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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Spanish Nationalism

SPAIN: MSR, Nazis disguised as revolutionaries

May 14

Posted by tahriricn


Maybe the name Carmen Martín Padial says you something. He held the second place on the list of Lleidas during the last Catalan elections. A vegetarian and an animalist, you may have noticed his unconventional speech.

Maybe you have also heard about collecting of food and toys for the most poor which are usually organized by the Igualada group. A good initiative in times of crisis, right?

What they do not say is that only the “Spaniards” can benefit from collected items.

Behind the initiative of Igualidad and the deceptive speech of Padial the same initials are hiden: MSR. Movimiento Social Republicano. A neo-fascist party founded in 1999. And behind the facts and the words of this group of extreme right, who proclaims “national revolutionary” (NR) lies the desire to capitalize the crisis with a message that combines racist and xenophobic elements with other elements of social order.

This is not something new: the MSR, using a strategy developed by the Italian Fascists and German Nazists, when, in the inter-war Europe, marked by economic, social and political crisis, they combined the discurs of revolutionaries and workers and those of nationalists and xenophobes.

It is important to remember that Benito Mussolini was the leader of the Italian Socialist Party and its newspaper before creating fascism. And the last bastion of his regime, in the time of the fall of the dictatorship in 1943, was the Social Republic of Salò. Also, one of the first leader of the German Nazi Party (National Socialism), Gregor Strasser, who was murdered on the orders of Hitler in 1934, stood for workers’ and revolutionary discourse.

The members of MSR have links with Fiamma Tricolore, the Italian party that until today, always uses as its emblem the flame that served as a cout of arms for the Republic of Salò. And they proclaim “strasseristes.” Especially when the chief of MSR, Juan Antonio Llopart has a publishing house, Ediciones Nueva República, which publishes biographies of the Nazi. The connections between the MSR and the historical Fascism and Nazism are undeniable.

But we don’t need to look to the past to discover that, as today, behind the unconventional and revolutionary social mask, the MSR is hiding fascism and hate speech. Llopart was released and his publishing house continues to function as the Supreme Court annulled in 2010, a sentence ofthe Provincial Court of Barcelona. It was recognized that his books, found in the Kalki library, also defended genocidal ideas.

Once relaxed, Llopart has continued to organize events such as Days of Dissent, which is celebrated evry year in Madrid by the study center of the MSR, CELE. In its final edition, in November 2012, they argued for an example of Pedro Varela (him, who on contraty, was condemned of incitement to hatred in his books sold in the bookstore Europa in Gràcia (popular area of Barcelona) and for members of the Golden Dawn, openly Nazi party who grew up to get a good number on deputies in the parliament, following the crisis in Greece.

Members of the Blood and Honour, an umbrella organization of pan-European neo-Nazis through the Rock Against Communism (RAC), a music with numbers of ultras, was less lucky. They organisation is prohibited in various European countries likes Germany and Spain. In the latter, it was banned in 2011 by the Spanish Supreme Court, which sentenced few times 14 of its members for illegal association and posessions of weapon. Among 19 accused, 14 were included in the lists of MSR in 2004.

It was one of the rare occasions in which the MSR stood for election. Luckily, they had poor results: they have only a municipal advised in a village in la Mancha with 200 inhabitants, Heras de Ayuso. When Martin Padial took the head of the MSR, in the last European elections in 2009, it obtained 6,009 votes for a total of 0.04%.

Because his message of hate is always ignored, even in times of crisis, we must unmask the seemingly social and revolutionary discourse. All in all, MSR is a Nazi group.

Translated by Tahrir ICN from the French translation by la horde

Spanish original unitatcontraelfeixisme
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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,495
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Now, if the two halves are things like a countryman in Scotland as opposed to a banker in Edinburgh, there is at first a discrepancy, but as one exercises his muscles he can bring them together into one fused portrait of Scotland that is not difficult to comprehend. The countryman remains a countryman and the banker a banker, and they can stand side by side with no embarrassment. In the same way, you can fuse a coal miner in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and a storekeeper in Pittsburgh. But to fuse the rural peasant of Teruel and the rich clubman of Valencia lolling in his leather chair after a gorging meal was for me impossible, and I began at that moment to formulate that series of speculations regarding Spain which were to exercise me for the next decades. Whenever I read about Spain it was to find answers to these questions, and remember that they were posed some years before the Civil War disfigured the country. These are the questions of peace, and whenever I traveled in Spain or talked with Spaniards in America or England, I continued to study only these permanent questions. Later, after the war had ended, I applied myself to these speculations and did not torment myself with the questions as to who was right or wrong in the war, for I have always regarded Spain as my second home and I have wanted to know about its enduring quality, not its current preoccupations. These are the speculations which have concerned me.

Speculation One. Spain and Italy are both peninsulas that just out from the mainland of Europe, and in the north each is marked by mountains which formerly cut the inhabitants off from the main intellectual and political movements of the continent, but Italy was able to adjust to those continental movements and even to mold and lead them whereas Spain was not. Why? It is true that for a relatively brief period during the reigns of Carlos V and Felipe II, Spain succeeded in reversing this tradition and in governing much of Europe, but in the long run of her history she was emotionally confined to her peninsula whereas Italy was not. Why?

Speculation Two. In the period of greatness referred to above, Spain faced east toward her possessions in Italy, north toward her important holdings in the Low Countries, west toward her vast empire in the Americas and south toward involvement in Africa, but she never seemed able to make up her mind as to where her basic interests lay and thus frittered them all away. Why this indecision?

Speculation Three. During a period of some four centuries prior to 1492, Spain had shown herself more hospitable to varied cultural, religious and ethnic groups than any other major power, including those in Asia and Africa, and this tolerance appeared to be an established way of life, yet with startling speed she reversed herself and extirpated from Spanish soil all Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Illuminati and Jesuits, transforming herself into one of the most homogenous and frightened people in the world. What accounted for this dramatic reversal?

Speculation Four. With her drive toward uniformity and centralism, why has it been Spain who has preserved so strongly a regional pattern of life? With her devotion to a royalist theory of government, why has she so persistently produced strong democratic movements? With her love of personal freedom, why has she repeatedly sought her major solutions in dictatorial forms of government, and why do these work so well with the Spanish people?

Speculation Five. Why did Spain, when she was already one of the richest countries in Europe, spend so much energy gaining control of the riches of the New World, then allowing this influx of gold and silver to generate an inflation which converted her into the poorest country in Europe and one of the poorest in the world? This is a perplexing question, for it touches upon one of the real tragedies of history and has implications for present nations. I used to consider this self-impoverishment of Spain a tragedy that could not be explained and assumed that it had occurred without anyone's being aware of the problem; but that is not so. Recent studies have proved that certain Spanish theorists in the sixteenth century understood that a sudden importation of raw wealth which had not been created by productive work within the nation would create an inflation which would bankrupt Spain, and they warned against it. But they were not listened to. Why?

Speculation Six. Prior to the industrial revolution which re-formed the face of Europe, Spain was a leader in the manufacture of quality goods, a leader in world trade and a leader in agriculture. Had she merely projected this leadership at a normal rate of growth and had she been able to make the relatively simple adjustments that were afoot throughout the rest of Europe, she would probably have remained the leader in manufacturing, trade and agriculture and might even have improved her relative position. Instead, almost consciously and with calculated arrogance, she dedicated herself to an opposite course. She hamstrung her manufacturers, restricted her trade, and crippled her agriculture. Within a few generations world leadership in these crucial fields had passed into the hands of France, Germany and England, and to a lesser degree, Italy. Who can explain this extraordinary series of wrong decisions?

Speculation Seven. For several centuries Spain was one of the exciting leaders in art, music, drama, poetry, the novel, philosophy -- both as producer and consumer. Then abruptly the leadership was abandoned. The traveler to Spain can have no more perplexing an experience than to visit the Prado Museum and see there the paintings of Italians like Titian, of Flemings like Roger van der Weyden and of Germans like Durer and and to realize that during the lifetimes of those men Spain was the art capital of the world, and then to search in vain for a Spanish museum which contains comparable samples of the Frenchmen Cezanne, teh Italian Modigliani, the Russian Soutine, the Austrian Kokoschka or the German Klee. One fails to find the work of even Spanish-speaking artists like Picasso, Miro, Orozco and Rivera. What can explain this dramatic volte-face?

Speculation Eight. No aspect of Spain is more perplexing to the foreigner than her passionate devotion to the Catholic Church, which she has defended at heavy cost in wealth and manpower, while never being reluctant to oppose the Pope when she considered him in moral or political error. Several times Spanish kings mounted armies to attack the Vatican, and both Carlos V and Felipe II, who are described in Spanish history as the nonpareils of Catholic orthodoxy, were excommunicated because of their anti-Rome behavior. Papal decrees were often refused entrance into Spain; Spanish kings and cardinals simply refused to promulgate them, and even today there is a tendency for the Spanish Church to consider one of its main tasks to 'save Rome from itself.' Such contradictory behavior is one of the continuing anomalies of Spanish history.

Speculation Nine. On my first day in Teruel I found that the contradictions I was becoming aware of could be explained only be reference to what might be termed the central mystery of Spanish psychology. How can the Spaniard, who is so outgoing, so earthy, so in love with the trivia of daily existence, be at the same time so withdrawn and inwardly mystical? In this book the reader will not find an answer to this permanent enigma, but he will find, I hope, certain illustrations of it from which he can draw his own conclusion.
[from Iberia, by James Michener, 1968, pp. 32-36]

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Devoto Lusitano
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Devoto Lusitano

ESPAÑA : MSR , nazis disfrazados de revolucionarios

14 de mayo

Publicado por tahriricn


Tal vez el nombre de Carmen Martín Padial te dice algo. Ocupó el segundo lugar en la lista de Lleidas en las últimas elecciones catalanas. Un vegetariano y un animalista , te habrás dado cuenta de su discurso no convencional.

Tal vez usted también ha oído hablar de la recogida de alimentos y juguetes para los más pobres que se organizan por lo general por el grupo de Igualada. Una buena iniciativa en tiempos de crisis , ¿no?

Lo que no dicen es que sólo los " españoles " se pueden beneficiar de los elementos recogidos.

Detrás de la iniciativa de Igualidad y el discurso engañoso de Padial las mismas iniciales se hiden : MSR . Movimiento Republicano Social. Un partido neofascista fundada en 1999 . Y detrás de los hechos y las palabras de este grupo de extrema derecha , que proclama "revolucionario nacional" ( NR ), surge el deseo de sacar provecho de la crisis con un mensaje que combina elementos racistas y xenófobos con otros elementos de orden social.

Esto no es algo nuevo : el MSR , mediante una estrategia desarrollada por los fascistas italianos y alemanes Nazists , cuando, en la Europa de entreguerras, marcado por la crisis económica , social y política, que combinan los discurs de los revolucionarios y de los trabajadores y los de nacionalistas y xenófobos .

Es importante recordar que Benito Mussolini fue el líder del Partido Socialista Italiano y su periódico antes de crear el fascismo. Y el último bastión de su régimen, en el momento de la caída de la dictadura en 1943 , fue la República Social de Saló . Además, uno de los primeros líderes del partido nazi alemán ( nacionalsocialismo ) , Gregor Strasser , quien fue asesinado por orden de Hitler en 1934 , se puso de trabajadores y de discurso revolucionario .

Los miembros del MSR tienen vínculos con Fiamma Tricolore , el partido italiano que hasta hoy, siempre usa como emblema la llama que sirvió como cout de armas para la República de Salò . Y proclamar " strasseristes . " Sobre todo cuando el jefe del MSR , Juan Antonio Llopart tiene una editorial , Ediciones Nueva República , que publica biografías de los nazis. Las conexiones entre el MSR y el fascismo histórico y el nazismo son innegables.

Pero nosotros no tenemos que mirar al pasado para descubrir que , como hoy, detrás de la máscara social no convencional y revolucionario , el MSR se esconde el fascismo y el discurso del odio . Llopart fue liberado y su casa editorial sigue funcionando como el Tribunal Supremo anuló en 2010, una sentencia Ofthe Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona. Se reconoció que sus libros , que se encuentran en la biblioteca de Kalki , también defendió las ideas genocidas.

Una vez relajado, Llopart ha seguido organizando eventos como Days of Dissent , que se celebra año Evry en Madrid por el centro de estudios del MSR , CELE . En su última edición , en noviembre de 2012 , sostuvieron un ejemplo de Pedro Varela ( él, que en contraty , fue condenado por incitación al odio en sus libros vendidos en la Europa librería en Gràcia ( zona popular de Barcelona) y para los miembros de Amanecer Dorado , partido abiertamente nazi que creció para conseguir un buen número de diputados en el Parlamento , tras la crisis en Grecia.

Los miembros de la Sangre y el Honor , una organización que agrupa paneuropeos neonazis a través de la roca contra el Comunismo ( RAC ) , una música con los números de ultras , fue menos afortunado. Ellos organización está prohibida en varios países europeos le gusta Alemania y España . En este último , que fue prohibida en 2011 por el Tribunal Supremo español , que condenó varias veces a 14 de sus miembros para la asociación y posesiones de arma ilegal . Entre 19 acusados, 14 fueron incluidos en las listas del MSR en 2004.

Fue una de las raras ocasiones en las que el MSR representaba la elección . Por suerte , estos han tenido resultados pobres : tienen sólo un municipal asesorado en un pueblo de la Mancha , con 200 habitantes , Heras de Ayuso . Cuando Martín Padial tomó la cabeza del MSR , en las últimas elecciones europeas de 2009 , obtuvo 6.009 votos para un total de 0.04 %.

Debido a que su mensaje de odio es siempre ignorado , incluso en tiempos de crisis , debemos desenmascarar el discurso aparentemente social y revolucionario. Con todo, MSR es un grupo nazi.

Traducción de Tahrir ICN de la traducción francesa de la horda

Español unitatcontraelfeixisme originales
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Bread and Circuses
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Un reportaje bastante interesante realizado por la cadena de televisión española La Sexta, acerca de la peligrosa y creciente ola fascista en España: su financiación, funcionamiento, escisiones más radicales o conservadoras, etc. El modelo a seguir por la ultraderecha española no es otro que el "triunfador" y aprovechado modelo heleno (Grecia), donde el partido neonazi ha conseguido ser la quinta fuerza política en el Parlamento.

¿Su estrategia? Aprovechar la crítica situación socio-económica del país, complementada de la más profunda desesperación para conseguir el voto a través de la entrega de comida y demás productos de primera necesidad; técnica que comienza a ser utilizada en España , como lo es en Grecia por sus análogos más directos.

Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.

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