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Default RIP Konstantin Krylov (Russian nationalist)

2020 is becoming quite the bleak year for Russian nationalism in demographic terms. After Limonov’s passing on March 17, he is now followed by leader of the banned National Democratic Party (NDP) party Konstantin Krylov, who has just died at the age of 52 from stroke-related complications possibly aggravated by coronavirus.

He is survived by his wife Natalia Shalimova, who is the secretary of the NDP and a politician in her own right.

I [ANATOLY KARLIN] am by no means a Krylov expert, and I only met the man about a couple of times in passing. My sole “involvement” with any of his movement’s political/media structures was a podcast with NDP-Streams a couple of weeks ago in which we discussed masks and IQ. Nonetheless, for Westerners for whom Russian nationalism begins with Dugin and ends at Putler, I hope the following may be nonetheless be informative.

Krylov was perhaps the leading intellectual/thinker of the national democratic/”liberal” wing of the Russian nationalist movement (as Egor Kholmogorov is to its conservative one), his main orienteers being the defense of ethnic Russian interests at home and abroad, and opposition to the “anti-national” policies of the Putin regime.
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The people over there at UNZ are jokes, stupid american nerds. They have no idea who they are praising. This dead clown was controlled opposition and his largest "accomplishment" was sending gullible WNs to prison with his traps. Think charlotesville. But who cares, right? Those basement dwellers at UNZ just love to watch TV and worship whoever looks "cool".


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