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Old March 30th, 2008 #1
Kevin Harpham
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Kevin Harpham
Default Will a mod please fix my account

All I did was try to change my email and it screwed up everything. I could not PM anyone or even post so I reregistered and then realized that there was a verification for email change sent to my mailbox but it never told me before hand. I then tried to follow the verification link to reestablish Joe Snuffy but was still unable to do so. If a mod could clear this up for me or at least tell me what to do to fix it I would much appreciate it and get rid of this Kevin Harpham guy too, if you desire.
Old March 31st, 2008 #2
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Default ...

Ill alert varg to this when I speak to him ...something must be screwy with your account and an admin will have to look into it.

PM varg if you like.



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