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Checkout Aryan Christianity on the Aryan Freedom Network.
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Post I'm surprised you havent been banned yet

Originally Posted by Brother_Henry View Post
Checkout Aryan Christianity on the Aryan Freedom Network.
You are posting your opinions on the wrong forum buddy, we have a longstanding policy against CI on VNNF.

Check out Stormfront.

Even the score, six million more!
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Originally Posted by Brother_Henry View Post
Checkout Aryan Christianity on the Aryan Freedom Network.
The problem with christianity is that there is nothing Aryan about it. You can invent new fairy tales, but that doesn't change the hard facts that this religion originated in a dark part of the world.

If Jesus (I pronounce it heysus, in a spic-y accent because he would have looked closer to a brown squat monster than Whites) had actually existed, he would have looked like the face to the right, not the face to the left... The face to the right is an average taken from skulls measured from people in Izzy during jebus time period and then facially reconstructed. The same technology was used to do Queen Nefertiti's face, and niggers threw a fit that she was actually White...

Low-IQ bible scholars are legion, the big book o' bullshit is catnip to the underbrained. --ALEX LINDER

Last edited by Crowe; October 30th, 2019 at 06:21 AM.
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C. Grady Tucker
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C. Grady Tucker

Originally Posted by Crowe View Post

Well, I wish you the best of luck! It's a shame you have to run background checks on people, because criminals, drunks, druggies and pedophiles are likely to be the most enticed by CI.

And Henry, so many supposed groups are nothing more than fronts for the feds looking to bait people, and CI is a common platform they use. I haven't seen one member here in good standing vouch for your group.
Quoted for truth. the Klud and other CI orgs are federal magnets, even if some members, a minority, really are sincere about joining.
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Frank Toliver
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Frank Toliver

Oh fair worshipers of the son of the absentee landlord. Kneelers to the great absence. Devotees of strung together words in a book...

Come so that I may slap thee, so you may turn the other cheek, and so that I may slap thee again, until you nearly expire. Then you may forgive me, as foot washer 1 had done, and jump into your grave in orgasmic anticipation of worshiping a hairy old high school football fan for all eternity.

All hail the day of great disappointment.

NO PROOF, NO PROOF, NO PROOF, NOT ONE OUNCE OF PROOF! Just circular logic and fear.

Where is Jebus? Black Plague? No Jebus. Polio? No Jebus. Corona? No Jebus. A single fish? No Jebus.

Get the fuck outta here!
Channon and Chris; gone but not forgotten.

Fuck you hippie, you are the system.

Jews are not just a race or just a religion; they are a race who worship themselves religiously.
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We can all agree that religion divides.
That is why I have the opinion that any 'religion'
debating distracts from priorities, loses focus,
and does more harm (((dividing)))
Plus, it doesn't look good when someone pushes
the SAME belief as jews do.
>at least this one kid was smarter than the rest
and caught the lies. >What ever works<
(kid confronts a jew about his thoughts of jesus)>
Holocaust education in the heart of Tennessee

#1, christianity


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