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Default Discussions, questions etc

It would be great if the various threads were kept purely factual, and focused on bringing together resources, tips, lessons learned etc.

This particular thread would ideally be for questions, discussions etc. so that the info on the threads doesn't become buried, and so that the forum and threads don't become cluttered and bogged down with non-factual issues.

The main purpose is to encourage White families to get out and enjoy nature, to encourage camping, scouting, hunting, hiking etc and for Whites to become fit and healthy.

The info would of course be useful for survival, but if you know what you are doing, should something go wrong, e.g. the car break down in the desert or mountains, you are not really in a survival situation, just temporarily living in a different environment for a while.

Barring injury, it only becomes a survival situation, if your/peoples lives/health is in danger, and that is usually only if you don't know what to do.

If you know what you are doing, that is then less likely to be the case of a survival issue, and more at most a minor inconvenience.

Much of the info on these threads can be used to make family camping trips cheaper, more fun and interesting, and encourage exploration.

Nature is neutral.
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.
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This is what I have concluded for myself regarding packs, pack weight, what to carry, or as it is referred to as weight vs rate.

My system is based on 60 pound pack. I can carry more, many people can, but realistically for how long under what conditions and landscape, seasonal, and all those variables. My system is simple and adaptive to your own requirements.

I challenge you to do this, but not in a competitive sense, and not as a means for me to judge, but to put things in perspective for yourself and family.

You get 60 pounds total, divided simply into three increments.

1) First twenty pounds is guns and ammo. Any gun(s) and ammo. You might choose three types of firearms and three types of ammo, you might choose one gun and lots of ammo. How ever you arrange it, you only get twenty pounds.

2) Gear, this includes everything you need to manipulate the environment for your survival. Knives, axes, water purification, first aid cordage, fire making, shelter, what ever you require but you only get twenty pounds. Thats all.

3) Situational. The third increment of weight in regards to rate is clutch type circumstances that have to do with the situation at hand. Are you at work?, Home, on the road, shopping, dining; where ever you are when the shit goes down, what can you pick up from that environment and take with you to enhance survival. Keep in mind too, this twenty pounds is situational and you're carrying capacity might be used up by carrying things your wife or children cannot.

What this 60 pounds has not accounted for is water, food and winter clothing.
What this exercise clarifies is that the more you know, the less you have to carry. Firearms is another topic, situation is speculative and relitive to your own day to day life, but can you get your gear weight vs rate down to twenty pounds.


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