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Old December 31st, 2014 #41
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In the past 10 years, jews open up my suburbs boarders to non-white herds. Watching my suburb going from white to 3rd world in less than ten years. Im basically watching white Australian genocide .

There is abundance of every race but the indians out number everyone. Jews new tool; Indians.

When I step out of my house I'm no longer in Australia, I'm living in India.... With the joys (cough cough) of middle east, Africa and Asia. Sicking!
Old March 27th, 2015 #42
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[example of the complete hypocrisy of jews/Israel. immigration to destroy you, racism to protect them]

Israel has granted refugee status to 0.07% of African asylum seekers

Israel/Palestine Ben Norton on February 24, 2015 17 Comments

African refugees behind a barbed-wire fence in Israel’s Holot detention center in the Negev desert

Israel has not granted a single Sudanese asylum seeker refugee status, in spite of a wave of migrants fleeing violence, according to official state statistics, submitted to the High Court of Justice on February 16. In all, the government has granted refugee status to only 0.07% of the 5,573 Sudanese and Eritreans who have applied for asylum in the country—a mere four individuals.

Haaretz published the statistics. The following is a summary of the findings:

Sudanese Refugees

3,165 Sudanese refugees submitted asylum requests from July 2009 to 2015.
1% (45) of these applications was answered by Israel. 99% (3120) were ignored.
89% (40) of the 45 requests the government answered were rejected. The remaining 5 were granted temporary residence (not refugee status).
0 of the 3,165 asylum seekers were granted refugee status.
31% (976) of the Sudanese asylum seekers who applied left Israel. 69% (2,184) of the Sudanese refugees who applied remain in Israel.
Worldwide, 56% of Sudanese asylum seekers received refugee status or extended protection in the first half of 2014, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
Eritrean Refugees

2,408 Eritrean refugees submitted asylum requests in the same period.
45% (1073) of these applications were answered by Israel. 55% (1,335) were ignored.
93% (997) of the requests the government answered were rejected.
0.16% (4) of the Eritrean asylum seekers were granted refugee status.
3% (72) of the Eritrean asylum seekers who applied left Israel. 97% (2332) of the Eritrean refugees who applied remain in Israel.
Worldwide, 84% of Eritrean asylum seekers received refugee status or extended protection in the first half of 2014, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

17,778 refugees, from a variety of countries, applied for asylum in Israel from mid-2009 to 2015.
69% (12,220) of these applications were answered by Israel. 31% (5,558) were ignored.
99.6% (12,175) of the requests the government answered were either rejected or withdrawn.
0.25% (45) of the total asylum seekers were granted refugee status.
Holot Detention Center

1,940 refugees are being held in the Holot detention center.
76% (1,476) are Sudanese.
24% (464) are Eritrean.
45% (865) have been detained for over 9 months.
62% (1,198) migrated to Israel at least six years ago.
22% (1,258) of the 5,803 Sudanese and Eritrean refugees who left Israel in 2014 were held in Holot or Saharonim prison.
These applications only constitute a fraction of the African refugees in Israel. Government data estimates that, as of 2014, there were approximately 8,800 Sudanese and 34,000 Eritreans refugees in the country. The actual percentage of documented refugees is thus many times lower.

Haaretz reported that almost 1/4 (22%) of the positions budgeted for Israel’s Population, Immigration and Border Authority’s Refugee Status Determination Unit are not currently staffed. Israel says it is in the process of filling this spots. Amnon Ben Ami, director of the Population, Immigration and Border Authority, claimed the 3,519 Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers whose applications have been ignored will get a response within the next year.

The attorney representing Israel, Yochi Gnessin, said one of the reasons the country sends refugees to the Holot detention center is to encourage their “voluntary exit.” Gnessin has come under fire in the past for, in the words of Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, claiming “that all of the IDF conversions [to Judaism] are invalid” when she represented the state in the High Court of Justice in 2010.

Anti-Black Racism in Israel
The majority of the Sudanese and Eritrean refugees in Israel are there because they have fled violence. Yet they find themselves in a deeply racist society—one not just violently racist against Palestinians, but against Africans as well. As I detailed in a Mondoweiss article about the relationship between Zionism and anti-black racism:

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has gone on record calling his country, in the words of the Jerusalem Post, “a sick society that needs treatment.” Haaretz, the “Israeli New York Times,” has also shown that racism is getting even worse among younger generations, that Israeli teenagers are “Racist and proud of it.”

This racism manifests itself politically in the form of apartheid. In 2007, David A. Kirshbaum, of the Israel Law Resource Center, published a piece titled “Israeli Apartheid — A Basic Legal Perspective,” meticulously detailing the myriad ways in which Israel is an apartheid state, under its very own laws. Once again, Israel’s most-read newspaper has published pieces confirming this fact, admitting that “Israeli Arabs have never been equal before the law.”

And yet, as the aforementioned incident evinces, this racism is not only directed at Palestinians. David Sheen has been “carefully chronicling the racist attacks against non-Jewish African asylum-seekers in Israel for several years,” documenting “social media stories about the recent violence, footage from four years of anti-African rallies, and extended one-on-one interviews about opposition to the presence of Africans in Israel.” He writes:

In January 2012, an organization in Israel that aids African asylum-seekers, the African Refugee Development Center, asked me to author on their behalf a report to the United Nations Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD). After receiving the report in text and video form, the UN committee urged the Israeli government to prevent racist attacks against Africans in Israel. The Israeli government ignored the UN’s call, and the following month, Israelis firebombed a kindergarten for African children in Tel Aviv, igniting a wave of violence against non-Jewish African people in Israel that is still ongoing.

Blumenthal and Sheen released a brief documentary titled “Israel’s New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land.” In it, they show video footage of prominent politicians, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Member of Knesset Michael Ben-Ari, calling African refugees “infiltrators” and “cancer,” and openly using the n-word; of Israeli citizens harassing fellow Israelis for engaging in interracial relationships; and of some politicians even going so far as to propose the creation of concentration camps in which to hold African refugees.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has also drawn attention to the vitriolic strain of anti-black racism in Israeli society. In its September 2014 report “Make Their Lives Miserable”: Israel’s Coercion of Eritrean and Sudanese Asylum Seekers to Leave Israel details how “Israeli authorities have labelled Eritreans and Sudanese a ‘threat,’ branded them ‘infiltrators,’ denied them access to fair and efficient asylum procedures, and used the resulting insecure legal status as a pretext to unlawfully detain or threaten to detain them indefinitely, coercing thousands into leaving.”

HRW writes that “Israel’s policies are well summed up in the words of former Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai who said that as long as Israel cannot deport them to their home countries, it should ‘lock them up to make their lives miserable.’”

In the time since Blumenthal and Sheen’s documentary was made (mid 2013), Israel has in fact created what are effectively internment camps for African refugees. Israeli journalist Lia Tarachansky, reporting for the Real News, has documented these horrific practices.

Tarachansky notes that African refugees are imprisoned en masse in open-air prison camps in the middle of nowhere. They are told they are not prisoners, but they must sign in three times per day, and the prison camp is so far from any neighboring city that it is impossible to leave on foot. Moreover, when African refugees collectively decide to leave in protest of the concentration camp conditions in which they are involuntarily held, the army violently stops them. In response, African refugees are now going on hunger strike.

Israel’s modus operandi for dealing with this supposed refugee “problem” has been to trade African asylum-seekers with other countries in exchange for weapons. It goes without saying that such a decision bears striking and grotesque resemblances to slavery. (It might also, significantly, be herein noted that the US is complicit in this neo-slavery process, as the weapons Israel is exchanging for human beings may very well have been bought with the US’ over $100 billion of military aid.)

Even African Jews are not immune from this intense, unmitigated racism. Israel has admitted to forcibly sterilizing Ethiopian Jews, in an action that some argue constitutes the legal definition of genocide. Magen David Adom, the “Israeli Red Cross,” has refused to take blood donations from one of its own country’s Members of Knesset, Pnina Tamano-Shata, referring to it as “the special kind of Jewish-Ethiopian blood” they avoid.

Scholar Hanan Chehata has thoroughly detailed Israel’s “overt racism” against and segregation of African Jews, calling the ethnocracy the “promised land for Jews … as long as they’re not black.” The chief rabbi of Petach Tikvah (a “sister city” of Chicago) went to so far as to refuse to wed Ethiopian Jews, because he doubted that they were truly Jewish. Clearly, Israel’s white supremacist Zionism leads to its own despicable form of anti-Semitism.

The prison camp Lia Tarachansky has reported on for months is the Holot detention center, where many of these refugees are held, as detailed above. Tarachansky exposes the conditions these asylum seekers must endure with chilling video footage for The Real News:

Under Israel’s so-called “Infiltrators Law”—so named because Israeli politicians refer to African refugees as “infiltrators”—the government can put asylum-seekers in the camp for up to 20 months. A refugee told The Guardian that Israel is “sending people to Holot just because they’re Sudanese or Eritrean and you’re black, and that’s it, not because you’re a criminal, not because of any other reason. If they’re Sudanese they have to go to Holot. … Police are rounding up the people without due process.” Another asylum seeker reveals that Israelis call Africans “sh*t” and “garbage” and “say we’re not human beings.” In Holot, a detainee lamented “There is no freedom here.”

Israeli human rights organizations have petitioned against the “Infiltrator Laws,” which they say are openly racist and harsh. In September 2014, the Israeli High Court ruled that the concentration camp-like facility must be closed in 90 days, but Knesset Interior and Environment Committee Chair Miri Regev, of the ruling right-wing Likud party, has vowed to keep it open. As of February 2015, it continues to operate.

In response to the High Court’s mandate to close Holot, Israelis filled the streets for one of the many anti-African rallies in the country. In this march, Israelis carried ISIS-style flags, chanting “N*ggers go home” and “Sudanese to Sudan, Eritreans to Sudan”—a country where civil war has been raging for years. Israelis also shouted at African refugees lines such as “May you get AIDS, you whore. … May you be raped, you maniac. You’ll get raped and get AIDS. I spit on you, you garbage. May you be raped, you whore.” Protesters also called Israelis who defend the refugees “whores,” and a man in video footage taken by David Sheen can be seen shouting, in English, “F*ck you motherf*cker, piece of sh*t. Go back to Africa. We hate you as much as we can. Go back to Africa.”

According to Sheen, anti-black racism continues to get worse, not better: “Israel’s anti-African dragnet tightens.” For three years in a row, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has topped Sheen’s “list of Israel’s racist ringleaders.” Members of Netanyahu’s administration blame African refugees for the spread of diseases—in a disturbing parallel to past anti-Semitic myths—and speak of them as “a cancer in our body,” leading violent anti-African demonstrations where racist Israelis brutalize innocent African passerby. On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, in his annual video message to the country, Netanyahu bragged of his crackdown on African asylum-seekers.

Many, if not most, of the African refugees in Israel cannot return to their homeland, where they would face violence, war, or even death. In 2013, the Israeli government secretly deported thousands of Sudanese refugees to Sudan, in spite of threats to their lives. It did not inform the UNHCR that it was doing so, in flagrant contravention of international law.

About Ben Norton
Ben is a freelance writer and journalist. His work has been published in CounterPunch, Electronic Intifada, Common Dreams, ThinkProgress, and ZNet, among other publications. His website can be found at Follow him on Twitter at @BenjaminNorton.
Other posts by Ben Norton.

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Old March 28th, 2015 #43
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First they gained control over the Money supply. Before Jews established "The Federal Reserve" to regulate America's money supply they weren't nearly as Powerful as after they seized control of American banking through the Establishment of the "Federal Reserve".
Old July 3rd, 2015 #44
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Default Why are Jewish groups “scampering” to save Muslim refugees?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 1, 2015

But, now that I know more, it is not too complicated to answer—they are doing it because they are politically-correct hard Leftists working to change America, and they are doing it for the money they receive from the US taxpayer to resettle Muslims in America.

I’m speaking specifically here of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), one of the groups mentioned in this editorial in the Jewish Voice entitled: HIAS & ADL Spend Jewish $$ to Bring Muslims to the US?

Regular readers know that HIAS is one of nine major federal resettlement contractors colonizing and changing your towns and cities.
We also learned last December that HIAS has dropped the word “Hebrew” from its name! Go figure!

President and CEO of HIAS, Mark Hetfield, pulls down a salary and related income package of about $300,000 a year to save Muslim refugees among others.
Old August 17th, 2015 #45
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Simple answers are the ones that work. Almost half the African immigrants need welfare to survive. Building a high wall is futile, without freebies they will stay at home. But millions are already here, they must be gotten rid of. Shooting violent criminals without trial will greatly reduce undesirables. Low level Jews don't want more immigration, it floods their community and causes them to flee.
Old September 3rd, 2015 #46
Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

Israeli NGO sending team to help refugees in Europe

IsraAid chief says that ‘as a nation that suffered the atrocities of the Holocaust, we can’t not extend a hand to help’ BY TAMAR PILEGGI

September 3, 2015, 3:45 pm 2

Israeli aid agency IsraAid said Thursday that it would send a team to the European countries grappling with the largest influx of refugees to the Continent since World War II.

The civilian disaster organization will provide food and supplies, as well as assisting authorities and local organizations to improve the psychosocial well-being of the refugees and assist in absorption efforts, the organization said.

“As a nation that has suffered the atrocities of the Holocaust, and routinely stands in the face of threats, we can’t not extend a hand to help the tens of thousands of asylum seekers looking for refuge after fleeing the atrocities in the Middle East and Africa,” IsraAid’s founding director Shachar Zehavi said in a statement.

Europe is struggling to deal with the influx of 350,000 refugees — mostly displaced Syrians fleeing the brutality of the Islamic State militants and the ongoing civil war — who have risked their lives crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe. The trend shows no sign of slowing as war and turmoil across the Middle East and North Africa drive millions of people from their homes.
Old September 5th, 2015 #47
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Old September 7th, 2015 #48
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Muzzies and Africans Flooding Europe By The Day

The subversive Jews and Marxist traitors among our own kind are now flooding Europe with Dune Coon Semite Muslims from the Middle East, right along with hundreds of thousands of BLACK AFRICANS still coming in from Libya.

Folks, we’re talking about Europe no longer being White lands AT ALL. Right before our very eyes, the GD filthy NWO Jews are freely destroying our lands!

All week long the stinking Jew media in the US has been running that photo of a “poor little three year-old boy drowned trying to make it to freedom in a tiny rowboat with his family.” You see how they jerk our emotional chains on a daily basis? Just watch the dinner time news on any channel. Ask yourself how come they never show photos of dead little Palestinian children killed by Israeli bombs, like GD ever?

Don’t you see what these devious Jews have done and are still doing to us? By using White people’s very own good graces against ourselves, they set up the “PC” diversity BS to confuse and undermine our race, so we would eventually commit racial suicide. Subversive Jews are doing this across the board — from abortion, faggotry and all kinds of sick crap perfectly suited to keep our numbers down, to promoting us to mate ourselves away with any other race. Don’t you get it by now? It’s been a long-running GENOCIDE program on us White people.


The media is even mixing and matching footage because they don’t even care anymore. I saw a report on the so-called refugees in Hungary demonstrating to get on the trains to Germany and then ABC cut to shots of “yearning to be free” Africans crowded aboard boats in the Mediterranean getting saved by the Italian navy, or whatever NWO Globalist big buck outfit trying to help them get to Europe.

These Africans are not refugees from ISIS or Syrian president Assad (allied with Iran — hence mortal enemy of Israel who must be removed), but simply just lazy bastards trying to get to Europe to live the easy life on the public dole.

This BS has been going on for years now. International Jewry has been steadily brainwashing Whites with this diversity and multicultural crap for decades. You can turn on the GD TV and see it on display practically right away!

It’s just incredible what idiot liberals and Globalist Jewry has done to Sweden with this BS. Please watch the short video below and listen carefully to what the guy is saying. Just think about that once beautiful White Nordic nation. This is being done to the US right now. Diversity and PC has all been a huge dirty trick on White people. Plain and simple.

This is not just Muslim “war refugees” from Syria and Iraq, but a two-pronged attack on our lands. African blacks are also coming from Libya into Italy and Spain. Quiet NWO organizations are spearheading payments to smugglers and even financing operations on the high seas to help these invaders. In fact, European Union and United Nations offices are in Africa right at this moment urging blacks to make the trip to our lands.

White people: This is a purposeful effort, no doubt whatsoever. The “nice guy” PC BS, the never-ending black victimhood narrative and, of course, all the years of holocaust and Hitler crap has been designed from the start with this in mind.

To rob us of our own lands!

White America: The Jews are doing all this to our lands right this very moment. Isn’t it time to speak out to everyone around you? We need to warn our fellow Whites as to what these filthy GD Jews have been up to!
Old September 7th, 2015 #49
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Its too fucking bad that BRITAIN declared war on Germany and THE US pushed germany into declaring war on US for JEWISH sakes!
Old September 10th, 2015 #50
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Robbie Key

Why Jews support tsunami-gration: What’s bad for Europeans must be good for the Jews
SEPTEMBER 10, 2015 AT 1:20 AM

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery – As Dr. Duke has stated numerous times on his radio show, people often challenge his assertion that Jews are the driving force behind opening the borders in Europe to Muslim immigration. They cannot imagine why European Jews wouldn’t oppose the further increase in a minority that has been the source of considerable violence against Jews, such as the multiple attacks this past January that included Charlie Hebdo.

The article below from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency makes it crystal clear that the Jewish community is united in favor of accepting the ongoing invasion of migrants. In fact, they are dropping the “H-bomb” — Holocaust guilt. Count how many references to the Holocaust, Hitler, and the Nazis there are in the article below. The not-so-subtle message is that Europe must atone for the Holocaust by opening its borders and
providing welfare for millions of permanent immigrants.

The article acknowledges that the immigrants likely harbor “anti-semitic” attitudes.

They know that some European Jews may become victims of these same immigrants.

But think about it. Some American Jews are victims of black street criminals, but that doesn’t stop Jewish media moguls from pushing gangsta rap that glorifies drugs and violence among black youth. Some American Jews are victimized by the immigrant criminals Trump famously complains about, but Jews are all for bringing in more immigrants.

The fact is that Jews, as a group, have always been willing to sacrifice some of their own in order to achieve their goals. David Ben Gurion, the legendary first Prime Minister of Israel, famously stated that he would rather save only half the Jewish children in Nazi Germany by having them come to Palestine (where he need them to create a Jewish state) than save them all by sending them to Britain.

So in the final calculus, it doesn’t matter that this tsunami of Muslim immigrants may make Europe unlivable for Jews, at least for the ones who dress in black and are easily identified. They might as well move to Israel anyway, leaving just the elite at the commanding heights of European society. (Remember, when 90% of Soviet Jews emigrated during the 80s and 90s, Jewish power in Russia actually INCREASED.)

What really matters to Europe’s Jewish leaders is that millions of Muslim immigrants will make Europe unlivable for Europeans. Because what’s bad for the Europeans must be good for the Jews. Right?

European Jews, mindful of risks, urge aid to refugees
By Cnaan LiphshizSeptember 8, 2015 1:08pm

(JTA) — When he looks into the tired eyes of the Syrian refugees now flooding Europe’s borders, Guy Sorman is reminded of his father, Nathan, who fled Germany for France just months before Adolf Hitler came to power.

“He wanted to go to the United States. Visa declined. He tried Spain, same result. He ended up in France, neither welcome nor deported,” Sorman wrote last week in an Op-Ed in Le Monde in which he argued that Europe should learn from its abandonment of the Jews during the Holocaust and accommodate the stream of migrants pouring through its borders from the war-torn Middle East.

Sorman’s view is not uncommon among European Jews, many of them living in societies still grappling with a sense of collective guilt for their indifference to the Nazi genocide — or complicity in it. At a Holocaust memorial event in Paris on Sunday, French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia urged Europe’s leaders to match the actions of non-Jews who saved Jews from the Nazis by welcoming Syrian refugees.

Yet as many European Jews rush to the refugees’ aid in word and deed, some worry that letting them stay may further contribute to the anti-Semitic violence driving Jews to leave Europe, much of it perpetrated by immigrants from the Middle East. Eager to exploit such fears, ISIS claimed in July that it had sent 1,000 fighters to infiltrate Europe as refugees.

“Some of these new immigrants — the Syrians and Iraqis especially — have been taught to hate Jews,” Henri Gutman, president of the left-leaning Belgian Jewish cultural group CCLJ, wrote in an Op-Ed published Aug. 31 on the organization’s website. “We risk further increases in anti-Semitism.”

While urging “generosity” toward the refugees, Gutman said Europeans must observe “imperatives of defense” against Islamism. The Central Jewish Organization of the Netherlands, where two elderly Holocaust survivors were hospitalized recently following an assault by robbers who appeared to be Middle Eastern immigrants, spoke to a similar tension in a statement from its chairman, Ron van der Wieken.

While “aware that some Middle Eastern refugees harbor very negative feelings toward Jews … Jews cannot withdraw support from those in need and fleeing serious violence,” van der Wieken wrote. He urged Holland to devise a “charitable” refugee policy.
Such tension even exists for some of the hundreds of Jews helping the refugees on the ground in Hungary, Austria, Italy and beyond.

“As Eastern European Jews, we carry the knowledge of how it feels like to flee our homes,” said Zoltan Radnoti, the newly elected chairman of the rabbinical board of the Mazsihisz umbrella group of Hungarian Jewish communities. “Still, I help the refugees with fear that I am helping send danger to other Jews in Europe. I know some of the refugees may have fired on our [Israeli] soldiers. Others would have done so in a heartbeat. I know. But I am duty bound to help.”

In Hungary, the main point of entry for a wave of refugees that authorities have only partially been able to check since its onset last month, approximately 150 Jews are involved in a relief operation mounted by local Jewish communities. On Friday, Mazsihisz set up three collection depots in Budapest Jewish institutions from which it delivered approximately half a ton of food, clothes and other necessities to migrants.

The community also collected $5,000 to buy diapers, medicine and water.

In Italy, the Jewish community of Milan threw open the doors of its Holocaust museum last month to accommodate homeless migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

And in Brussels, Menachen Margolin, a Chabad rabbi and director of the European Jewish Association lobby group, is preparing to lead a delegation of rabbis this week to deliver food and nonperishables to the refugees.

Such actions are part of a wider popular reaction in Europe to the migrant problem. It’s an issue that has worried immigration authorities for more than 20 years, but the wars in Syria and Iraq along with instability elsewhere in the region brought the crisis to a head last month, as tens of thousands began pouring into the European Union from Serbia.

In some cases, border guards were unable to stop the masses from crossing. In Hungary, authorities helped the masses move westward to wealthier EU countries, a policy consistent with right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s claim that the migrants are “a German problem” because that’s where the refugees “would like to go.” The move flouts EU rules that make refugees the responsibility of the first member state they reach.

On Tuesday, Germany vowed to absorb 500,000 refugees per year – far beyond the figure pledged by other members.

Some 340,000 people have immigrated from the Middle East into Europe in 2015 alone, according to EU figures.

Some of the volunteers were jarred into action by the image of Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach on Sept. 2. Aylan’s father was the only member of his family who survived when its boat capsized en route from Turkey to Greece. The gruesome sight followed the discovery the previous week of 71 bodies in a truck abandoned on an Austrian highway.

But for Julia Kaldori, a Hungarian-born Jew who divides her time between Vienna and Budapest, the trigger was less shocking.

“I started seeing people convening at train stations in Budapest,” said Kaldori, the editor of Wina, the monthly publication of the Jewish Community of Vienna. “I began talking to some of them, and I couldn’t help becoming involved.”

Kaldori says she is aware that statistically, Middle Eastern immigrants are responsible for most of the violence driving French Jews to leave in record numbers — nearly 7,000 in 2014 alone. But “when you look into their eyes, the refugee issue stops being a demographic issue,” she said.

Kaldori hopes that having been helped by Jews, refugees with anti-Jewish views may reconsider. But Radnoti, the rabbi from Budapest, says he is less hopeful. Instead, he cites the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the sinner cities that Abraham had pleaded with God to spare.

“If there are but five righteous souls in that group,” Radnoti said, “then we must do what we can to save them.”
Old September 18th, 2015 #51
Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

Jewish Groups Call On President Obama To Take In Syrian Refugees

"How can a nation built by refugees from political persecution turn our back on refugees fleeing religious and political persecution."

Religion News ServiceBy Jacob Wirtschafter
Posted: 09/17/2015 10:11 AM EDT

LOS ANGELES (RNS) Advocates for Syrian refugee resettlement found unexpected allies as major Jewish groups have called on President Obama to open America’s gates to 100,000 asylum seekers from the war-torn Arab nation.

The American Jewish resettlement agency HIAS has launched a petition drive calling on Obama to resettle 100,000 Syrians in the U.S., and Reform rabbis pledged to make refugee assistance a key theme for High Holiday sermons and congregational activism.

Jewish American groups, saying they can’t be bystanders as the worst refugee crisis since World War II unfolds, are joining Arab-American leaders in a critique of existing policies, which have sharply limited the numbers of refugees settled in the United States.

“How can a nation built by refugees from political persecution turn our back on refugees fleeing religious and political persecution,” said Reform leader Rabbi Rick Jacobs in a letter sent Friday (Sept. 11) to Obama and congressional leaders.

Only about 1,500 Syrian refugees have been admitted to the U.S. since the start of the civil war in 2011. The Obama administration announced Thursday(Sept. 10) that it would accept 10,000 refugees in the coming fiscal year.

“We know what it is like to be denied entry, to be turned back at borders, to be put into camps. We also know now what it is like to have a refuge,” said Rabbi Malcolm Cohen of Las Vegas’ Temple Sinai.

HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield said the request for additional Syrian refugees is also a matter of ensuring Israel’s safety.

“The crisis in Syria threatens to destabilize Jordan, Lebanon, and perhaps even Turkey and Egypt,” he said. “This cannot be good for Israel.”

Technically, Israel and Syria have been at war since 1948, and while Jerusalem has provided medical treatment to hundreds of injured Syrian civilians and anti-government rebels, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected calls for his country to shelter refugees.

Akram Abusharar, a Gaza-born immigration attorney who handles approximately 80 Syrian asylum cases per month at his office in Anaheim, Calif.’s “Little Arabia,” said the initiative could be very helpful.

“The Jewish community has more capacity to move the politicians on this issue than the Arab-American community,” said Abusharar.

“I have 119 cases for Syrians pending at the asylum office in Anaheim,” he added. “They’re not a priority for the INS. Refugees could wait up to two years to be called for an interview.”

Authorities move more rapidly on applicants coming from Mexico and Central America, he said.

Obama has focused the Syria narrative on the Islamic State group instead of on the humanitarian disaster, according to Suzanne Akhras, founder of the Syrian American Medical Society, which works to provide medical assistance to refugees in the Middle East as well as partnering with interfaith leaders in Chicago’s Jewish community to resettle 12 refugee families on that city’s North Side.

“HIAS has consistently called for more resettlement and pushed back against discriminatory rhetoric opposing the opening of doors to Syrian refugees,” said Omar Hossino, public relations director for the Syrian American Council in Washington, D.C.
Old September 18th, 2015 #52
Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

Recalling failure to save Jews, Swiss Jewish leader urges refugee relief

September 18, 2015 8:24am

(JTA) — Citing Switzerland’s refusal to take in greater numbers of Jews during the Holocaust, the president of its Federation of Jewish Communities urged his government to take in migrants from the Middle East.

Federation president Herbert Winter’s plea, titled “Refugees: No, the Boat is not Full,” was published Tuesday in the Les Temps daily.

While thousands of Jews found refuge in neutral Switzerland from the Nazi genocide, “thousands also were turned away at the borders and murdered in concentration camps,” Winter wrote.

The Swiss are “privileged” to have good economic circumstances and “morally obligated to act for those less fortunate,” wrote Winter, who cited the integration of Swiss Jewry into society as proof that host countries benefit from immigration as much as the newcomers.

More than 340,000 migrants, many of them refugees, have crossed over to Europe from the Middle East this year, according to the European Union’s border authority. The flow has increased drastically in recent weeks, as tens of thousands entered through Hungary and Slovenia.

Jewish European groups, including the Central Jewish Organization of the Netherlands, urged European governments to act generously toward refugees from Syria and Iraq, who make up a large portion of the migrants. Some of the same groups also urged vigilance to prevent terrorism and an increase in anti-Semitic violence as a result of the stream of immigrants.

In Hungary alone, some 150 Jews are involved in relief operations for refugees, according to the Mazsihisz umbrella group of Jewish communities. And in Britain, some 150 young Jews last week took part in a march in London in support of refugees.

Separately in the Netherlands, a Jewish hotel owner, Benoit Wesly, said this week he would house refugees in two rooms in each of his two hotels in the southern city of Maastricht, where they would also receive free meals. “Entrepreneurs must do something to solve this problem,” he told RTL broadcaster.
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Default Ewmerica to bring in nearly 200,000 third world savages

John “Kohn” Kerry Jewmerica’s current Secretary of State has said that roughly 200,000 third world savages are going to be brought into the country.

This is because we have to fight them over there so we can bring them over here or something.

All I know is that America’s foreign policy is run by Jews, so this is why this stupidity keeps happening. The country already has enough problems and this is just going to add to them.
Scrambling to address a growing Syrian refugee crisis, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced Sunday that the United States would significantly increase the number of worldwide migrants it takes in over the next two years, though not by nearly the amount many activists and former officials have urged.

The U.S. will accept 85,000 refugees from around the world next year, up from 70,000, and that total would rise to 100,000 in 2017, Kerry said at news conference with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier after they discussed the mass migration of Syrians fleeing their civil war.
Many, though not all, of the additional refugees would be Syrian, American officials have said. Others would come from strife-torn areas of Africa. The White House had previously announced it intended to take in 10,000 additional Syrian refugees over the next year.
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Default On Jews, History and “Refugees”

Andrew Joyce 9/15/2015

snippet ..In the United States, organized Jewry is working hard to get the government to take in more “refugees,” and is using its own fabricated “refugee” history as moral leverage for this activism.

But the supposed altruism of these Jews is as false and misleading as the “refugee” history they continue to scam the masses with.

Often these links are organic. One of the most prominent Jewish organizations working to bring Syrians to the United States is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), founded in 1881 to assist the masses of Jewish economic migrants masquerading as refugees fleeing" baby-roasting, breast-hacking Russians".

HIAS has come a long way from its days organizing protests on behalf of the “persecuted Jews of Russia,” and it has chalked up many successes in the effort to break up Western ethnic homogeneity.

Along with other Jewish organizations, it played a prominent role in overturning America’s 1921 Immigration Act, opening the nation up to vastly increased Third World immigration.

In addition to its world headquarters in New York City, HIAS maintains offices in Buenos Aires, Djabal and Goz Amir, Chad, Nairobi, Quito, Ecuador, and Tel Aviv.

Since its beginnings, this organization has been party to the immigration of more than 4.5 million individuals, the vast majority of them Jews and non-Whites, to the United States and other White nations around the world.

And despite its high-flown rhetoric (“Welcome the Stranger; Protect the Stranger“),
Leonard Glickman, former HIAS president and CEO, is quite aware that what his organization is doing is good for the Jews.

As he once put it, when asked why his organization was importing Somali Muslims: “The more diverse American society is the safer [Jews] are.”

(HIAS has had remarkably little success in resettling non-Jewish refugees to Israel.)
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Robbie Key

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Default The Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project

By Benjamin Garland


Here’s the Jews meeting in Israel back in 2013, over “European integration.” Can you believe the absolute gall these people have, thinking they have the right to decide what to do with our White lands politically and racially? Just stop and think of the sheer hypocrisy in holding such a conference in a country that openly calls itself a “Jewish country” and actively works to deport non-Jews, like black Sudanese refugees who somehow manage to get into Israel. (Incog)

“Europe must be mixed and mongrelized with third world savages in order for Whites to atone for the unforgivable sin of allowing God’s Chosen to be harmed.

A grinning Sharon Pardo rubs his shekel-grubbing hands together during a meeting, probably after just hearing a report on Europe taking in more non-White immigrants. Jew supremacists like this ugly little creep, have long felt free as a bird conspiring among each other to trash the racial makeup of White countries — just look at that nervy Jew bastard! (Incog)

I’ve recently come across an interesting document (found here)
which details a conference that took place in Israel on May 7, 2013, called the “Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project.”

It is comprised of transcripts of the talks given by the various Jews and European representatives who were at the conference, which was sponsored by Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and is well worth a read.

Dr. Sharon Pardo , in his “welcoming remarks,” begins the conference with a deluge of sickening praise for the Jews as “Europe’s Chosen People” and the “essence of Europeaness.”

An example of a reason given for this praise is that “the Jews in the twentieth century were the principal cosmopolitan, integrating element in central Europe: They were its intellectual cement, a condensed version of its spirit, creators of its spiritual unity,” but mostly it is predicated on the fact that they are and have been the main promoters and instigators of the ‘multiculturalizing’ of Europe – i.e. the forced integration and destruction of the identity, culture, and traditions of the indigenous White Europeans, who are now, thanks to this multiculturalism, likely to be replaced by an Islamic caliphate that will, in all probability, be defined by crime-ridden slums, terrorism, mass rape and brutal, long term internecine warfare.

Imagine holding an international conference in which European speakers claimed that Whites are “Israel’s Chosen People” and the “essence of Hebrewness” due to their leading role in the destruction of Jewish identity and the forced integration of millions of Blacks and Moslems into Israel, and you’ll have an idea of just how absurd and offensive this all is.

The message and tone of the document is essentially that because of the alleged Jewish Holocaust, Europe must be mixed and mongrelized with third world savages in order for Whites to atone for the unforgivable sin of allowing God’s Chosen to be harmed.

This mongrelization and deliberate destruction of European identity and the White race has always been the goal of the EU. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, whose ideas were inspiration for the EU and the European “integration project,” wrote in his book Practical Idealism that

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

Kalergi referred to the Jews as “a spiritual nobility of Europe,” and claimed that emancipation from their ghettos was a gift from Providence that “provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit.”

I wish it could be said that Kalergi’s plan for a mongrelized Europe ruled by Jews was just some sort of paranoid, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, but it does unfortunately appears to be a reality – one that this document only serves to bolster. The speech transcripts provided therein give the typical kvetching over the threat of anti-Semitism you would expect out of such a conference, as well as some history of important Jews who have been instrumental in making the EU’s “integration project” a reality, such as Walter Rathenau and Fritz Bauer.

Bauer is praised for his role as prosecutor in the second Auschwitz trial of 1963-65 where he successfully transferred guilt for the alleged genocide of the Jews from the NSDAP leadership onto not just Germans, but all Europeans collectively. That is, of course, a much more beneficial outcome for the Jews, as it helps to place them above reproach and at the same time morally disarms their European competitors, and so that is why Bauer is celebrated, specifically:

The crime against humanity committed by Germans has become in a large measure thanks to Fritz Bauer’s efforts, an essential part of the German as well as European collective historical memory. Without him the German public would have continued to live in silence about the Nazi crimes for much longer.

Bauer is praised for his role as prosecutor in the second Auschwitz trial of 1963-65 where he successfully transferred guilt for the alleged genocide of the Jews from the NSDAP leadership onto not just Germans, but all Europeans collectively. That is, of course, a much more beneficial outcome for the Jews, as it helps to place them above reproach and at the same time morally disarms their European competitors, and so that is why Bauer is celebrated, specifically:

The crime against humanity committed by Germans has become in a large measure thanks to Fritz Bauer’s efforts, an essential part of the German as well as European collective historical memory. Without him the German public would have continued to live in silence about the Nazi crimes for much longer.

The most shocking segment of the document is by Michael Mertes who is not a Jew, but rather is a self-hating German. Mertes is apparently so wracked with racial guilt and hatred for his own German people that he claims to feel “a deep discomfort at symbols of collective pride such as the national flag, the national anthem, and national solemnities.”

Mertes describes the driving force behind the European integration project, with its philo-Semitic and anti-nationalistic overtones, as follows:

Nationalism (at any rate its ethnocentric version) had identified the Jews as an alien minority, excluded them from the Volksgemeinschaft – the national community – and finally treated them as enemies who had no right to life. In that sense, the fight against nationalism and the fight against anti-Semitism have always been two sides of the same coin.

Thus the project of knocking down European borders and making Whites a minority in their own countries in order to secure perpetual safety for Jews is a necessity that supersedes any possible negative consequences that may result from that project, and so Mertes enthusiastically and energetically works toward that end.

To put it in perspective, this was a German sitting in the highly nationalistic and hyper-racist State of Israel, quite literally plotting the extermination of his own people as retribution for the Holocaust – an event alleged to have taken place over 70 years ago by individuals who are no longer alive. Also bear in mind that Israel is an ethnically homogeneous state which expels non-Jews regularly and requires a DNA test for citizenship.

Mertes even goes so far as to pledge that if the Jewish led forced integration/genocide of Europeans were to cause a significant backlash an emergency law that will suspend nationalists’ right to vote, which he refers to as a “nuclear option,” could very well be put into effect:

Should the Euro crisis considerably strengthen right-wing extremist parties that openly advocate anti-foreigner policies and an anti-Semitic worldview, Article 7 could become a serious option.

Article 7 is cited as follows:

[The] Council, acting by a majority of four fifths of its members after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament, may determine that there is a clear risk of a serious breach by a Member State of the values referred to in Article 2. … [The Council] may decide to suspend certain of the rights deriving from the application of the Treaties to the Member State in question, including the voting rights of the representative of the government of that Member State in the Council.

That they will bomb a country into oblivion if it goes nationalist, using the alleged Holocaust as the pretext, is also heavily implied by Mertes, with Serbia given as an example:

[T]here could be situations where the imperatives “Never again war!” and “Never again genocide!” were mutually incompatible, and that the imperative “Never again genocide!” had to be given moral priority in case of doubt. When the “red-green” German government of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (a Social Democrat) decided in early 1999 to participate in NATO’s military campaign against Serbia to protect the ethnic Albanians of Kosovo, Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer (a founding member of the pacifist Green Party) justified that step by citing the imperative “Never again Auschwitz!

“[T]he Shoah has had a strong, and even increasing, impact on European integration,” says Mertes, reassuring the Jews that “the fight against anti-Semitism has become a number one priority on the agenda of European elites and institutions.”

The implications of these statements are very ominous indeed.

What Mertes and other European leaders like him are doing by putting a foreign peoples interests above that of their own like this, is committing high treason, by any reasonable definition; as well as genocide, by the official U.N. definition:

Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

An ambassador from Spain, Alvaro Albacete, gives a similar talk, while using the history of the Inquisition as the moral pretext for allowing mass immigration into Spain in particular and the so-called Holocaust for Europe in general.

These themes are very revealing considering the nature of the conference. The European representatives did not simply talk about how they thought integration was a good thing, and about how great it was that Europe was well on its way to becoming a big wonderful multicultural utopia, and then thank the Jews for their central role in bringing this about; instead, they made statements such as this:

it is a particularly relevant government initiative of Spain . . . to address the reform of the criminal law regarding public incitement to violence or hatred, directed against a group defined by their religion or belief, descent or ethnic origin (anti-Semitism in the strict sense), as well as publicly condoning, denying or trivializing crimes of genocide (Holocaust denial).

And this:

Spain is not an anti-Semitic country. But there is some anti-Semitism in Spain. Hate speech is corrosive and contagious, and the moral corruption that it involves turns easily through demagogic speeches. For this reason, we must be as clear as our language permits us: Anti-Semitism, or any other type of discrimination have no place in the twenty-first century world in which we stand. This is what we want for Spain, and for the entire European continent.

It does not take a genius to read between the lines of the statements quoted above to understand what forced integration is really all about: It is not because “diversity” is an actual strength, or because there is a low birth-rate among Europeans, or about altruistically helping out “refugees” in need; it is about destroying Europe and Europeans as revenge for the Holocaust – as punishment – and to prevent them from ever having the capability of organizing and rising up to wrest political control away from the Jews back into the hands of their own people again, as did the Germans in the 1930s.

That is also, I will note, the only thing that really makes any sense. Diversity is most certainly not a strength, it is a weakness, as all data prove, and as anyone can see; a low birth rate could be fixed through simple government incentive programs; and most of these so-called “refugees” are a) not really even from war torn countries anyway and b) healthy men of military age who – if their country really is at war – should be at home fighting rather than invading Europe and demanding free everything.

The Jews not wanting Europeans to have the capability of voting in an anti-Jewish government ever again, on the other hand, makes perfect sense – and so far they have been doing a very good job at accomplishing this goal.

The game isn’t quite over yet, though.

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Roger Bannon

Found this gem in a comments section.

The Western elite, especially in Europe, got into power by pushing peace, harmony, equal opportunity, and multiculturalism, but beneath these feel-good concepts includes the blueprint for destruction of the very force that threatens their power: nationalism. Introducing massive numbers of Muslims, Mexicans, or destitute Somalian refugees into your nation reduces the likelihood that you will look to your neighbor and see someone like you, a brother-in-arms who can help you rise up against the cyclical inevitability of a corrupt government ruling over you.

Now that you see a dozen different colors surrounding you on the subway and in the Starbucks, some of whom are looking at you suspiciously, you feel distrustful of these outsiders because they have a different background and belief system than you do. You find yourself in a diluted world culture with standardized gadgets, entertainment, and government-friendly talking points conveniently disseminated by all media outlets. Now instead of looking to your neighbor to help fight against governmental oppression, you will seek comfort in your own amusements, Facebook feeds, internet memes, and legalized marijuana. You turn inwards to satisfy your hedonistic needs while allowing the government to run over your rights and push policies that you feel increasingly helpless to fight in your social isolation.

This is all done by design. The liberal governments of the West will allow the collateral damage of terrorist acts because they need those immigrants to defeat the greater threat to their power: national identity. Destroy the culture and you remove a citizen’s motivation to fight for a nation he would have given his life for not three generation ago. Immigration must not stop because the liberal elite must maintain their power, and the useful idiots in the media and academia will continue spinning the narrative required to ensure that happens. The death of twelve lives or 1,200 is inconsequential.
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Roger Bannon

Israel is a reluctant host to 46,437 African asylum seekers predominantly from Eritrea (73%) and Sudan (19%) and a small minority (8%) arriving from several other African countries. The state policy toward asylum seekers (particularly Eritreans and Sudanese) is one of temporary non-deportation, officially referred to as “group protection.” Asylum seekers in Israel are denied basic rights and access to social services and the government of Israel has employed various policies to pressure asylum seekers to leave – including indefinite arbitrary detention, refusal to accept and review asylum claims, limitation of access to basic state-sponsored services, incitement and coerced repatriation. The Supreme Court of Israel has, in two distinct decisions, affirmed that the State’s treatment of African asylum seekers is unacceptable and violates fundamental laws concerning human dignity and liberty. The Court insisted on a comprehensive policy that seriously tackles this issue, but the government remains noncompliant.
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Default IsraAid Opens Office in San Francisco

The Israeli government-financed foreign aid organization IsraAid has launched an office in San Francisco to recruit American Jews to come and physically assist the nonwhite invasion of Europe.

IsraAid teams have been active in Europe since 2015 when they were first spotted helping invaders ashore in Greece—even though Israel refuses to take “refugees” and expels all non-Jews trying to enter that country illegally.

In 2015, it was revealed that IsraAID had stationed “dozens” of full-time paid staffers along the Greek coast and further inland, whose only job was to provide material aid and support to the Third World invaders coming ashore, and to help them on into Germany.

Now a new article in the J Weekly newspaper, which is one of the main Jewish publications in the San Francisco area, has revealed that the aid agency is to open its first U.S. office in that city.

Addressing a crowd of people at the new office, Israeli Yotam Polizer, IsraAid’s 31-year-old “global partnership director,” spoke about the organization’s work and, according to the J Weekly, sought to “drum up volunteers and financial support.”

“The refugee crisis is so different. Every day, thousands of them arrive [on the Greek island of Lesbos]. They are greeted by the last people they expect to see — Israeli volunteers. Doctors and nurses, Jewish and Arab,” Polizer was quoted as saying.

The paper went on to point out that a large number of Muslims living in San Francisco had already volunteered to help the Jewish aid agency in bringing the invaders into Europe.

“There are a lot of people here today from the Muslim community. We need your help,” Polizer said.

The choice of San Francisco as the group’s first North American outpost was no accident, Polizer said. “There’s a lot of interest among young Bay Area Jews in social justice work,” he said, adding that “more than 65 local volunteers have joined IsraAid relief teams working with Syrian refugees in Greek island camps just this past year.”

Last November I gave a talk at Stanford, and two students came up to me afterwards saying they wanted to volunteer with us in Greece,” he told J Weekly.

“Usually we take professionals — nurses, doctors, engineers — but in the refugee camps we need people to pull refugees off the boats.”

And it wasn’t just those two students, but their mothers as well, who joined IsraAid teams in Greece. They shared their experiences on Facebook, and interest snowballed — more people from the Bay Area volunteered, Polizer was invited to speak in other local venues, and the Bay Area-based Koret Foundation stepped in as a major funder four months ago.

“They realized this is a great way to get to young unaffiliated Jews,” Polizer explained. “Humanitarian work speaks to them. It’s a way to reconnect them to their Jewish identity and to Israel. They want to join, and it makes them proud of Israel.”

The San Francisco office will enable IsraAid staff to reach out more effectively to recruit Bay Area volunteers, Polizer said, and will also give the group access to Silicon Valley companies, many of which want to get more involved in social justice work but don’t always know how.

Polizer was quick to emphasize the pride he feels in the organization’s roots as a Jewish and an Israel-based humanitarian organization.

“We are very proud of our Israeli identity,” he said. “People on the left and the right ask me why aren’t we more involved in Israeli problems. I say, we are supporting Israel by building these partnerships with non-typical allies, like the United Nations.”

Another speaker at the meeting was one Mir Aamir, described as a “Pakistani American,” who, along with his wife had spent three days at an invader center in Berlin, “where IsraAid was providing much-needed trauma care to homeless and bereft refugees, those from Syria in particular.”

According to its own website, IsraAID is financed by, among others, the Israeli Department of Foreign Affairs—and a large number of American Jewish organizations.

While the Israeli government therefore actively funds these teams “pulling refugees off boats” in Europe, at home it is actively involved in blocking and deporting Third World “refugees”—a policy which is the exact opposite of IsraAID in Europe.

An October 2015 New York Times article revealed Israel’s police toward asylum seekers” in that country:

Israel’s policy toward African asylum seekers is to pressure them to self-deport or, as the former interior minister Eli Yishai put it, to “make their lives miserable” until they give up and let the government deport them.

As pointed out earlier, the Israelis are quite open about the reason for their hardline approach to “refugees” in Israel.

As the New York Times says, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the arrival of “refugees” posed a “demographic” risk to Israel: “If we don’t stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state,” he said.

It is, therefore, clear that the Jews understand—correctly—that a mass Third World invasion will destroy their country, and they are very open about this fact.

Nonetheless, at the very same time, they are actively funding and aiding the mass Third World invasion of Europe—knowing full well that this will destroy Europe. This cannot be an accident, and must be malicious.

the jew cries out in pain


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