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Default PROUD of my racist Tattoos! It marks my creed and they don't wash off!

PROUD of my racist Tattoos!

Like most of my Comrades I have Racist tattoos, they mark our creed and they don't wash off!

I find it hard to trust those who do not have a perminant reminder of their commitment to WN. They may be WN 2day and hanging about with coons 2morrow.

If someone in B&H doesn't have a rascist tattoo I think he's a poss informer unless I hear from loads of people he or she is ok. I like to see signs of commitment to the struggle not fuckin words!

Words are often just lies anyway!

One thing I have learnt in over 20 years of being involved with WN "Words are cheap and commitment needs to be tested".

4 Aryan Unity !
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Default A matter of preference

I'm sure there are plenty of informers wearing tattoos. I personally don't want any markings which could get recorded by the authorities. My WNness will always be in my head. Besides, I didn't get a tattoo in order to be different from others
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Uncle Marc
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Uncle Marc

I do have those tatoos:

- A German "Reichsadler" as it is seen in the "Deutsche Wochenschau"

- The German KDF-Wagen ( a black Volkswagen Beetle convertible), which the Fuehrer has used in 1937 as he have had visited Wolfsburg.

- the SS-Runes (but just one of them, so it looks more like a flash) and I do have the opportunity to denied the real meanings, if I may be ask by German officials of that "Rechtsstaat Deutschland" ....those treators!

and thats it!

I do own a original copy of the book "Mein Kampf", which is signed by Adolf Hitler, and which was given to my family way back in those days by the Fuehrer himself!

I also own several "Orden", which my father has earned as a Panzer Kommander doing WWII .

He did shoot several russian tanks down, until he was shoot down in February 1945, and had to abbandon his burning tank on the russian front, doing the defense of the "Reich"!

Those proud German days will never return ....unfortunatelly!

Mit deutschen Gruessen....
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