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Geoff Beck
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Geoff Beck
Default #22 The New Paradigm

The New Paradigm

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Hello and welcome to the broadcast. This is the 22nd episode of the TTIND.

Just a brief announcement about next week's show. We'll be joined by a special guest from Germany. We'll be speaking about contemporary German politics and culture, German White Power music, the Third Reich, and much more. It's not so much an interview as a conversation. I hope you stay tuned for this episode.

Our culture, unlike Germany's I hope, has become so revolting that often I simply cannot leave the house. Like so many other suburbanites, I lead a quite life but one where I'm always looking over my shoulder. I tend to my yard, write, and enjoy family life - keeping clear of the undertow which might sweep me out to sea with the rest of the "Kwa's" flotsam and jetsam. I'd like to enjoy life and its beauty for as long as possible, before the deluge drowns all of White America. So, rather than swim against the tide I've chosen to stay on the beach, waiting for the high tide to come.

Yet, no one can hide for long. What's happening now is simply the first wave, proceeding a larger tsunami which shall wash away all in its wake. What you see now, this swell of "raceless urban lemmings" donned with baggy pants, backward baseball caps, is merely beach-break, churning ocean foam at the edge of a hurricane.

Whether we recognize it, or not, what HAS happened is a disintegration of civil society. Many, even White Nationalists, don't understand this - though most know something is terribly wrong, they have visceral revulsion, a bad feeling. A feeling something is out of place, perhaps like seeing a Nigger drive a BMW. William Pierce saw this phenomenon as alienation: Whites deprived of the ordered and selective environment in which the best of our race can excel, pulling up the weaker. Instead, the weakest and lowest rungs of sub-humans are pulling Whites down into the mud.

Just how far, how demotic, how debased our culture is, was concretized for me, during a recent visit to a shopping mall. It could have been any number sights: race mixing blond girls, roving packs of niggers, or low riding Mexicans, but what turned my stomach the most was a female Mexican creature. In her brood were four kids, and they all looked just like her: short, fat, brown, and shaped liked beer kegs with stubby appendages for arms, legs, and a head. The mother's head, in particular, resembled an over inflated balloon, shaped something like a pear. It was fatter at the bottom where the jaws and mouth are, and smaller at the top where the brains reside. Somehow this THING had pulled a snuggly fitting t-shirt down onto her bloated torso. Printed on this t-shirt was a large logo, a USDA meat inspection stamp. Underneath that logo were the words: “USDA Choice Prime Cut Meat”.

Really, it was all too much for my stomach. I wanted to puke! It was ugly beyond description. Yet such ugliness is ubiquitous. We live an an ugly culture one that celebrates its ugliness.

There may be time for some nations of Europe, perhaps Germany, to pull themselves away from the brink of disaster, but that time has passed for the US. We are finished! White America as White America is gone. We may be able to carve out some micro state for ourselves, but as a macro entity we are finished. A critical mass has been reached. A paradigm shift has occurred. We are now transformed into something radically different than what we were for the last two-hundred years. We as White Nationalists must understand the rules have changed, the ball park is a different one. We must play this game differently.

You know, a brown America simply cannot enjoy broad based economic prosperity. Wealth in Third World states tends to converge into the hands of a few. In the Third World – to which American belongs - wealth is taken from the populace and put into the hands of a market dominate minority. For instance, in Africa, subcontinent Indians, or “dotheads”, are the market dominant minority controlling most of the market for goods, in Southeast Asia it is the Chinese. It is argued the US does not have a market dominant minority, but I think this is a deliberate oversight, for Jews have long since elbowed out Whites in the control of media and many retail sectors.

Regardless, third world states, like new America - or the 'Kwa - along with those in Africa and Asia, have not nor have they ever developed an organized labor movement. Business interests in Africa and Asia are free to do as they wish with little regard for even workplace safety rules. This often works for the benefit of global capitalist entities.

Though for some industries the transformation of America into a third world state has not been a boom but a bust. As America is flooded with low IQ third world brown types from Mexico and Africa, we just can't expect a work force with much initiative, motivation, or ability to adapt. This, I think, is the untold reason for much of the trouble General Motors now finds itself. As has been widely reported in the business press GM and Ford are facing bankruptcy, their cars aren't selling and their bonds are categorized as junk.

In the past old stock Americans, of English, German, Polish and other European stock manned the factories of GM and Ford, but today Niggers, Mexicans, and their racially mixed debris are replacing White workers. Human quality, when it comes to a workforce, is especially important when competing against homogeneous nations like Japan and Germany.

It it true GM and Ford's health care concessions to the unions imperiled their finances . Yet, in concrete terms, just who comprises the unions?

According to the President of the UAW, the nations largest automotive worker's union, its president affirms "we have to reflect those people we work for.... African-Americans, Hispanics, Arabs, you name it...” The UAW is not just a Union, but “ we're also a social movement." As a social movement I suppose that means the UAW sides with big business to keep Whites locked-out of jobs and higher education.

Recently, as witnessed in Grutter vs. Bollinger, a legal case originating in Michigan, Barbara Grutter, a White female with a 3.8 GPA and 161 SAT score, was rejected by the University of Michigan Law School. She filed suit alleging that the university had discriminated against her on the basis of race. She said she was rejected because the law school used race as the predominant factor, giving Niggers, Mexicans, and other applicants a significantly greater chance of admission than White students.

The UAW joined with a roster of big business Fortune 500 companies - which in the Grutter case includes Microsoft, Intel, American Airlines, Proctor & Gamble, PepsiCo and others - to keep in place laws barring Whites access to a university education.

I cannot think of any influential political organ which has not succumbed to multicultural orthodoxy, or simply hatred of Whites. One might ask, how has diversity and multiculturalism helped labor unions? Since the desegregation of the unions their influence in government has not increased but decreased and even membership has declined. Labor union's were unable to stop Nafta, Cafta, or any other job exporting trade policies signed into law by both Democrat and Republican presidents. Ironically, the more labor unions fail, the more they cling to policies and people which are weakening them. It is a suicidal dynamic.

This suicidal dynamic or paradigm has captured all parts of government, business and even civil society itself, not just the labor unions. Why any White man pays dues or supports labor unions - or for that matter joins the US military - demonstrates a failure of White Nationalists to convey our message to the populace.

For those old enough to remember a cleaner, more orderly, White America these changes are very painful. Yet, for the younger, many, whether they are racially conscious or not, now see this ugliness as normal - for it is all they have known.

I suppose it is from this foundation, this new paradigm, we, as White Nationalists, must now proceed. We must see ourselves as underdogs, as insurgents, as minorities if you will. Just recalling or remembering the old Republic, or White America, is not enough; nostalgia will not save our people. In fact nostalgia paralyzes action.

Sure, I'd like to see the system crack-open; I'd to have the chance to fight, to take vengeance upon our enemies. Though, it is just as likely this new paradigm is here to stay. If so, we as Whites, must be organize as a racially conscious entity, as our racial competitors have already done.
A White World (Pierce's Vision for our Race):
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James Hawthorne
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James Hawthorne

A feeling something is out of place, perhaps like seeing a Nigger drive a BMW.
Classic :cheers:
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