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Default Nathan Worrell (England)

Published Date: 01 February 2008

Location: Yorkshire

Suspected neo-Nazi in court accused of terrorist offences

A SUSPECTED neo-Nazi has appeared in court accused of terrorist offences.

Nathan Worrell, 34, allegedly kept a massive collection of far-Right propaganda and had a membership card for the Ku Klux Klan.

He is also accused of hoarding bomb-making manuals, weed-killer for making explosives and waging a racist campaign against a couple an Asian man and white woman. Jobless Worrell, of Cromwell Road, Grimsby, allegedly plastered a lamp-post and gate near their home with offensive stickers.

Worrell was arrested after police forced entry to his home on January 24. He was questioned for several days before being taken to City of Westminster Magistrates' Court in London by officers from the Counter Terrorism Unit in Leeds.

Appearing pale and thin in a grey sweatshirt and black trousers, Worrell spoke only to confirm his details.

He has yet to enter pleas to one charge of possession of material for terrorist purposes, one count of possession of information useful in the preparation of an act of terrorism and one of racial harassment.

Peter McDonagh, prosecuting, told the court: "Officers found voluminous amounts of far-Right literature and membership cards for the Ku Klux Klan, the November Ninth Society the British Nazi party and the British People's Party. They date to December of last year so we are talking about current political affiliations."

He said a large number of manuals on making explosives, booby traps, weapons and poisons were also found, as well as 1.5kg of weedkiller under a sink which contained a key ingredient for bomb-making. Police also found 171 matchstick heads and a number of dismantled fireworks, some on top of a bin.

Mr McDonagh added: "The prosecution would say this is an individual who has extremely far-Right affiliations who has gone some way to preparing items for making of explosives."

The court heard racist stickers were also found as well as newspaper reports on which Worrell is alleged to have written "pipe bomb".

On a letter from his tenants' association he had allegedly scrawled offensive threats to black people in Grimsby.

The hearing was adjourned until February 7 and Worrell was remanded in custody.
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I posted this here because someone requested this cross-posted in this thread. I don't if the person was some kind of moderator or not.

I sub-titled this report "His crime? Possesion of reading material" because I think the idea that he could have constucted some kind of bomb out of a little weed killer and some matchs and a few old fireworks is absolutley absurd. If he could it would be a feat of enginering marvel not excelled since the days of the Parthonon. Also, the article tried to make it sound like it was a letigitimate and legal thing to do to arrest someone for having controversal reading material.

I but forward the controversal theory that the weed killers was for killing weeds in his lawn or garden. "Gasp!" how daring an explanation.

Also I suspect that the matchs may have been for things like cigerattes or cigars or lightening candles, I know, I know, thats really out there to suggest such a thing. I mean how powerfull could a few bottle rocks really be? I mean would an ant-hill really be in any kind of danger? I doubt it.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

'Neo-Nazi' accused of hoarding bomb-making materials

A suspected neo-Nazi accused of hoarding bomb-making materials at his Grimsby home has appeared in court to face terrorist charges.

Nathan Worrell, 34, appeared at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court via video link from Blakenhurst Prison, Worcestershire, for a short hearing.

Police allegedly found bomb-making manuals, weedkiller and dismantled fireworks at his Cromwell Road flat, which was raided on January 24.

Unemployed Worrell is also accused of possessing a collection of far-right wing political literature and propaganda.

[Fahrenheit 451 territory. What does the government do with the illegal papers, magazines and books it collects? Obviously it must destroy them. By fire. It burns them.]

He is charged with possessing material for terrorist purposes and information useful for an act of terrorism.

He also faces a third charge of waging a racist campaign of harassment against an Asian man and his partner.

District Judge Nicholas Evans adjourned the case until March 13, when the case will be committed to crown court.

Shaven-headed Worrell wore a grey sweatshirt and spoke only to confirm his name. There was no application for bail and no formal plea was entered.

Last edited by Alex Linder; March 10th, 2008 at 12:24 AM.


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