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This thread belongs on Suckfront.
Free Palestine.
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eugene stoner
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eugene stoner

Ray you are correct in that my strings of babble are hard to interpret sometimes and it is EQUALLY frustrating for me,as my message and good info gets lost in the mix . This is exactly why i try not to post something unless it is good /useful info and why i rarely make posts. its also why i tender my apology for poor sentence structure, and did so in my first post or two above. I get a little to excited when it comes to arms and weapons as they are my life ,hobby and addiction . My wife says i need gun rehab! My apologies to you to longbaugh!
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As we live in rural northern Idaho, I purchase more gold then rounds.The racail anarchy here will be limited ,as compared to other mud filled areas in USA.
Their may be a problem when food runs short,but plenty of prairies to grow food and plenty of woods for protein.
Definetly like the nigger & spic mask mentioned in a post for those kindreds in muddy areas.Irony would be if you were killed while in mask by one of our own..



Originally Posted by Justin View Post
I just blew $50 on 30 rounds of ammo... 20 30-30 and 10 12ga. slugs. Then I happened to find an old CheaperThanDirt catalog from back in 2004 when I got home, and as I was glancing at the front page I saw the price of some of the ammo then, which was way less than a fifth of what it is now.

Why are the ammo companies not making more ammo and/or making new factories even? They obviously know people will buy it all, considering every shelf almost at every store is either empty or has 2-3 boxes left on it. They could be making a killing and people would be much happier, but they're probably LOSING customers to reloading suppliers.

Is there some law about how much ammo can be produced or sold in this "country" in a year or something?
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Originally Posted by Longbaugh View Post

This thread belongs on Suckfront.
Hey, I started the thred and the idea behind it isn't bad, it was just hijacked by the "no this gun is better!" 'tards.

And to Mr. Bowmont, the SCAR family comes in .223 if you choose, and FN is (in my opinion) the best gunmaker in the world, so I'll pick them for a .223 and the Bushmaster stuff for that 6.8 if they ever release it. Probably better off investing in a higher-powered gun right now anyway since "high-capacity" mags are most likely going to be banned after that incident with the kykes in AZ.

Oh, and Karl, I believe it was you who recommended the .357 over a rifle, and just fyi some of us aren't 21 yet so it's a little hard to get access to those (or if you can to get access to ammo).


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