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Old May 27th, 2014 #1
Hunter Morrow
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2011
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Hunter Morrow
Default Geek is a Certified Kosher Identity

Geek=Replacement For Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality

Need to belong to a cult-like group with Sacred Scriptures and moral concerns for you to puzzle over but you don't want to be a cis-male scum reading Dead White Men? Look no further, this is the intellectual and spiritual pursuit for you! Any institution that falls will be taken over by a replacement and the old myths are replaced with the modern myth of the superhero. Be careful with this one, though. Lots of jews have had their hands in tainting this and much in the same way they foisted Christ-Insanity and a snarky nihilism masquerading as atheism on the Whites, lots of the superheros are Certified Kosher.

I just saw somebody quote Edmund Burke in that when rebels destroy an old social order, a new one steps in. Sports are for nationalists, politics for the intellectual, other pre-packaged identities like "redneck" are Certified Kosher ways to be White. But what about the romantics? The religious, the mystical, the spiritual? What about the people who will just never go in for sports, have rejected politics and don't want one of the other fads? Well, you have "geek."

Geek has really been pushed as a safe cultural identity, especially for Whites, for about 10 years. Look at the comic book movies and J.R.R. Tolkien movies and things like that. Look at shows like Big Bang Theory. I think that this was half by accident and half by design the replacement for religion.

As Whites rejected religion, they need romance and fantasy and conflict and heroes and villains and the "geek" stuff stepped in to fill the void.

It is kind of odd. I know many more people who would call themselves "geeks" or "dorks" now than 10 years ago when I was in high school. It is a Certified Kosher "cool" thing to label yourself now. I know very few people who would term themselves "very religious" or "deeply philosophical" but I know many self-styled geeks. Do you think this is accurate?
Old May 27th, 2014 #2
Vance Stubbs
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Vance Stubbs

Ya fuck nerds.

"Surely people differ in their biologically determined qualities. But discovery of a correlation between some of these qualities is of no scientific interest and of no social significance, except to racists, sexists and the like."
Old May 27th, 2014 #3
Hunter Morrow
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2011
Posts: 1,802
Hunter Morrow

I don't think there is anything wrong with it, I just think it is an intriguing part of the Culture Wars. In much the same way that marijuana is used by left wing, right wing and no wing people but is almost universally associated with lefty politics, could "geek" be a surrogate for religion?
Old May 27th, 2014 #4
Nick Collings
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Nick Collings

Elevating the weakest and anti-masculine to sainthood is part of the new geek-chic that was birthed with Revenge of the Nerds type schlock.

Underdogging the defectives by demonizing their nominally "ideal" opposites--the blond, blue eyed, athletic, white student tormentors.

Like all these computor repair guys in their New Beetles with "Geek Squad" or "Dial-a-Geek" ad decals--don't they know that the word originates from a freak show warm-up where the filthy geek is pelted with rotting vegetables while biting the heads off live chickens?

Geek_show Geek_show

The billed performer's act consisted of a single geek, who stood in center ring to chase live chickens. It ended with the performer biting the chickens' heads off and swallowing them.[1] The geek shows were often used as openers for what are commonly known as freak shows. It was a matter of pride among circus and carnival professionals not to have traveled with a troupe that included geeks. Geeks were sometimes alcoholics or drug addicts, and could be paid with liquor – especially during Prohibition – or with narcotics.


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