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alex revision
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alex revision
Default Spain’s Conguitos candy pushed to rebrand ‘racist’ imagery

Spain’s Conguitos candy pushed to rebrand ‘racist’ imagery

July 2, 2020

A few months ago it was ColaCao, the chocolate drink brand, that ditched its decades-old song about the negrito – a patronizing term for a black man – and replaced it with another jingle devoid of racist overtones. Now, it should be time for Conguitos, a popular Spanish chocolate candy, to follow suit and get rid of its “adorable” mascot as the Black Lives Matter movement gains momentum in the wake of the George Floyd killing in Minnesota.
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My mother (born in 1937) said it was common practice to call Brazil nuts "nigger toes" when she was a kid. 50 years later when in in college, I worked in in a store that sold nuts. One time an older white woman came in and ordered a pound of "nigger toes." It was a combination of shock and suppressing a huge laugh when I got that order.

"Confectioners in the 1920s drew on long-standing racial stereotypes in their joint advertising campaigns. One of the more grotesque examples: ads for Picaninny Freeze, a 5-cent frozen dessert from the Hendler Creamery Co. (Picaninny is an offensive term for a small black child.) Though the product was a strawberry ice cream dotted with chocolate seeds, the ad featured a caricature of a young black girl, with oversized red lips, chomping on a huge slice of watermelon – a fruit laden with racist associations — with the slogan: "Eat, seeds 'n all!"

In 1923, a confectioner in Portland, Ore., came up with a candy called "nigger's toes." The ad had a cowboy in blackface whose feet were oversized Brazil nuts dipped in chocolate."
Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.
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Ole Massa
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Ole Massa
Default Niggas gonna nig an sheeyit.

Ah sho duz luv dat waddymewen an sheeyit.


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