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Date - Title - Rating Videos with tag anti-white propaganda
Anti-White Genocidal Propaganda in Mainstream Media General Anti-White Genocidal Propaganda in Mainstream Media

This one disappeared from my youtube channel a while back. Reuploaded to Vimeo + included a few links at the end, including VNN Forum. Very important work, originally done by LifePsyop. I merely compiled his seperate videos into one and edited the aggregate slightly. Please help to disseminate this video further.
September 9th, 2017, 01:05 PM by O*R*I*O*N Views: 1,768 - Comments: 4 Tags: anti-white, anti-white propaganda, mainstream media
Anti-White Messages in Mainstream Media 24/7/365 General Anti-White Messages in Mainstream Media 24/7/365

Thanks to LifePsyOp for the original three videos. I edited out a few repetitions and the Edmund Connelly piece which is available in its entirety on my channel already. I also equalized some of the dissonant sound levels between the various clips. Lastly I edited out a misplaced positive reference to christianity which was highly misleading in the context. Christianity is a foreign, egalitarian religion which happens to be among the most aggressive and dangerous pushers of multiculturalism to Whites worldwide through preaching and facilitating dogmatic anti-racialism and blind universalism in countless ways. The collated material here is otherwise highly relevant and should be viewed by all White people upon this Earth. To ignore or...
October 13th, 2015, 03:05 AM by O*R*I*O*N Views: 854 - Comments: 0 Tags: anti-white commercials, anti-white media, anti-white propaganda
the Explicit Anti-White Propaganda of Jewish Hollywood Anti-White Media the Explicit Anti-White Propaganda of Jewish Hollywood

Writer for the Occidental Observer Edmund Connelly exposes how self-resentment and the notion of cultural pathology have been consistently, deliberately, and malevolently, planted in white minds through jewish scripted, jewish directed and jewish produced Hollywood movies. Before the Internet revolution, this kind of ethnic intellectual warfare could be waged covertly and with relative impunity due to the effective jewish media monopoly. Those days are over, and jewish Hollywood's racist propaganda of defaming whites and white culture in movies and television is being exposed to a critical and intelligent audience worldwide. Note: The clips used are presented in fair use, for scholarly criticism, and thus used in accordance with the...
July 16th, 2012, 09:07 PM by O*R*I*O*N Views: 961 - Comments: 1 Tags: anti-white propaganda, edmund connelly, explicit, jewish hollywood, occidental observer, occidental quarterly
Jimmy Kimmel Show produces anti-White propaganda. Anti-White Media Jimmy Kimmel Show produces anti-White propaganda. *Archived*

Jews, white sellouts, and colored hordes laugh at white minority status, threaten to "get even"
May 23rd, 2012, 05:26 AM by varg Views: 1,913 - Comments: 0 Tags: anti-white, anti-white propaganda, jewish media

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