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Old August 18th, 2005 #1
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
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Alex Linder
Default LTE: the jewing of Wikipedia

Dear fellow Truth Seekers and Freedom Lovers,

A cabal of Jews and their liberal-gentile "useful idiots" are trying
to take over Wikipedia ( They have met with
little resistance so far. If they succeed in this takeover, they will
have expanded their overall domination of the media that much further
into the internet, the last refuge for free speech. Think this isn't a
big deal? The gang of kikes at Wikipedia managed to knock the site Jew
Watch off the top of the Google search results page last year
( Think of the
Orwellian power they'll wield once they've got Wikipedia locked down
so tight that no one will be able to edit any article without their
say-so. It's getting there - fast!

These bastards even *brag* about what they're doing by giving their
gentile lapdogs on Wikipedia "awards" like the "Barnstar of the Elders
of Wikipedia" for the "Spirited Defense of the Mysterious Cabal which
Rules Wikipedia, the Media, International Finance, and the Garment
District" (see Think these
awards are mere sarcasm? Spend some time at Wikipedia trying to edit
articles and you'll quickly realize that this not-so-mysterious cabal
really does "rule" the place. Say anything in any article which is not
100% Zionist-approved and you'll have 20 of these bastards and their
sycophants gnashing at your throat within 10 minutes.

There is currently an edit war taking place between myself and this
cabal over the Wikipedia article about Eustace Mullins at
You can read the exchanges I've been having with these "useful idiots"
on the "talk" page at

I think I've been doing a decent job of fending off these pathetic
creatures so far but I'm running out of steam and I don't have the
time to keep doing this all by myself. I need people who are
intelligent, knowledgeable, with good writing skills and a capacity
for logical thinking, to help defeat these bozos and overturn the
hatchet job they're trying to do on Mullins.

If you are such a person, then please, help! Even 5 or 10 minutes of
your time whenever you can spare it would be enough. If you are not
such a person but you know someone who is, please help me out by
forwarding this message to them. Don't let these vampire rodents pull
one more media outlet from out of our hands. Together, we can take
Wikipedia back!

- Amalekite

P.S. I've chosen to speak candidly in this email since I figure
everyone that's reading it probably feels the same way I do. However,
if you're going to join in on editing the Mullins article (which I
hope you do), follow the rules of the place - no insults or personal
attacks, no Jew-bashing (though they so richly deserve it), try to
keep a Neutral Point-of-View (NPOV), and stay cool, no matter how hard
they push your buttons. Otherwise, you'll blow your lid and they'll
just resort to the classic trick of labelling you an "anti-Semite" or
a "neo-Nazi" and using that as a pretext for censoring everything you
Old August 18th, 2005 #2
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Jews took over WikiPedia a long, long time ago.
Old August 18th, 2005 #3
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Jews vote against article on historical persecution BY Jews:
Old August 18th, 2005 #4
New Order
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I wonder what took them so long, they cannot allow the truth to stand they always have to make history a palimpsest otherwise the goyim will wake up.
They fear the truth, we don't.
Old August 18th, 2005 #5
the fox...
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: earth
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the fox

I think it's time for the white man to use a different strategy against these semitic jew mongrels, the days of talking are over, it is time to use physical force against the jewish population, and take our country back.

They are vicious vile people, either we are going to survive or them.
Old August 21st, 2005 #6
Join Date: May 2005
Location: in Canuckistan
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we should use this encyclopedia for reference instead of wikipedia
Pseudodoxia is a Web-based, free-content encyclopedia written collaboratively by selected volunteers. Sponsorship is sought and the hope is to establish a counter-part to the non-profit Wikipedia Foundation possibly called the Pseudodoxia Foundation.


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