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Old July 4th, 2006 #1
Sean Martin
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Sean Martin
Post Martin Lindstedt trial update + pic

Lindstedt case review set for Dec. 14


Martin “Mad Dog” Lindstedt's case will be reviewed in another six months, a Newton County judge has decided.

Lindstedt, who faces an unclassified felony charge of first degree statutory sodomy, will have a case review on Dec. 14, Judge Kevin Lee Selby ruled Monday.

Lindstedt has been accused of first degree statutory sodomy. A probable cause statement alleges Lindstedt inappropriately kissed a family member on the child's back, buttocks and groin sometime between March and August 2003.

Lindstedt was transferred to the Fulton State Hospital late last year and proceedings against him were put on hold. Additionally, 22 counts of contempt of court were set aside.

Lindstedt has been a perennial political candidate, seeking a number of local, county and statewide offices over the years as a Libertarian, a member of the Reform Party and as a Republican. In April 2005, he ran for Granby municipal judge and for a seat on the East Newton R-6 School Board.

Last week, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Lindstedt's appeal of U.S. District Court Judge Richard Dorr's decision to toss out the Granby man's lawsuit alleging Blunt would not allow him to use the nickname “Mad Dog” on the 2004 ballot for governor, as well as the 2002 U.S. Senate race. In 2004, Blunt was Missouri's secretary of state and was the Republican candidate for governor.

Lindstedt had also asked Blunt to provide a link to his web site. However, the secretary of state refused because of its racist content.

Lindstedt did not seek monetary damages in the suit, but asked for injunctive and declaratory relief, including punishing Blunt by placing the name Matt “Runt” Blunt on the November ballot as well as placing a link to Lindstedt's web page concerning the lawsuit and Blunt's “moral, mental and political shortcomings.”

Instead, Dorr opted to dismiss the suit. Lindstedt has made several attempts to get the judge to overturn his decision, to no avail.

Martin Lindstedt has filed, and lost, a number of other lawsuits against a variety of people and entities in the past. Among these:

€ Against Missouri Southern State College and the city of Joplin in 1996. Lindstedt sought $1.3 million from the college and $5 million from the city of Joplin for violation of his civil rights. The incident stemmed from a Nov. 2, 1993, visit to the campus by Robert Ressler, a former FBI agent with whom Lindstedt had a verbal altercation and was detained by campus security, then arrested by Joplin police;

€ Against the city of Granby and former Mayor Craig Hopper for alleged civil rights violations in connection with a defective equipment charge;

€ Against the Missouri Libertarian Party in both state and federal courts for kicking Lindstedt out of the organization;

€ Against Newton County Clerk Kay Baum, petitioning to run for Newton County Sheriff in 1996, and;

€ Against Jasper County Judge Joe Shoeberl for alleged violation of his constitutional rights.

Lindstedt has also effectively been excommunicated from the Church of the Sons of YHVH, which has white supremacist ties. Pastor Morris L. Gulett said Lindstedt was booted from their membership because he was “writing and distributing some very disturbing ideas,” including “prion poisoning” of game animals, the “skinning alive of prisoners and execution by slow torture,” and the “gang rape of female whigger herd animals to use them as a brooding stock.”

In a July 5, 2005, letter to the Neosho Forums, Lindstedt warned Newton County authorities have set a precedent “for the torture and extermination of regime criminals and their spawn and made Newton County a prime target for biological warfare / prion poisoning in particular. A racial, religious and class civil war / revolution in which not a single non-white or mixed-race creature will be left alive in White homelandsŠ.

“I don't build bombs. I build bombers. Not just one or two bombers, and not armed with just one little truck bombŠ. I build bombers who know how to make their own biological weaponry and who do not get caught, who will make survival impossible for anyone other than rural White people.”
Doppelhaken, Draco, Richard H, ToddinFl, Augustus Sutter, Chain, Subrosa, Jarl, White Will, whose next?

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Wants Closer Ties to Iran
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I still don't believe the charges against him, especially now that there has been time for this thing to sit in the sun.

I think it sucks that he's been left to rot like this. Hopefully we'll get some kind of reprieve in the afterlife for joining ZOG in burning him.
Old July 4th, 2006 #3
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Exclamation ZOG strikes back!

yeah......i doubt the charges others here have noted the overwhelming majority of child molesters are either yoos or niggas.
(yoos control the child porn industry after all!)

i don't think many WNs are aware of just how easy it is to be accused of this stuff......and bearing in mind that white, heterosexual males are the least likely offenders here

it's just TOO convenient for ZOG to slap on a charge of child abuse so as to besmirch the reputation of any WATCH IT! WNs!

in Oz, they are even setting up 'special courts' to hear 'sex offences'
(including common or garden variety man/woman 'rape' charges) where the rules of evidence are basically waived and witnesses can get up in the witness box and say virtually any-thing without being challenged.

more here


Old July 4th, 2006 #4
Herman van Houten
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Herman van Houten

I'm certain he is innocent, because if there would have been real evidence it would have been "leaked" all over the media.

Excellent comment on the Phora which I repost here so the homo jews can't delete it:
Originally Posted by il ragno
Sulla the homo jew: Except that we know he said that. He said those things here and elsewhere. You and others mocked him for saying it.

il ragno: Is that what he's in prison for then? Saying terrible things on the Internet?

Well, of course it is. I have yet to see anything besides "he called me a whigger ass-clown - he MUST have done it!" offered as a smoking gun.

Does it even matter? You're the prototype of the NR subscriber/NWO cheerleader harumphing about "complaining witnesses" and "reasonable assumptions" when what you really want is a quick conviction under any pretext, and for no other reason than to send a sic semper racialist message to any lingeringly-discontented white people out there who aren't sure of what the Bill of Rights allows them exactly, except that the government can do whatever it wants to them and come up with a justification for it later.
"People, look at the evidence the truth is there you just have to look for it!!!!!" - Joe Vialls
Fight jewish censorship, use Aryan Wiki
Watch online television without jews!
Old July 4th, 2006 #5
Professor of Racial Cleansing...
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Professor of Racial Cleansing

999: I'm certain he is innocent
Glenn Miller isn't:
Rounder on VNN: "BEHOLD, Lindstedt's feminine voice shake, quake, and stutter as he tries to explain why 2 of his grandchildren testified he'd sexually molested them..."
Old July 4th, 2006 #6
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Midwest
Posts: 1,778

He's been fucking with the court and political system.

I doubt the charges against him. They'd have something more serious than "kissing" on him if he was a child molestor.

He's a white nationalist, and jewish law has that being worse than any sex crime you could imagine.

Any of you archivists out there have the "whole" internet "story" on this? From the beginning? Please post it. What was he arrested for and what are the accusations? All small details included. Is he struggling with relatives for custody of children?

Be VERY careful when you see politically active whites, even if they're assholes, demonized by government and media.

For all I know, this "Marty" actually is a child molestor. He has been fighting with local governments and media. He speaks against the jew and I think it's likely he is being punished for that.
Old July 4th, 2006 #7
Sean Martin
Join Date: Jun 2004
Posts: 9,397
Sean Martin

A few thoughts on the alleged Martin Lindstedt molestation Child case

I am to be set up on false charges and murdered in prison

Agency requests extension for mental health examination of Martin Lindstedt

Is Martin Lindstedt Too Incompetent to Stand Trial? - You be the Judge
Rob Roy MacGregor

Should pedophiles be given the death penalty? Big sting in SE Missouri

How Marty Can "prove" his innocence

Some thoughts from Ed Steele

Martins own Web Site

I filed to run for Governor of Missouri today

Running for municipal and skrule bored in Missouri.

Martin Lindstedt, or Why CI Adherents Should be Drowned En Masse

Glenn Miller Responds to M. Lindstedt
Alex Linder

M. Lindstedt responds to Traitor Glenn Miller

Miller vs Lindstedt on live radio

Originally Posted by News
Any of you archivists out there have the "whole" internet "story" on this? From the beginning? Please post it.
Doppelhaken, Draco, Richard H, ToddinFl, Augustus Sutter, Chain, Subrosa, Jarl, White Will, whose next?
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lincolnshire poacher
Junior Member
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lincolnshire poacher

Originally Posted by Professor of Racial Cleansing
Glenn Miller isn't:
Do you ever say anything positive or are you dug in here well enough that you feel safe abandoning any pretense of being a WN, or even being White for that matter?


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