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Old April 17th, 2019 #21
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Default What a wuss.

I read the first few sentences and clicked back out. The good doctor lets the other side(s) set all the buzz-words and define all the terms. What's left to talk about? He just doesn't seem to understand what war is all about any more. (Must think itz all green niggers 'n shit.)
No way out but through the jews.
Old April 26th, 2019 #22
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Originally Posted by Thomas Gregory View Post
Whilst it's easy to understand a certain short term satisfaction, I'm not a fan of these quite kosher attacks (see also Breyvik, his idol, pro-Israel, if I remember correctly, shooting mostly young, yes, misguided, Whites).
This is highly tendentious.

Breivik deliberately filled his manifesto with nonsense tying his attack to the counter-jewhad and mainstream conservative israel shill cowards. He did this as a psy-op, both to shake these traitors and to safeguard real European nationalists from consequences, and it was a great success.

He clearly was not a Christian zionist since he carved the name of Odin's spear on his rifle in runes, and Thor's hammer on his glock in runes.

He came out afterwards as an explicit National Socialist and pagan ethno-nationalist. Run this link through a translator to read about the letter he sent to the media.

As for the "misguided whites" you claim he targeted, stop being a fucking faggot. They were not "misguided whites," they were race traitors. They were being groomed to be the next generation of traitorous leaders of Norway's elite class running jewish replacement agendas. They are the ones who consider themselves untouchable as the niggers and muslims make lives living hell for normal white people and receive the brunt of resentment in return.

Breivik hit them WHERE IT HURTS, he showed them they are not immune, he wiped out some of the rising stars of the Norweigian labour party such as Tor Eiklund, described by Labour traitors as "one of our most talented youth politicians."

The Norwegian Labour Party that ran this camp was a member of Comintern during the Soviet years, and the youth camp these "misguided youths" were attending was formed from the merger of two different young communist parties.

Every single person Breivik killed absolutely, 100% deserved to die. And every single death has already payed dividends to Norway and to Europe by cutting short their future of shilling. People I speak to from Norway or who have lived there speak to the chilling effect Breivik's act had on the advancement of the jew agenda there.

Your shit is weak. White people who betray their race to kikes are among the most justified targets. Anyone involved with white replacement is a traitor and their death can't come quickly enough. If these "kids" are old enough to engage in a political cause to change the world, they are old enough to get shot in an act of war.

faggotry, greg johnson


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