasizes that the potential to save and heal human lives is an integral part of valuing human life. Moreover, the traditional Jewish perspective does not accord an embryo outside of the womb the full status of humanhood and its attendant protections. Thus, stem cell research may be consistent with and serve these moral and noble goals….”xx

Many American Catholics, priests, and pro-lifers cite to how the Orthodox Jews are prolife. But that is just not true. The UOJC has something called an Institute for Public Affairs (IPA) and the IPA formulates the issues for involvement in American politics by the Orthodox Jews. A quick review of the IPA’s website reveals a number of links in support of embryonic stem cell research and cloning of human beings. For instance, the first link is to an article by Dr. Daniel Eisenberg dated January 8, 2001 and entitled “Stem Cell Research in Jewish Law.” The article provides the justification under Judaism for killing innocent human beings during the course of embryonic stem cell research: Dr. Eisenberg writes “If the pre-embryo may be destroyed, it certainly may be used for research purpose and other life-saving work.”xxi Dr. Eisenberg undertakes a long and convoluted analysis under Jewish law to arrive at this conclusion, and of great note is this comment: “While the practical aspects of the Jewish approach to abortion are relatively agreed upon, the exact source and nature of the prohibition [to taking of pre-born life] is not. Depending on the origin of the prohibition, the application to the pre-embryo will differ.”xxii In other words, the Jews cannot find the authority for giving life to the unborn, and the tenets of Judaism are up for debate – a not unlikely result given that the Jews reject Christ, the Logos, and with Him, the Advocate. What can be given in one argument based on interpretation of arcane documents can be taken in another argument based on a different interpretation. The practical result (and, according to Dr. Eisbenberg the Jews agree on certain practical approaches) is support for embryonic stem cell research and the creation and support of an entire industry engaged in the slaughter.

Other postings to the IPA webpage dealing with “Life Issues” come after Dr. Eisenberg’s piece. There is a “Letter to President Bush Regarding Stem Cell Research” dated July 26, 2001; a statement from the Orthodox Union dated July 12, 2006 entitled “OU Asks Senators to Support Stem Cell Research”; and a “Letter to Congress in Support of HR 3, ‘Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act 2007’” dated January 8, 2007. All of these are supportive of embryonic stem cell research. The OU supports cloning, too. Now while it caveats support for cloning only for therapeutic purposes and not for reproductive purposes, the Orthodox Jews call on Congress to permit it.xxiii

The Conservative Jews are themselves avidly pro-abortion. The United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) issued “The Abortion Controversy: Jewish Religious Rights and Responsibilities.”xxiv The USCJ stated with seeming authority and definitiveness: “While Judaism sees the fetus as valuable and sacred as potential life, the sources indicate that it is not equivalent to a person.”xxv It only goes downhill from there for pro-lifers. In their own style of double-talk, the Conservative Jews hold “Jewish tradition is sensitive to the sanctity of life, and does not permit abortion on demand. However, it sanctions abortion under some circumstances because it does not regard the fetus as an autonomous person.”xxvi With concepts and language so bitterly well-known to those opposed to abortion, the Conservative Jews state:

The fetus is a life in the process of development, and the decision to abort should never be taken lightly. Before reaching her final decision, the mother should consult with the father, other members of her family, her physician, her spiritual leader and any other person who can help her in assessing the many grave legal and moral issues involved.”xxvii

So, the USCJ in a 1991 resolution did resolve the following, among others:

“WHEREAS, Judaism does not believe that personhood and human rights begin with conception (the premise that personhood begins with conception is founded on a religious position which is not identical with Jewish tradition); and
WHEREAS, under special circumstances, Judaism chooses and requires abortion as an act which affirms and protects the life, well being and health of the mother; and
WHEREAS, to deny a Jewish woman and her family the ability to obtain a safe, legal abortion when so mandated by Jewish tradition, is to deprive Jews of their fundamental right of religious freedom;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism continues to affirm its strong opposition to any further weakening, limitation, or withdrawal of the 1973 Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade….”xxviii

Reform Judaism has an umbrella organization called the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). According to its website, the URJ provides the “vision and leadership to Reform Jews and congregations on spiritual, ethical, social justice and management issues.” The URJ seeks to inspire Jews into living Jewish lives. Noting that Reform Judaism is the largest Jewish religious movement on the continent, and that each of the 900 or so congregations is autonomous and individualistic in its programs, the URJ website sets out certain principles. These include being “committed to inclusion, not exclusion”; being committed to “the absolute equality of women in all areas of Jewish life….[such as to] ordain women rabbis, invest women cantors, and elect women presidents of our synagogues”; and being committed to “the full participation of gays and lesbians in synagogue life as well as society at large.”xxix

The URJ operates a Religious Action Center (RAC) that engages in issues advocacy. One of the issues which the URJ supports is the expansion of access to emergency contraception (Plan B). In a March 24, 2009 press release, the URJ stated, We applaud yesterday’s ruling…that orders the FDA to lower the age at which young women can purchase over the counter emergency contraception from 18 to 17….By allowing for expanded access to emergency contraceptives, we can provide young women with the resources necessary to make decisions about their own reproductive health. Yesterday’s decision is a crucial step toward reducing the number of unintended pregnancies and, by extension, of abortions….[W]e…will continue to work tirelessly to ensure reproductive rights to women worldwide. Then, finally, the reason for this position by the URJ is because, as the press release says, “Jewish tradition teaches that it is the responsibility of the entire community, not just a patient and doctor, to provide health care.” Another issue the URJ supported was Obama’s repeal of the “Global Gag Rule” in January, 2009. The Rule had banned those foreign “family planning” organizations that lobbied their own governments for changes in the abortion laws to permit abortion from receiving US money. The URJ applauded this decision and wrote, “We hope this is the first step toward a new era of US partnership in global cooperation to ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and the advancement of women’s sexual and reproductive rights worldwide.”xxx

The URJ also staked out a position on women’s health in which it opposed the “So-Called `Unborn Victims of Violence Act.’”xxxi The URJ is notably in favor of abortion as mentioned under its “Reproductive Rights” section: “With the election of anti-choice president and Congress, there have been increased challenges to a woman’s right to choose.” xxxii And, the URJ makes clear the “Jewish Perspective” or the “relationship between Jewish values and Reproductive Rights”.xxxiii The URJ is not shy about saying abortion is a Jewish value. The URJ even opposed the “Right of Conscience” regulation proposed by the Department of HHS under GW Bush on December 19, 2008. It issued a press release which stated:

We are deeply concerned by the Bush Administration’s `Right of Conscience’ rule, as its overly broad definition and diminished right of patients’ access to services is profoundly troubling. Unless reversed, this regulation will alarmingly narrow patients’ access to a wide range of basic health services and information, including reproductive health services, by allowing physicians, pharmacists and other health providers to refuse to offer services they deem morally objectionable….The Reform Jewish Movement’s longstanding commitment to the principles of religious liberty and reproductive freedom are not mutually exclusive….[F]or decades, the Reform Movement has supported a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health decisions….In the continued battle over reproductive rights, we, as Reform Jews and as people of faith, stand firmly in our commitment to protect women’s access to reproductive health services.xxxiv

The URJ’s position, typical of the other Jewish traditions, was diametrically opposed to the position taken by the USCCB that welcomed the decision by the Department of Health and Human Services to implement the conscience rule. According to the USCCB’s press release of the same date as the press release from the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, “The U.S. Catholic bishops’ spokesperson on abortion, Deirdre A. McQuade, welcomed the published regulation as a way to protect medical personnel from being coerced to violate their consciences in federally funded programs…..Catholic health care providers will especially welcome this mark of respect for the excellent life-affirming care they provide to all in need.”xxxv

With this position, the kind of power the Jews have in society, and the state of the law, it is no wonder that Jewish beliefs have made America Jewish. America does not need a “pro-life movement.” The Jews just need to be converted to the Faith.

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Default The Ideology of Contraception

The more one thinks about it, the more obvious it becomes that, where race is concerned, sex is of central importance. A group’s sexual behavior, marriage, reproductive patterns (having or not having children), and family strength are decisive for racial survival and expansion.

The white race, everywhere on earth, is failing to reproduce itself. It is demographically collapsing, and will be the first major race of mankind—formerly consisting of hundreds of millions of people—to have been deliberately wiped out.

The war against the white race is being waged on a multitude of fronts. Contraception, which targets sex and procreation and hugely impacts intimate sexual, marital, and family relationships, is one of them.
Experience molds perception.
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Meet the jewish pro-abortion activist Leah Greenblum, whose organization helps (white) women in the Midwest get to big cities where they can have abortions:

Leah Greenblum received her BA in sociology and English from University of Florida, and her MA in sociology from Brown University. She is an alumna of Avodah’s inaugural Chicago Fellowship cohort. In 2014 she founded Midwest Access Coalition, an abortion access nonprofit. She is an active member at the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs

Inside the Modern-Day Underground Railroad for Abortions

(...) Their founder, Leah Greenblum’s grandmother, a holocaust survivor, came to America following the war. (...) That inspired her to found the Midwest Access Coalition (MAC), which helps women without means across the Midwest to travel to cities where they can access a safe abortions.

Leah is as kindhearted as she is beautiful:



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