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Default The Kosher Scam, Lawyers, The Masses Focus on Meaningless 'Culture'

I searched this forum and saw no threads about this scam. If this isn't a god damned scam, I don't know what is.

How much of the population's diet is marked up in price because of this pointless racket?

The producers and the consumers are both subject to this parasite, once again, very clearly for all the public to comprehend in this instance. The Jews do nothing but take. Another tax, for the many taxes the people are subjected to today that go to 'causes' which in no way better our lives or our lands, this one is undoubtedly and transparently a completely pointless tax, true to the notion of stealth tax slavery.

Most people don't even know the meaning of those small Kosher stamps on their cans, containers, bags, etc. They've made them small enough for the Jews to identify another product to profit on if it is not there, small enough for the common consumer not to care.

While I can abstain from choosing cinema as a means of diversion and relaxation because I know that even if it were to be a rare movie possibly worth watching, that absurd $50-100 evening at the movie theater (a non-live performance on a screen) will go mostly to Jew pockets, I have a hard time avoiding the other places these kikes have their hands taking without producing, like paying taxes, like buying food.

The 300 movie, for as silly of a film that it was, has a scene that resonates quite clearly. How is the Kosher scam any different from the Persian messenger in this story, demanding earth and water? How is that little Kosher symbol any different from the requested 'token of submission' requested in this story? With the Kosher racketeering Jew being the messenger, and the lawyers behind him being those armed guards?

Lawyers too, another segment of the population which are mostly scam-minded folk, whether they are white, Jew, or anything else. Lawyers dream to latch onto the rich, or attack the rich, and much like the Jews through history, use wordplay - not in a positive form as a poet, but a negative form as an attacker - to earn their bread. You know we live in a Judaized west when white parents are proud their kids are lawyers.

What could the lawyer in his 'work' possibly produce that future generations could look upon as beautiful? It is the same as anything the Jew does as his 'work'.

The man who takes part in the building of a great road or building does not have this feeling. The photographer or painter who creates a moving sight to behold that will move people regardless of generation does not have this feeling. These ideologies were at the root of the most beautiful cities, structures, art, etc, that make the living aura of 'Europa' (or what was once living, now a shell of that life, a mass of wandering Kwa-cultured consumers) different from the other lifeless, robotic, lawyer-like, economist-like parts of the world.

When wars occurred, the spoils gone after were never the likes of anything produced by lawyers or Jews, but always statues, works of art, paintings, flatware, furniture, etc. Only today are people stupid enough to go after such advertising and brainwashing portals like bluray movies and LCD TV's, like that sand nigger kid in the London riots.

In fact, I was either blessed or cursed with an ability for words, as in my youth, I always topped the class in English, but suffered in more logic-oriented realms like science; whether that was out of lack of capability I don't know, but certainly my focus never maintained, primarily due to boredom; though, I am fascinated by genetics, biology, nanotech, computer science and such practical deconstructing of our natural world, I always hated MATH! I can't stand the abstraction of college math, even though I've on my own time, not as an enrolled student, but as an annoyed man, slugged through a college calculus I and II book, and a linear algebra book, all to feel I was just putting together pieces of lifeless puzzles. Nevertheless, I do have respect for men who are more logically-oriented, as just as in antiquity they made the finest shields with a sword tucked inside, they today are responsible for the contact lenses I wear, and the efficient heating and cooling systems. The symbiosis between the two realms should be respected, as everyone would rather fly in a safe/efficient (via logic) AND beautiful/lifelike (via aesthetic taste) airplane like a Concorde, than an unsafe AND/OR ugly piece of shit.

But, most people don't even contemplate these types of things these days. And they shouldn't really. The people that should, are the creative people. One thing is certain though: the west has very much abandoned aesthetics, for the sake of 'more'. Whether it be their teary-eyed retardation about bringing in a boatload of desperate niggers to their country, putting more things on their plate, on their schedules, or wherever they can put 'more', their thrill at having more money for their drug-like high of spending more (on what is almost irrelevant to them as long as they are told it has 'value' by society), more, more, more, more.

I don't need a fucking SUV. They are more cumbersome to drive, eat gas. Why are all of these asshole office-working 'whites' driving SUV's with one or two kids, or NO kids? Paying their loaned payments to the Jews at the same time. RETARDS! Oh, I know why: so they can fit more food after they come out of their warehouse food place like Sam's Club, where unlike their fathers and grandfathers who just bought a 12oz bag of pasta, buy a 10lb bag that is supposed to be for caterers. Then, instead of a medium sized dish, they skip the large dish, and use salad bowls for their dishes now, while they graze in front of their 64" TV.

It was suggested I take a major in college to move forward with my strengths. I looked at English majors, Philosophy majors, looked at what they were. How pointless. Lawyering seemed the only thing worth it with any prestige on this road; but that prestige is so momentary and hollow, and in truth a prestige despised by everyone except those that are around you benefiting from your efforts.

I could never be a lawyer understanding that anything I could do, would be only for meaningless money, whether it be in Jewish paper, or kike-shaved coin. To make enough to have decent dwellings, food, and the company of valuable friends is 'good'. To have enough to engage in beautiful hobbies and diversions that afterward leave a good feeling, is 'good'. I'm not advocating a minimalist mode of life or some ascetic convent or monastery type life, but rather focusing on that which is beautiful and meaningful afterward, both in work and in play. The lawyer cannot feel this when he 'works', just as these masses cannot really feel they gained much after watching their Jew Hollywood movie propaganda collection as their form of diversion (like that stupid sand nigger kid in the London riots taking pictures with a big smile of his coffee table loaded with stolen bluray movies). Even books, while certainly not the best diversion and way to spend spare time, as they may or may not leave as good a feeling as other productive entertainment (like learning an instrument, a craft, etc), they are better than the physical AND mental passivity of movies; books, while fully physically passive (justified in periods of rest), are at least only partially mentally passive.

To slave away for more than half a decade, jump through Jewish hoops, take out tons in debt for 'law school', then only to live a life of dialectical attacking, well, some life! No different for the kids that go get economics degrees, and learn how to make simple things as complicated as possible. 'Quantitative Easing'. JEWISH! Quantitative must be Hebrew for anus!

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