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alex revision
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alex revision
Default Books Banned by "Banned Books Week"

Books Banned by "Banned Books Week"

By Michael A. Hoffman


Last week was the American Library Association’s annual “Banned Books Week,” the eponymous celebration of books forbidden by censors and pressure groups in the United States. While the event purports to focus on books deemed too dangerous for impressionable minds, the daring entries showcased this year include Huckleberry Finn and The Handmaid’s Tale, the televised version of which swept the Emmy awards earlier this month.

Missing from this largely self-congratulatory liberal exercise are the most interdicted books of our time, the contrarian World War II revisionist histories luridly emblazoned with the literary equivalent of the Mark of Cain, “Holocaust denial.”
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Michael Jeffrey
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Michael Jeffrey

I've noticed articles written by liberal outlets which celebrate the idea of reading "banned books". Decent people wish to protect children from obscene material. Liberals do not like this. Liberals and Jews believe no book should be suppressed from children due to obscenity but they believe in banning books for political ends. Their version of freedom is speech is the freedom to promote filth, rather than a free flow of information. It really shows the indelible lines of contrast between the two personality types, i.e., Normal person vs. Marxist.
Patriotic Dissent Books - Pro-White and 'politically incorrect' independent bookstore.
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Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.


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