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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default John Sharpe Jr. (U.S.)

[Penalized by Navy for political beliefs.]

Extremists in the Military
Navy Extremist Disciplined, Reassigned

John Sharpe Jr.

The Navy has declared a "finding of misconduct" and issued a formal letter of reprimand to Lt. Comdr. John Sharpe Jr., according to his parents. But Sharpe reportedly was disciplined only for criticizing President Bush and the war in Iraq — not for his extensive anti-Semitic activities.

Jim Brantley, a spokesman for the U.S. Fleet Forces Command, would not confirm the report in a letter from Sharpe's parents that was published on the site of the left-wing journal Counterpunch. He said that the Navy "normally doesn't discuss non-judicial punishment," but added that Sharpe would be reassigned. Non-judicial punishment is administrative, and does not equate to a criminal conviction.

Sharpe was suspended from his job as spokesman for the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson last spring, following an exposé by the Intelligence Report detailing his anti-Semitic activities. Sharpe blames Jews for the 9/11 attacks, for instance, writing that a "conspiracy" organized by the "Zionist New World Order … plan[ned] to push the entire world into World War III for the glory of Israel." He has attended a white supremacist conference, been on the board of a neofascist British group, and still runs two groups listed as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

According to the letter from his parents, the Navy chose not to charge Sharpe under Navy Regulation 1167, which bans supremacist activity and requires a court martial. Officials also declined to use Uniform Code of Military Justice provisions that ban "conduct unbecoming." Instead, he was charged under UCMJ Article 88, banning "contemptuous words" against the president and other high officials, based on comments in two books Sharpe edited for his IHS Press that were critical of the Iraq war and suggested that Bush was responsible for the murder of Iraqis.

Sharpe also has connections to Arab extremists that were ignored. On his website, for example, is an interview with Ibrahim Ebeid, a Baathist and supporter of Saddam Hussein. Ebeid says in the interview that "neo-cons and Zionists" are responsible for a "vicious criminal war" against Iraq and Palestine.

Another case of extremists in the military came to light in June, when two privates attached to the 82d Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, N.C., were arrested and charged with selling narcotics and equipment stolen from the Army to an undercover FBI agent posing as a white supremacist. Joffre J. "Trey" Cross III and Jason Scott Niewoit also allegedly offered to procure military weapons. Cross had a web page that listed various Nazi officers as his heroes.

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Mike Jahn
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Sharpe blames Jews for the 9/11 attacks, for instance, writing that a "conspiracy" organized by the "Zionist New World Order … plan[ned] to push the entire world into World War III for the glory of Israel."
And he's right, it has put U.S. armed forces on the doorstep of Syria and Iran and the State Department is currently threatening both of those nations on a daily basis. 9-11 was done by Mossad to give Kwans an emotional reason to destroy Israel's enemies.
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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,490
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

thE JohN sharpE affair

On March 7, 2007, Lt. Cmdr. John Sharpe, a fourteen-year veteran of the
U.S. Navy, a top graduate of the Naval Academy, a former submarine
commander, and dedicated naval officer, was relieved of his duties
as public affairs spokesman for one of the nation's ten nuclear-powered air-
craft carriers, the USS Carl Vinson. He has been suspended pending a naval
investigation on charges of "anti-Semitism" and "supremacism." Sharpe's real
transgression was to have run afoul of the exacting standards of the Southern
Poverty Law Center, an extragovernmental group that has long specialized in
raising money by grossly magnifying the threat posed by fringe groups on the
far right. As readers of TOQ are aware, your editor and various contributors
to this journal, above all Prof. Kevin MacDonald of California State University
at Long Beach, have come under the SPLC's fire. Nor is that fire intended to
be merely harassing: The SPLC shoots to kill not merely jobs but careers, on
the campus, in the news media, and now in the armed services.

The Sharpe case is instructive not only as an instance of the SPLC's ability
to ferret out its targets, and of its clout with American government (the leftist
center already "trains" numerous law-enforcement personal in "tolerance"),
but also as evidence of its recent propensity to expand the boundaries of the
impermissible by designating such previously mainstream individuals as Pat
Buchanan "racists" and organizations as tame as the Young Americans for
Freedom "hate groups." Given the complaisance with which regular media
receives and publicizes SPLC's pronouncements, if successful the center's ef-
forts could help to ratchet American politics in an opposite direction from that
which serves the interests of the American majority.

Lt. Cmdr. Sharpe stands accused of being what the SPLC calls a "radical
traditionalist Catholic," the leader of what the center styles (with its facility
for the tabloid-tailored smear) one of a "dirty dozen" of "radical traditional
Catholic" groups. Since the newspapers that have echoed the SPLC's accusa-
tions have failed to note it, it is worth observing that the center has so far issued
no reports on the doings of far more active and significant extremists in this
country among Muslims and the Zionist "settler" movement.
background image

What is it about Sharpe that makes him a threat to order and discipline in
the U.S. Navy? His IHS publishing imprint has brought out two well-received
books, Neoconned and Neoconned Again, both of which are critical of the Iraq
war and draw attention to the influence of neoconservatives in underwriting
this disastrous U.S. foreign policy initiative. Contributors to this eclectic collec-
tion span the political and ideological spectrum, and include Alfredo Cardinal
Ottaviani, who, according to Thomas Woods, Jr.'s review on LewRockwell.
com, "headed what in his day was known as the Holy Office of the Catholic
Church," Pat Buchanan, the late Jude Wanniski, Joseph Sobran, Samuel Francis,
Thomas Fleming, Prof. Paul Gottfried, David Gordon, Bishop John Michael
Botean, retired army officer and former U.S. Military Academy graduate
Robert Hickson, and a host of other luminaries. IHS Press was launched in
September 2001 "to bring back into print the classics of [the] last century on
the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church." Is this a subversively dangerous
idea? Among other seditious publishing activities that the Catholic imprint has
engaged in are reprinting out-of-print books by G. K. Chesterton and Hilaire
Belloc, two controversialists revered by many Catholics and Protestants alike,
but whom groups such as the SPLC are presently attempting to anathematize
for occasionally criticizing Jews in their writings. Belloc biographer Joseph
Pearce puts Belloc's reputation into perspective. "Considering the turbulent
and virulently anti-Semitic times during which it was written, Belloc's The
Jews is, for the most part, an exercise in carefully considered and controlled
restraint,"1 writes Pearce, professor of literature at Ave Maria University in
Florida. Jay P. Corrin, author of G. K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc: The Battle
Against Modernity, writes Belloc's criticism of the secrecy that surrounded Jewish finance and its accompanying anti-Semitic tone was not untypical of his times. A general
displeasure of plutocracy and its links with Jewish money was a common
feature of Edwardian England, although explicit anti-Semitism was frowned
upon in intellectual circles.

Sharpe has argued in an interview posted in August 2006 that
People may call the authors of these texts "anti-Semites." That and a buck and
a half, as the saying goes, will get you a cup of coffee. The question, I would
think, is whether the texts are true or false, or whether they are worth read-
ing or not, and not what names we can call the authors. Or should we burn
at the stake the Jesuits who edited the Civilta Cattolica--established by Pope
Pius IX and commended by Benedict XV--because they published a series of
articles in the 1890s called "On the Jewish Question in Europe?"

Thanks to the deference with which the American media greets the SPLC's
accusations, the group's ulterior motives have generally been ignored. In the
case of Lt. Cmdr. Sharpe and the radical Catholic traditionalists, that is a pity,
particularly in view of the juicy irony by which the SPLC's leftist operatives
are now claiming for their organization the prerogatives of the Vatican's now
defunct Index prohibitorum librorum. Nor would achieving the dismissal of
Sharpe from the U.S. Navy sate the SPLC's appetite for uninformed offenders
against political correctness: If "anti-Semitism" is intolerable in a lieutenant
commander, why shouldn't "homophobia," another of the center's bugbears,
as recently expressed by Marine Corps General Peter Pace, chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff, be grounds for sacking as well?

In today's America, the Southern Poverty Law Center and like groups
have assumed an importance far beyond the anticommunist purges of the
late 1940s and 1950s. Whatever their excesses, the latter were in response to a
largely external threat and (liberal doomcriers to the contrary) had an impact
on the nation's intellectual vitality that was at worst superficial and brief. The
movement spearheaded by the SPLC, the Anti-Defamation League, and other
such groups has been operating for decades now, more effectively and with
less scrutiny than the red-hunting groups ever did--and today's thought police
are advancing an agenda aimed at intimidating America's white majority into
silence, passivity, and surrender as their country is transformed into a place
in which minority races are privileged over the minority, the alien over the
native, and the deviant over the normal.

The obsessive zeal with which the SPLC and other wardens of political
correctness assail any expression deemed either pro-majority or unwelcome
to minority interests extends from the aircraft carrier to the academy, from the
airwaves to the printing press, and it ranges over scholarly research, political
argument, and tasteless joking. Where it is not yet possible to circumvent the
First Amendment, economic threats of the sort recently put into play against
Don Imus are brought to bear, or, in the case of Kevin MacDonald, a tenured
professor, strained efforts to impute impropriety (all of which fortunately have
failed in MacDonald's case).

Nor do attacks of the sort leveled against Lt. Cmdr. Sharpe and the others
aim merely at inhibiting freedom of expression. The next step is to change
thinking, and then to mandate behavior. Take the legislation that provides ad-
ditional penalties for crimes deemed to have motivated by racial and religious
hatred, most recently embodied in the proposed federal Matthew Shepard Hate
Crimes bill, which would have the effect of making many ordinary assaults into
federal crimes. In practice such laws have badly skewed law enforcement by
establishing categories of victimization based on preferential minority status,
and cultivated an atmosphere in which media feeding frenzies and minority
hues and cries have frequently made it very difficult for majority members
accused of such crimes to obtain justice, as in the recent near railroading of
the Duke lacrosse team.

What distinguishes The Occidental Quarterly from ordinary victims of
political correctness is that TOQ was founded to do battle with the enemies
of the West. Eschewing racial slurs and vulgar humor, TOQ has made it its
policy to attack and to expose the central myths and the key lies of those who,
like the SPLC and the ADL, have worked to erode the West and demoralize
its peoples. In place of the smear or the arrest warrant, TOQ's weapons have
been the reasoned arguments of its contributors. Its sympathies have been
men like Lt. Cmdr. John Sharpe rather than prosecutor Mike Nifong or the
SPLC's Morris Dees. At TOQ we believe that to prevail, the men and women
of the West must conquer and hold the high ground of ideas, and with your
help we intend to continue fighting for that ground.

In this issue of The Occidental Quarterly, Professor John Glad, a former
Guggenheim Fellow, former director of the Kennan Institute at the Woodrow
Wilson Center, and professor emeritus of Russian literature at the University
of Maryland, explains why he decided to explore the study of eugenics. In a
question and answer interview, Dr. Glad expands upon the importance of
genetic screening, why the future of Western societies depends upon genetic
selection, and what we must do to enhance the quality of life. Professor Ralph
Scott, who brings a life's work in education to bear on the ramifications of
Bush administration's calamitous "No Child Left Behind" policy, debunks
the psychosocial myths that underlie this egalitarian mirage. Tomislav Sunic
examines the unique aspects of American society from a European perspec-
tive. Edmund Connelly offers another penetrating analysis of Jewish impact
on American culture in his review/essay of Jews and the American Soul. Book
reviews by Prof. Robert Griffin and Ed Dutton span the religious and political
landscapes of the "white nationalist" and "fascist fringe," with Griffin gauging
a substantive book on American racialist paganism and Dutton, the limitations
of a personality--that of Sir Oswald Mosley--and the fringe British political
movement it dominated. Other reviews by Mark Wegierski and Nelson Rosit
explore various aspects of conservatism (cultural and political aspects) in rela-
tion to Middle America.

1. Joseph Pearce, Old Thunder: A Life of Hilaire Belloc (San Francisco, CA: Ignatius Press,
2002), 201.

2. Jay P. Corrin, G. K. Chesterton & Hilaire Belloc: The Battle Against Modernity (Athens,
OH: Ohio University Press, 1981), 24.


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