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Bud White
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Bud White
Default Cherokee official resigns after anti-semitic comments

Jewish media control= mow down opposition at any cost

Cherokee official resigns after anti-semitic comments
Planning commissioner said Israel should be abolished on personal Web site

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 04/05/07

A member of the Cherokee County Planning Commission has resigned after making controversial comments about Israel.

Mary Catarineau wrote on a Web site two weeks ago that Israel "was artificially created to provide a place for Jews to avoid persecution after the Holocaust." She also wrote about dismantling Israel as a way to achieve peace in the Middle East.

"My views are obviously controversial to some," she said Wednesday.

She made her comments on her Web site She also apologized online.

"I said many harsh things about the Jews, yet I said many harsh things about the Muslims too, which was ignored," she wrote.

Known as a slow-growth advocate, Catarineau had served on the planning commission for about two months. She also resigned from a steering council that is developing a land-use plan for the fast-growing county north of Atlanta.

"It was just escalating and I was afraid it would damage the work of the planning commission and steering council," she said.

Harry Johnston, the Cherokee County commissioner who appointed Catarineau, said that when making appointments to boards and committees, he does not take into account someone's views "on religion, international politics, or anything else that's not the subject of that particular board."

"Still," he said Wednesday, "growth and development in Cherokee County is a highly controversial subject. It's probably wise not to pile on more controversy if it can reasonably be avoided."

Catarineau said she received e-mail complaints from two people.

Commissioner Derek Good said Catarineau's comments disturbed him.

"When I read certain postings, frankly, I was highly offended," Good said. He cited one that called U.S. military forces in Iraq "overpaid mercenaries."

His daughter is in the military.

"She's clearly an anti-Semite calling for the dismantling of Israel," he said.
[8/6/2007 10:38:41 PM] craig_cobb says Fuck an A-- I'm with Alex--she is the greatest talent on the board--and you dense assholes can't see the sun.
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And then the Jews will say: "How could we control things? There's only two of us in the whole county!"


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