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Default Blonde and red hair predicted to die out

Blonde and red hair are predicted to die out . .

Well, if the NWO has its way I might add . .

Blondes and redheads are among the palest humans out there and the NWO sure has been managing to get all factors started to get them out . .

Let's start with the fact that those genes are recessive , i. e. unresistent against race-mixing and the NWO is busy importing other races into our nations along with the fact that people in the West have been tricked into believing smaller families are the non plus ultra while in other nations the population is exploding along with the fact that the world climate is also rising ( see this thread ) , making 'light-skinned' people easy prey , which , I might add , happened with the 'help' of the NWO and their capitalist industries ( ) . .

. . . .

How can this trend be reversed ?

Blondes and redheads are proud people . .

Blondes are Northern Europeans per se and redheads are descendants of the Celts , a proud and influential people , mostly home on the British Isles . .

Because of the factors I have listed above I suppose we will soon have a jungle in Northern Europe as well . .

Both blondes and redheads , in a way , live in diaspora . .

I suppose that would also end folkish festivals where blondes and redheads celebrate . .

But given the fact that Northern Europe / the British Isles are predicted to become as warm as Northern Africa in a remote future I suppose Middle Easterners ( among others ) will feel well there . .

Right now Northern Europe / the British Isles ( the main distribution point of two said groups ) are among the coolest spots concerning climate but who knows . .

Maybe soon everything will lie in ruins . .


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