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Old May 4th, 2012 #1
Craig Cobb
Join Date: Feb 2011
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Woodpecker Super Shorty-Conceal Carry 16.5" 3 Shot Pump 12 Gauge Made By Mechanical Engineer Mark Serbu, Famed Maker .50 Caliber

Corinne checks out on a few weapons not readily available in Connecticut. Serbu Super Shorty Shotgun, Kel-Tec PLR-16, Kel Tec PLR 22, SU-22, GemTech silencers, Beretta CX4 Storm.

The SUPER-SHORTY is based on a Mossberg Maverick (also available on Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 at additional cost) 12-gauge shotgun which came from the factory with a pistol grip. Because of this, the SUPER-SHORTY is considered an AOW (Any Other Weapon) and can be transferred with a $5 stamp! The gun holds two 2-3/4" or 3" shells in the magazine, plus one in the chamber. The 16.5" overall length, 6.5" barrel and spring-locked foregrip, which pivots out of the way when not in use, make for a very compact package. As far as we know, this is the shortest 12-gauge pump shotgun available. All parts for the SUPER-SHORTY are made in-house on our own CNC machinery using materials ideally suited to the task. All welds are done by the TIG process, and the manganese phosphate finish is MIL-spec. The SUPER-SHORTY is currently being used by various law enforcement agencies and military units worldwide. If you like the idea of concealed carry with a 12-gauge, or like a lot of "bang" in a small package, or just want the most compact breaching weapon available, then this is the gun for you. You won't find a better made AOW pump shotgun than the SUPER-SHORTY!

Product: Super Shorty **
Price: $705.00

Caliber: .50 BMG (California-legal .50 DTC also available)
Action: Single-Shot
Length: 51.5" standard, 58" for 36" barrel, carbine is 44"
Weight: 22 lbs for 29.5" std BBL, 32 lbs for 36.0" heavy BBL, 17 lbs for 22.0" carbine
Barrel: Match grade alloy steel, 1:15 twist, 29.5" (22.0" carbine), custom taper - many options available
Muzzle Brake: Highly Effective "Shark Brake". Engraving on muzzle face, $25 extra
Fire Control: AR-15 trigger and safety, custom hammer, spring-loaded firing pin. Average trigger pull is 4.0 lbs
Scope Mount: Screwed-on Picatinny rail. Optional 30MOA base is $25 extra.
Bipod: Custom BFG-50 bipod available (shown above)
Finish: Parkerized (manganese phosphate)
Availability: 2-4 weeks
The BFG-50 is constructed using the most modern manufacturing methods and is made from the highest quality MIL-spec alloy steels. The BFG-50 was designed by Mark Serbu, a degreed mechanical engineer. The design has been thoroughly proven with over 1500 rifles delivered over the past five years.

While the price of this gun is incredibly reasonable, the low quality that one usually expects with a low price is not a fact of life with the BFG-50. How can this be done? Low overhead, and a design that's optimized for manufacturability as well as performance and quality. The BFG-50 is a perfect gun for the enthusiast who has always wanted to have a .50 BMG rifle, but doesn't want to spend $3,000+ to get one.

Product: BFG-50 Standard Rifle *
Price: $2195.00
Shipping charge: $80.00


The BFG-50A is a magazine-fed, gas-operated .50 BMG rifle. It takes standard 10-round M-82 magazines. It has a 3-lug rotating bolt, dual plunger ejectors, sliding plate extractor, hydraulic recoil buffer. The bolt locks into a barrel extension which is threaded to the barrel. The bolt lug and barrel extension locking surfaces are helical. The gas system is similar to that used on a Ljungman AG-42 or MAS 49/56. As with our BFG-50 single-shot rifle, all our barrels are chambered with our own reamer design which allows surplus ammunition to be fired but gives far greater accuracy than can be achieved with barrels using a machine gun chamber. Barrel length: 26.0", overall length: 52.5". Rifle weighs 25 lbs unloaded. The BFG-50A uses a highly efficient 8-port "Shark Brake" muzzle brake. Barrel/barrel extension and handguard are removable to allow different barrel and handguard lengths and configurations.

The BFG50A is now in production with shipping started in June, 2011. MSRP is $6700 and dealer pricing is available. Please contact us to get on the waiting list if you'd like one.

Product: Semi-Automatic 50 BMG Rifle *
Price: $6700.00

Last edited by Craig Cobb; May 5th, 2012 at 12:05 AM.

mark serbu, serbu 50 caliber, super shorty 12 gauge


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