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"moderate" radical
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Default Judge rules Terry Tremaine can use Stormfront, VNNforum, etc.

Can you prove what you believe? Can you convince a jury what you say is true?

Judge rules Terry Tremaine can seek help online in attempt to prove racist claims.

Facing charges for online hate speech, a Regina neo-Nazi leader has been given a judge’s permission to go back online to white supremacist websites for help in proving that the anti-Semitic and racist comments are true.

The court order gives Terry Tremaine permission to ask for information from denizens of online forums, some of which are notorious for virulent messages of intolerance,

Mr. Tremaine, a former math lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan, faces 11 criminal charges of wilfully promoting hate against identifiable groups after prolific postings, including messages saying Jews are a “parasitic race,” that “blacks are intellectually inferior to whites” and “Hitler was a lot nicer to the Jews than they deserved.”

Police raided Mr. Tremaine’s Regina home in 2007 (and confiscated his computer).

Previously, a Federal Court of Canada judge declared that Mr. Tremaine was “a white supremacist” who was “virulently anti-Jewish” and “has particular enmity for blacks and Canada’s aboriginal peoples.”

“They are holding Mr. Tremaine accountable for thousands upon thousands of thousands of statements of fact, statements of opinion, statements of mixed fact and opinion,” Doug Christie, Mr. Tremaine’s lawyer, said in an interview.

“Some of them — some of them — not all of them [but] certainly some of the facts are verifiable,” he said.

“Consequently, there are many possible defences,” including truth.

(Previously banned from the Internet, Judge) Kovach consented, signing an order on June 27 allowing Mr. Tremaine to once again post messages on controversial web sites such as Stormfront.

Mr. Tremaine may only post questions “pertaining to research for the preparation of his defence,” the order reads, and each message must first be vetted by the Crown prosecutor in the case. A notation of the court order must precede all messages and conclude with: “Please address only the question if possible, as I cannot engage in discussions of any other nature.”

His specific questions have not yet been submitted.

The court order further requires Mr. Tremaine to use his real name in the postings without pseudonyms, including “Mathdoktor99,” his former online alias.

more at: White supremacist can seek help online court rules.
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Darius Appleby
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Arrow only 11 statements

Only 11 criminal charges, does that mean there are only 11 statements to prove?

How did these statements harm anyone?

Is the truth a defense for these charges?

This fellow is from a university, so perhaps knows what sort of material is credible, even if many of the people online do not.

If someone can put the 11 offending statements here we can have a go at proving them.

If you think this fellow is worth helping then perhaps put this in the general section of VNN. There isn't enough academic ability on stormfart to be any help,.
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"moderate" radical
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I haven't seen the actual charges yet. If I can find them, I'll post them.

The 'hateful' statements don't have to harm anyone to be actionable.

Yes, truth is one of the defences for s319 charges (unline s318).

Stormfront has a lot of commentary on his case. Also some mention on FreeDominion. Even AntiRacist Canada clowns can't resist commenting.

The 'hateful' material may be found at The National-Socialist Party of Canada
FreedomSite "Israel's values are Canada's values" Canadian PM Paul Martin, Nov. 13 2005
ZundelSite "An attack on Israel is an attack on Canada" Canadian PM Stephen Harper, Feb. 16 2010
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Donald E. Pauly
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Angry Canadian Poverty Pimp?

I had never heard of this Tremaine but the Jew Warman is infamous. I found this on line and based on Wikipedia, it appears to have a lot of the facts here. Of course it must be taken with a large grain of salt. The author correctly states that William Pierce, of Blessed Memory, had a penchant for Eastern European mail order brides. He clearly is well informed about many issues.



Terry Tremaine

a.k.a: mathdoktor99; JCMateri

Terry Tremaine (July 20, 1948) is a Nazi and he's pretty damned proud of it, except when he disavowed his Nazi beliefs in a pathetic attempt to get out of trouble regarding those beliefs while he was in a Regina psych ward, but we'll come back to that soon enough. Tremaine used to post as "mathdoktor99" on Stormfront or as "JCMateri" on other sites, but since his troubles of his own making began, he's started to post under his own name. He's even gone as far as to start up his own little Nazi party, the National-Socialist Party of Canada, which is affiliated with the equally troubled NSM States side and of which he appears to be the sole member.

Tremaine should know better. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Regina and a M.Sc. in Mathematics from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec according to his Wikipedia article (which he started himself, showing he's not only a bonehead but an egocentric bonehead as well) so we're going to assume he isn't a complete idiot. He had taught Mathematics in a number of universities in Canada as well as the College of the Bahamas in Nassau. This lead some Canadian Stormfront posters to claim him as a Canadian version of William Pierce, though we're not so sure we would want to be compared to a paranoid jackass with a penchant for Eastern European mail-order brides.

It was while teaching at the University of Sakatchewan that Tremaine was exposed as a member of the National Alliance, an active participant on Stormfront, and a Nazi bonehead. It seems that someone was able to figure out who mathdoktor99 was and sent the information to Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman. An aside: we REALLY need to meet this guy because he's kicking Nazi ass from Victoria to St. John's up there. Warman filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In April 2005 Warman informed the University of Saskatchewan about Tremaine and the complaints against him. The university called Tremaine into a meeting and promptly canned his ass.

After being kicked to the curb, Tremaine went to British Columbia. He says he started drinking heavily and contemplated suicide (damn, one of the few times we wish Canadian gun control laws were a little more lax). Finally, he ended back in Saskatchewan and checked himself into a psychiatric clinic. It was then that he made a desperate attempt to get out of the mess he had gotten himself into. He sent letters to all the parties involved, "expressing regret for his postings, indicating that he was deeply ashamed of them, and apologizing to the Jewish community." Here's the kicker though. He also said that he had at one time been married to a Native woman and had three mixed race children from that marriage! Damn! How many times do we find out that racist have skeletons in their closet like this? It's starting to become a cliché. Of course he later said that his ex-wife had only a very tiny bit of Native ancestry but even if that's true, racists usually don't make that distinction when it comes to the high crime of "race mixing."

His mea culpa didn't last though. Once he was let out of the loony bin, he was back on Stormfront taking back his apology. He also took the time to form a Nazi party of his very own with his very own website which I'm sure the Human Rights Tribunal investigating him have been very interested in. Of course Tremaine decided to hitch his horse to the burning barn that is the National Socialist Movement, but that will make watching Tremaine crash and burn all the more entertaining.

Tremaine appeared before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in August 2006. By his side was Paul Fromm who has been advising a lot of fascists in their cases with Warman including Melissa Guille, Glenn Bahr, Jessica Beaumont, and John Beck. Given the advice he has given to people, Fromm might be doing more for the anti-fascists than the likes of Richard Warman ever could. Tremaine's appears to be no exception to this rule. The Tribunal hasn't issued its decision yet, but since Tremaine pretty much confirmed all the charges levelled against him it seems this will be another slam dunk.

A month after the Tribunal met with Tremaine, Anti-Racist Action (ARA) had a little get together outside Paul Fromm's house. Understandably Fromm and his merry little band of fascists who were at his home that day weren't pleased. On September 13 he fired off a letter to the Tribunal demanding that the complaint by Warman against Tremaine be dismissed for creating a poisoned environment and harassment (Fromm claimed that the ARA visited Fromm at the behest of Warman with no evidence to support the claim except that Warman once spoke at a gathering of the ARA). The motion was denied by the Tribunal in October 2006.

Tremaine expected the verdict to go against him and it did. On February 2, 2007 a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled that Tremaine had violated section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, fined $4000.00 and had a permanent cease and desist order placed on him forbidding his publish further hate propaganda on the Internet. He said that he has no intention of paying any fine levelled against him. It seems he doesn't realize the Tribunal can garnish his wages.

Not so smart now.

Things get even better for us and worse for Tremaine. On June 8, 2007, the Regina City Police raided Tremaine's apartment and took his computer and other items into evidence concerning an ongoing hate crimes investigation. If Tremaine is eventually charged and convicted, he could be spending up to 5 years as a guest in Canada's finest detention facilities.

Let's all hope that Tremaine continues to have bad days for the foreseeable future.


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